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Lebanese Drone Infiltrates Israel Airspace, IAF Scrambles Jets


Lebanese Drone Infiltrates Israel Airspace, IAF Scrambles Jets

An Israeli Air Force F-16, front, and F-15, rear, drive to take off from Ovda airbase near Eilat, southern Israel, file (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

A small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) infiltrated Israel airspace from Lebanon in the afternoon of June 12, according to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

“Moments ago, IDF troops spotted a drone from Lebanese territory that entered the airspace of the State of Israel and then returned to Lebanese territory. The drone was tracked by the troops,” Lit. Col. Avichay Adraee, a spokesman for the IDF, wrote on Twitter.

The Times of Israel said that the Israeli Air Force (IAF) scrambled its fighter jets over the northern part of the country during the incident, in what appears to be a defense measure.

Lebanese Hezbollah operates several types of medium and large-size UAVs. However, the UAV, which allegedly violated Israeli airspace, apparently was a small quadcopter.

The Israeli military will not likely respond to the violation as there is no evidence confirming that the drone was being operated by Hezbollah.

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  • RichardD
    • LR captain

      Canadians too.

      But remember RichardD Zionists don’t see a difference between death and defeat.
      To them defeat means death. So i hope Russia steps in and obliterates their aircraft so they can’t use their nukes.
      But I can’t wait to see Palestine liberated and the Zionists that remain forced to clean up the rubble and build the country.

      • Sinbad2


        • LR captain

          exactly what part?

          • Sinbad2

            Zionists don’t see a difference between death and defeat.
            To them defeat means death

          • LR captain

            well i look at it this way. Do they really want to live in a world where they are not in control.
            Do they want a world where they have to stand trail for what they did.
            do they want to live in an area were everyone does have to give special treatment.
            Why would you even surrender if you know if you are going to be hanged for war crimes.

            Their leaders will be hanged for war crimes and they are ones who decide if nukes are used not the common soldiers. If they know they gonna be hanged they will be trying to take out as many people as they can.

      • David Parker

        Do you believe the Zionists do not have ballistic missiles?
        I think that in order to start a nuclear war between the US and Russia the Zionists would have ballistic missiles.

        • LR captain

          i guess they do and guess when push comes to shove they can always denote one by hand at front line bunker.

    • Omega

      I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade but the support of “an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip” isn’t really a state.

      Had the Americans not been brainwashed with decades-long lies about the Zionist State, at least 75% would support its dissolution.

  • Leon

    They are too afraid of Hezbollah to respond. Not like with Syria where they have green light from Putin.

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)


    • Zionism = EVIL

      Satellite photos show that in Lebanon the legendary resistance group Hezbollah possesses
      modern drones able to strike targets and run surveillance far from their

      Hezbollah has a large fleet of armed and surveillance drones — According to the analysts at Britain’s IHS Jane’s, private firm that collects data and information on armaments, new satellite photos of Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley—a zone controlled by the Shi’a militias of Hezbollah (the Party of
      Allah)—clearly show that the group possesses modern military drones, UAVs, small pilotless aircraft able to strike targets deep into Israel and conduct surveillance far from their bases.


  • Joaquin

    Hopefully this is the start of a big new game played by SAA and Hezbollah

  • Zionism = EVIL

    It is just Hezbollah checking out the Zionist defences near the Occupied Golan and Northern Occupied Palestine and once again exposing how weak the Zionist scum are.


  • J Ramirez

    Maybe the Lebanese should respond to the constant violations of their airspace:}

    • Zionism = EVIL

      They need an air defence system as 90% of Zionist attacks on Syria originate from the airspace over South Lebanon. Iran should focus on supplying Hezbollah with medium and long range SAM systems and linking them with SAA fibre optic integrated systems.

    • Sinbad2

      The Lebanese Government is controlled by Saudi Arabia.
      The Saudi Government is controlled by the USA.
      The USA is controlled by Israel.
      Lebanon won’t do anything, they are merely pawns.

      • Omega

        Ignoring (what I hope is) the sarcasm (“The Lebanese Government is controlled by Saudi Arabia.”), what does the UAV entering Israel from Lebanon have to do with the Lebanese government?

        • Sinbad2

          I was replying to J Ramirez.
          No I was not being sarcastic, I was stating facts.
          The Lebanese PM Hariri is a Saudi, the Saudis hold his family hostage, and the Saudis run ISIS for the USA/Israel.

          • DaBoiiiii

            Prime Minister and his party or not “the Lebanese Government” they are a part of it. Most seats in the government are Hezbollah and their allies. That’s why it’s funny for U to say it’s controlled by Saudis, when opponents of Hezbollah (Saudis) and their supporters claim it is government of Hezbollah/controlled by Iran.

          • Sinbad2

            If Hezbollah are in control why are they allowing the dam and the debt to be forced upon the people of Lebanon?

          • Omega

            Your “facts” always omit Britain – either out of ignorance or bias. Regardless. Yes, Hariri is Saudi. Yes, he and his family were held hostage by KSA. And yes, KSA runs the likes of ISIS for the Anglo-Americans; but it does not mean nor imply that the Lebanese government — especially not as a whole — is controlled by KSA.

          • Sinbad2

            If Hezbollah are in control why are they allowing the dam and the debt to be forced upon the people of Lebanon?

            I don’t forget the British, they used to control my country Australia, until the sold us to the USA, now we are ruled by America.

            Face reality, most countries are ruled by America, the British are evil bastards like the Americans, but on a much smaller scale.
            PS The French are also bastards who pillage the world, but again on a smaller scale.
            Kill America, and the others will slither back under their rocks.

          • Omega

            Not sure where you read me write or insinuate that Hezbollah controls the Lebanese government. Contrary to popular belief, they do not. Equally not sure how the Bisri dam project moving forward should be interpreted as KSA controlling the Lebanese government. You claim it’s for and by Israel but have yet to substantiate it.

            Lebanon’s power structure/division was set forth by the 1943 French National Pact where the five main groups (Maronites, Sunni, Shia Druze and Orthodox) share power (and thus the money deriving from it). It’s literally a mafia-like situation where each group respects the other’s “territory” sort of speak (its not an actual territory but division of power/money). Hence why it can take months to elect a president or parliamentary processes can stall — the different parties have to agree on who gets what ministerial seats. The National Pact therefore put Lebanon in eternal influence to regional and international powers.

            Berri, Bassil, Seniora and Jumblatt (who started opposing the project this week (likely due to wanting a bigger slice of the monetary pie)) are the primary politicians backing the Bisri dam. Hezbollah opposing it would cause a stir.


            You may not forget Britain but always belittle their role. I think due to misinformation. The British ruling class isn’t on a smaller scale but lead the way. The financial center of the world is the City of London; not a city in the US.

            Britain created Australia. They didn’t sell it to the USA but merely relayed the Commonwealth’s (fancier name for British Empire) well being to their American country part (whom yes, bullies most nations to subjugate them). Agreed, the French are a smaller scale.

            “Killing” America would end the madness if and only if it implies getting rid of the usury system that has allowed the same clique to dominate the world – in destroying it – for the past several centuries. Otherwise, another one may pick up where the US left off. The Venetians ruled a major part of the world through such usury for over a millennia. Following the war of the league of Cambrai, they moved their capital/system north to Europe (Amsterdam and London) to eventually form what became the British empire. The capital was later moved West (the US dollar replaced the British pound as world currency) and the madness of perpetual wars has continued under the USA to date.

          • AlexanderAmproz


            Quand l’Europe va elle réagir et retrouver la décence
            et ses valeurs ?


            Padre Numa Molina dit la vérité du Venezuela au Pape François

  • Sinbad2

    Things like this cause Israel to spend more American money, without causing casualties.
    It’s a good way to hurt America. Once America is defeated, the Jews will boarding ships and planes to get out of Israel.

  • goingbrokes

    I’m surprised they are not holding Assad responsible!

  • Icarus Tanović

    “The Israeli military will not likely respond to the violation as there is no evidence confirming that the drone was being operated by Hezbollah.”
    Because you are afraid, so much afraid of Hezbollah, and of course Lebanon. Otherwise you’d bomb shit out of some vilages in south Lebanon.

  • Vitex

    Lebanese teenager flies drone near border, Israel scrambles jets

  • Helen4Yemen