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Lebanese Intelligence Arrested Artist Over Links With Israeli Mossad

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Lebanese Intelligence Arrested Artist Over Links With Israeli Mossad

On November 24, the Lebanese State Security announced in an official statement that it has arrested the well-known Lebanese artist Ziad Ahmed Itani on spaying charges. 42 years old Ziad is a writer, director and actor. He is also the host of the Lebanese successful comedy show “BBChi”. Ziad is from the “Itani family”, one of the most respected families of the Lebanese capital, Beriut.

According to the Lebanese State Security official statement, Ziad confessed that he is an operative of the Israeli Mossad intelligence agency after he had faced with several evidences.

During his work with the Mossad, Ziad was tasked with tracking and monitoring many Lebanese political figures, including two unnamed high ranking Lebanese officials, according to the official statement. Lebanese politic Joseph Abe Fadel revealed that the two officials are the ex-Lebanese minister Abdul Rahim Mrad and Lebanon Minister of Interior Nohad Machnouk, who is a close ally of Lebanon Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

According to the Lebanese State Security, Ziad was also tasked with spreading Israeli propaganda, and establishing a pro-Israel core in the Lebanese artistic community. Ziad was also ordered to report the views of the Lebanon people and some public figures on recent development in Lebanon to his operators.

The arrest of such a valuable operative is for sure a huge blow to the Mossad operations in Lebanon. This arrest also confirms that Mossad is working to threat some Lebanese politics and officials opposing to Iran. Later, they could become a target of false-flag assasinations.

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Hang all traitors working for the terrorist Rothschild neocolony. The Lebanese must never forget how ISISrael targeted innocent civilians with their airstrikes after being shown by Hezbollah that IDF were militarily inferior


I always wondered why people do such thing.



Brother Ma

Or threat of exposure….gay lifestyle?
It worked when Turkey was blackmailing certain us senators.


I’m suspicious. False confessions are easy to obtain, and people who are critical of governments, as many artists usually are, have always been targeted with false accusations and persecutions to shut them up. He could be a spy, he could also be falsely accused.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Mossad is not an intelligence organisation… They are a Terrorist organisation.


What’s the difference?


Considering the historic death and destruction that Israel has inflicted on Lebanon, this treachery, if successful, would have caused the death and destruction of thousands of lives and billions of dollars worth of destruction. He should spend the rest of his life living in shame. Very sad.

Cheryl Brandon

Indeed;Their job is to murder Leader Arabs and Iranian Scientists and Hezbollah party members.

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