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Lebanese Army Receives 150 Humvee Vehicles From U.S. (Photos)


The Lebanese military received on August 16 dozens of Humvee armored vehicles as a part of a new U.S. military grant.

“The Logistic Brigade received, in today’s noon through Beirut Port, 150 Humvee armored vehicles presented as a grant from U.S. authorities in the framework of the US Assistance Program for the Lebanese Army,” a statement by the army reads.

The Humvees were shipped aboard U.S.-flagged Liberty Pride vheicle carrier. The vessel is usually used to move U.S. military equipment in the Middle East.

Developed by AM General in the 80s, the Humvee became known for its good maneuverability. Nevertheless, its good reputation was washed out following the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq, where the vehicle’s armor failed facing improvised-explosive devices (IEDs) and rocket-propelled grenades.

It remains unclear if the Lebanese military received newly-built Humvee vehicles, or used ones from the U.S. military’s stockpiles.

The U.S. increased its military aid for Lebanon over the last two years. The middle eastern country received warplanes, drones, armored vehicles and even guided munitions.

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  • Jakke1899

    Is it safe to assume that many of these vehicles will be flying Hezbollah banners in the near future?

    • Pave Way IV

      No. This ‘grant’ is part of the long-running US/Israeli effort to beef up the worthless Lebanese Army to counter Hezbollah’s strength. It’s not like the Lebanese Army is ever going to fight Hezbollah – a fight that would last maybe two days before the army’s defeat. The Lebanese Army’s purpose is to protect the corrupt, useless, western-leaning Lebanese government from the Lebanese people.

      I guess the longer-range (and useless) strategy is probably to build up a force capable of supporting yet another coup to install a totally Zio-friendly Christian-dominated Lebanese government. One that would corrupt Lebanese law enough to ban Hezbollah and make them disappear. Not that it would ever happen, of course… but that isn’t stopping the usual psychopaths from trying. Hezbollah, for their part, has little interest in ‘taking over’ Lebanon – they simply want to protect it from the expected Israel water- and land-grab. They’re Lebanon’s ‘real’ army, the Lebanese people support them (not that the MSM will ever admit it) and Hezbollah is never going away.

      Humvees are fuel hogs and maintenance nightmares, forever tying military operators to overpriced spare parts and contract depot-level maintenance. Hezbollah wouldn’t take a Humvee if it was given to them. The Houthis know exactly what to do with captured Humvees: strip them of weapons and radios, then burn them.

      • Real Anti-Racist Action

        Hez needs to reach out more to the Christian communities and Christian militias.
        Train them. The Christian militia a few years back said that if Israel attacks Lebanon again that the Christian militias would be fighting Israel. It was even posted here on SF.
        Anyway in the civil war there were two Christian sides, the smaller one (but better financed) was the one that sided with Israel against Sunnis.
        Lebanon really needs to embrace the Christians and Shia resistance into one front resistance movement.

        • You can call me Al
        • Pave Way IV

          The most pro-Zionist bribed cucks in all of Lebanon are the rich, top 1% of the Lebanese Christians and the rich, top 1% of the Lebanese Sunni Muslims and each of their respective wealthy clans. Sell-out bitches. The ‘little people’ Christians and Sunni – the vast majority of Lebanese – hate the dangerous psychopaths running Israel and their terrorist proxies. Little people Lebanese Christians and Sunni understand and respect Hezbollah as their real protectors. Anything beyond that, like a combined ‘resistance movement’ would be great but improbable, IMHO. Lebanon, its politics and its usurpers have woven an indescribably complex web of many layers. An Israeli attack would instantly cut through all that, unifying the Lebanese against them. That, as the Lebanese start stringing rich, privileged Lebanese Zio-cucs from lampposts.

      • Jakke1899

        Ok , i agree with your point of view,that Hezbollah would never use Humvees, even if they were a gift. But what about the Hezbollah military parade with the T55’s and US made M-113 APC’s? Here they’re using
        American vehicles, how did they acquire these then?


        • Pave Way IV

          No idea, but I’m glad to see U.S. tax dollars going to the good guys side for once.

          Parade was obviously for show though – Hezbollah isn’t stupid enough to plan on using a bunch of useless junk “tracked targets” against Israel. It will be Hezbollah missiles going south followed by Israeli ‘retaliatory’ strikes against any South Lebanon civilian targets and infrastructure (war crimes blacked out by western MSM as usual), followed by Israeli armor rolling north to occupy the decimated land. That’s when they’ll find out how many ATGMs Hezbollah has to welcome them. As Israeli tank crews die, they’ll look up to see the second (of many successive) volleys of missiles heading south to level any strategic Israeli military target left to smoking ruins.

          This picture was 2016? Since the LAF would get their asses kicked by head-choppers and couldn’t convince them to leave Lebanon, they may have given these to Hezbollah to do the job for them. The LAF knows they’re little more than guards for the government, but the LAF commanders are not stupid. If they didn’t want to wake up in the Caliphate of Lebanon one day, it may have been a good idea to leave a few unlocked APCs somewhere for their Hezbollah protectors.

          • Sinbad2

            Not all American weapons are bad, mostly just the new ones.
            The old M113 proved very reliable in Vietnam.

        • Zionism = EVIL
      • Icarus Tanović

        Say, you’re fine educated one.

      • DaBoiiiii

        Never fall into the trap of the enemy. These are the things the enemy want you to say. “Oh the Lebanese army is worthless…” And things like this are wrong.

        HezbAllah never says these things, always speaks good of the Army and supports it, and extends a hand of brotherhood to it. They fought together against ISIS, and Hezbollah even gave the Lebanese army the privilege of leading the battle.

        Of course many in the government are against HezbAllah, probably many in the army too, but we should not aid the enemy in sowing even more division with those that have good hearts and are potential allies.

        US trying to Woo Lebanese army into thinking they are an ally so they can put pressure on them like they did during the battle against ISIS on the Lebanese border, but at that time the Lebanese army did not told to US pressure and fought anyways.

    • Icarus Tanović

      It is very safe to asume that. Rather logical conclusion.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/16011fc2e01b9c909b129e356003ac62045f5f03d01727e5f0099038b9a440ea.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5dc4cf7511eea1f6a6978b1508d0197a51706e9564c2d0eb87114a72146a528b.jpg

      Hezbollah has almost all the dumbass Americunt M-113 and M-60 tanks now, the 150 humvees will be helpful in Syria. 90% of Lebanese army is Shia.

  • Garga

    A few months ago Iran proposed to sell Lebanon some air defence systems, but since the Lebanese government does not understand Persian, a couple of weeks ago Iran repeated the proposal, this time in Persian, Arabic and a few other languages to gift Lebanon the Iranian air defence system, “3rd of Khordad” which recently proved it’s worth by shooting down a very much praised US drone, with a single missile.
    This system could stop Zionist regime’s airplanes from invading Lebanese airspace every day, so it’s an awful thing.

    These useless cars are probably sent to silence the critics, saying if Lebanon accepts the air defence these “weapons” would stop coming, which includes an airplane or two each year (training piston propellers, nothing serious of course and certainly nothing that endangers the Zionists’ impunity) and like all good American weapons, keep the owner attached and in need of US spare parts and maintenance.

    How much do these cars cost? $200k, $220k each, if new? At least the US Army version costs this much, I’m not sure the ones sent to Lebanon. So the whole shipment is worth about $30mn-$33mn max. Yeah, a very good deal, for Israel.

    • Icarus Tanović

      These cars are useless wreckages and this is done just to please Israel. And the message is ‘Screw Hezbollah, we, Americans care for you’. This will turn into NOTHING because and that fact is known to everyone REAL military force in Lebanon is Hezbollah.

  • wwinsti

    Whoa, Humvees!?! THAT will keep the Israelis out!!!!🤣

  • Icarus Tanović

    Only Hezbollah is real Lebanon’s army.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    I am sure Hezbollah will be thankful :)

  • Mustafa Mehmet

    Big mistake. Lebanon you are in big trouble comen towords you watch it?. shame trouble will start again

  • SIM

    F-35, patriots and THAAD for Zios, and Humvees for LAF, someone is being plaid