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Lebanese Intelligence Arrested Mossad Agent Who Attempted To Assasinate Hamas Commander

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The Lebanese intelligence arrested a local Mossad agent, who had been involved in an assassination attempt of a Palestinian commander last year.

“The Intelligence Directorate was able on 21/01/2019 to arrest Hussein Ahmad Batto in Charhabil – Sidon. The latter had performed surveillance and observation operations before the detonation operation,” the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) said in an official statement on January 22.

Lebanese Intelligence Arrested Mossad Agent Who Attempted To Assasinate Hamas Commander

Hussein Ahmad Batto, Click to see full-size image

During the interrogation, Batto confessed that he was recruited by the Israeli Mossad intelligence agency in 2014. The agent also revealed that he had met with his recruiters outside Lebanon and received electronic monitoring and communication devices.

“The arrested individual also confessed to having been assigned to observe Hamdan from the summer of 2017 and that he has located his residence and monitored his movements as well as transferred information to his recruiters for the detonation operation to be performed by another group that was determined after the mentioned operation,” the LAF added in its offical statement.

After the failed assassination attempt, which occurred on January 14 of 2018, Mossad ordered Batto to leave Lebanon. However, they ordered him to return recently. So he did.

The arrest of Batto is a huge blow to the Mossad’s network in Lebanon. It also represents a strong evidence of Israel’s continued violations of Lebanon’s sovereignty.

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Tommy Jensen

He will soon be freed and back on work…………bargain, money, threats………..………..LOL.


As long as Arabs continue to take 30 pieces of silver to betray their people the leeches will continue to enslave Arabs.


can’t believe how an arab can work for the zionist beast


Well done, good job. Don’t give up. Keep it up. We have never heard this kind of news before from Lebanese intelligence.


Hang him by his balls in a tree till he rots


They should exchange it with Marwan Barghouti or let him stay in prison for 30 years.

Real Anti-Racist Action

This is not a huge blow to Mossad. His usefulness was pry almost over anyways.
Sadly Mossad has perhaps several hundred full time spies inside of Lebanon, and most do not know of each other. Lebanon needs an era of Nationalism to unite Lebanese. To much division.
Also, parliament needs to pass an automatic death penalty to anyone caught working for the Mossad or Mi6.


Dear South Front: Don’t take the report for granted. First that is an Arab name. Second how would they know this is the same man involved in an assignation attempt in another country? Third, men will confess to anything if you beat them enough. Seriously, that is a common way to settle personal scores in this part of the world, trump up some charges and beat the guy up until he gives in. Fourth, it is not uncommon for people to accuse their rivals of being Israeli collaborators, in fact in the following decade after the arrest of Eli Cohen literally every politician in Syria was accused of being “a Zionist agent” at one point or another.

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