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JUNE 2023

Lebanese Authorities Arrested Three Israeli Mossad Spies

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Lebanese Authorities Arrested Three Israeli Mossad Spies

A Lebanese soldier carries his weapon as he stands at an army post in the hills above the Lebanese town of Arsal, near the border with Syria, Lebanon September 21, 2016. Picture taken September 21, 2016. . (photo credit:MOHAMED AZAKIR / REUTERS)

On Saturday, the Intelligence Gathering Division of the Lebanese State Security announced in an official statement that it has arrested three members of an Israel Mossad cell in Lebanon over the last few days.

Wikipedia: Mossad is the national intelligence agency of Israel. It is one of the main entities in the Israeli Intelligence Community, along with Aman (military intelligence) and Shin Bet (internal security).

According to the Intelligence Gathering Division, the Mossad cell worked between Bourj el-Barajneh municipality in the southern suburbs of Beirut city and Deir Koubel village in Aley District of Mount Lebanon.

“The security operation begin by arresting two suspects in Bourj el-Barajneh and Hadath, and resumed in Friday night when a third suspect was arrested in Deir Koubel village,” the official statement of Lebanese State Security said.

One of the three suspects names is Abbas. S, a teacher. He confessed that he worked for the Israeli Mossad and said that he did it for “fun”, according to the official statement. The Lebanese Authorities sized computers and other electronic devices that was found in Abbas’s house.

The official statement confirmed that all three members of the cell are Lebanese citizens. Moreover, the statement revealed that the handler of the cell who lives in Israel is also a Lebanese citizen. According to the statement, the mission of the cell was to “collecting information about the resistance [Hezbollah] fighters, its centers and positions”.

The Lebanese State Security hinted in its official statement that it arrested many other Lebanese citizens who work for the Israel Mossad lately.

Meanwhile, local Lebanese sources revealed that the full name of the cell leader is Abbas Salamah, and even published a photo of him in social media.

The Israeli Mossad Intelligence agency has been highly active in Lebanon since the beginning of the Lebanese civil war in 1975. It’s believed that the Mossad has been responsible for many assassinations and sabotage operations that targeted many Lebanese and Palestinians political parties and officials inside Lebanon since 1975.

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Daniel Castro

After you stop torturing them, let them starve and feed their carcass to rats in the sewer.


It’s hard to understand what makes these people to betray their own country. In this case, they’re not even against the government. Do Israelis pay THAT good? In case of “Hasbara” I heard they pay good, sometimes more than the Hasbarat needs, enough to finish the university.


I can think of lots of reasons why people would spy on their own country, probably chief among them that they don’t see it as spying on their own country. Not everything is as black and white to some people. Which it usually is. It’s not like spying for a foreign power means the end of your own country. And let us not forget that some people and/or groups are just not that loyal for various reasons. If you’re a criminal, and already prey on your fellow citizens and have no respect for the law, what does loyalty to the state mean to you? If you’re a member of a persecuted or discriminated minority, what does loyalty to the state mean to you? If the state did fuck all for you and you had to achieve everything in life on your own, what does loyalty to the state mean to you?

Scott Adams, of the web comic Dilbert, posted a blog recently about gun control in which he said that laws are not designed to stop crime, but to reduce it. On the end of the spectrum is the loyal citizen who wouldn’t even dream of breaking the law, on the other the hardened criminal who will never be deterred by the law. And most people are in between. And they are just too lazy to break the law, if it takes too much effort to break the law. We can never stop the totally disloyal, the wicked, from spying for a well paying foreign power. But with good counter intelligence, thus a high chance of getting caught, and heavy punishment, we can probably deter many others who would otherwise have turned to spying for more frivolous reasons.


I agree with you, I’ve heard a lot of excuses for spying on your country too, however, I was talking about “these people” These few Lebanese. For fun? Really?


Some people crave excitement. Usually they go for extreme sports, I guess in Lebanon they get the alternative of spying for Israel as well.


I believe in this particular case it’s not as innocent as thrill-seeking of Adrenalin junkies. Perhaps you sarcasm went over my head, did it?


I hope not. It wasn’t meant sarcastically. Only that adrenalin thrill seeking is not that innocent. People die doing that too. Basejumpers sometimes smack into the rocks they jump from, rock climbers sometimes fall too, skateboarders can have nasty accidents as well. People die doing these things.

It’s all fun and games while it goes well, which is why the thrill seeker thinks he’s invincible, but if it doesn’t go well there is often little that can save your life. The thrill seeker has to be on top of his game ALL of the time, bad luck only has to happen once.


Comparing to espionage, I’d say it’s innocent as a baby. They usually hurt themselves (and in worst case their families) and their actions doesn’t threaten a whole nation.

Unfortunate accidents happen to adrenaline junkies. I prefer if it didn’t happen but I’m not going to care for them “more” than they care for themselves. I know the feeling, I got away with a few bruises and broken bones. We were young once, you know. ehem, I mean younger, not that I’m old or anything!


Motivation wise yes, doing stupid things for thrills is more innocent then spying for a foreign power. But I don’t think these guys woke up one day and thought ‘You know what? I’m going to spy for Israel!’ Most likely some Mossad recruiter identified them as potential recruits and approached them using the strategy that would yield the best results. Sometimes that’s money, sometimes that’s sex, sometimes that’s exploiting feelings of resentment, and it would appear in this case that they exploited feelings of boredom.


The primary reason is monetary. Jobless, integrity-less rats do this. They’d sell their parents for a buck.

Brother Ma

I bet they are sunnis!


I hope he enjoys the “fun” now. :-)


All you said was true, but there is one factor you left out, some people LOVE to Tattle tale, they will ‘spill the beans’ just for their own enjoyment.


In the case of Lebanese people spying for IsraHell, the reason is primarily monetary.

If I told you that many, if not most, Lebanese spies did it in order to go around and act like big shots, bragging and showing off, you’d think I’m crazy but it’s the truth.

Some military officials spying for IsraHell were paid upwards of $10K/month and more. The smaller rats like Salamah surely get a minimum of few thousands per month. When you don’t have a job and most importantly, integrity, it seems like a no-brainer.


Thank you for the input. I have a few Lebanese friends, Armenian origin. I know how they like to behave. :)


Well…Nothing new with Israël. They use simple people manipulate them for their own destruction. It has worked perfectly so far with the US, but also UK, France and other NATO countries. It likes strange yjat people still not understand the mafia. Israel was financed by the same guys who financed Hitler.

Rafik Chauhan



Friend, you’re not going to let the caps lock go, are you? :) OK, I won’t bother the third time.


Garga, he is just showing how important his viewpoint is,!!

Zainab Ali

great job lebanon


Now about illegal and uninvited abuse of airspace by same defense forces (mostly in support of terrorists in Syria).

Tommy Jensen

For fun? Spying against your country for a foreign hostile power normally gives death sentence. Idiots.


Spying is a game by and for liars so I suggest this story be taken like a bag of chips – with a pinch of salt.


Whilst you make a valid point – it is safe to assume Israel is always trying to turn intelligence assets inside Lebanon – using money, blackmail and sectarian divisions. Bear in mind Hezbollah is very security conscious due to assassination threat and thus extremely hard to penetrate due to strict and hard learnt communications protocols. The Isreali’s want observers on the ground.

samo war

issrael is mafia centrum ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqQf7xTdW4M

Vuk Marko

I see that a lot of comentators ask how it’s possible to have someone spying on his own country. In this case is easy to understand: these people are concidering Hezbolah as alien to Lebanon so in their mind they are not doinging anything wrong. I wouldn’t be surprised that actually they think that they are actually doing something patriotic. Unfortunatelly, it’s very easy for Jews to find there someone who will spy on whatever group. Very complex situation in which, despite relativelly calm current situation, still exists a lot of division and suspicios between different groups.

As everywhere else in the world, Jews use local people against eachother. I wouldn’t be surprised either to learn that there are groups in Lebabon which would use their weapons against Hezbolah in case of some kind of “Lebanon spring- false flag” operation. Everything to achieve goal just not to spill precious Jew’s blood.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Well rest assured that tens of thousands of American Patriots and Militia members will be keeping an eye out for the terrorist-Abbas Salamah, if he shows on US shores he will be treated like any other ISIS supporter by Citizens United Against Terrorist. Let it be known that Abbas Salamah is a threat to any and all Americans and Christians and Monotheist in general. He takes large sums of money to sell human life to bigot supremacist.

Don't read butthurt replies

Fck Mossad, Israel AND anyone that betrays their own country for stupid Zionists.

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