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Lebanese Army Launched Speial Operation Against Terrorists In Arsal

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Lebanese Army Launched Speial Operation Against Terrorists In Arsal

Lebanese Army soldiers on their military vehicles take part in a military parade to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Lebanon’s independence, in downtown Beirut November 22, 2013. REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir (LEBANON – Tags: ANNIVERSARY POLITICS MILITARY)

On April 22, the Lebanese Army carried out a special operation in the Wadi al-Hosn area in Arsal where Lebanese commandos stormed the home of “Wa’el Deeb al-Falaiti” and arrested him and his brother “Hussein Deeb al-Fleiti.”

A group of wanted terrorists who were working on supplying terrorist groups in Lebanon and Syria with arms and money was detained.

Lebanese commandos have also killed “Al-Halabi,” nicknamed “Al-Malys” during the operation. Al-Halabi was a Syrian national from the town of Qara in Western Qalamoun. He was an ISIS commander and was directly responsible for the abduction and execution of kidnapped soldiers in Lebanon in 2014.

Lebanese Army Launched Speial Operation Against Terrorists In Arsal

A statement by the Lebanese Ministry of Defense

According to an official statement of the Lebanese Army, the group included: “Fawzi Mohammed Al-Sahli”, “Alaa Khalil Al-Halabi”, “Ahmed Hassan Maiman”, “Abdullah Abdul Karim Hussein,” Ahmed Fawzi al-Sahli, “Mohammed Fawzi al-Salhi” all of whom are Syrian nationals, as well as “Amin Mohammed Hamid” and “Mahmoud Deeb al-Faliti ” who are Lebanese.

The Lebanese Army is currently conducting a special operation against terrorists in the vicinity of Arsal and the nearby village, which are controlled by both Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and ISIS.

The complicated political situation in Lebanon has prevented the army from liberating the region since 2012.

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Expo Marker

Good to hear the Lebanese army fighting terrorism on the border areas of Syria and Lebanon, as these areas were known to be strongholds of terrorist sympathizers.


check it out guys the destruction of ISIS in Afghanistan


That supposed to be MOAB
very much onimpressed. looks more like blastwave or even strong wind

so what you do with real bomb. Ok your video shows no bomb

oh let me guess
srewn about clothes supposed to be evaporated to dust people

structures still standing are rock formations indicating the purpose of bomb O2 consumption


“The complicated political situation in Lebanon has prevented the army from liberating the area since 2012 .” It would not make any sense for the Christians to work against Hezbollah , as they would be the Wahabbi jihadists first target . Be interesting to know what held up these operations for five years.

Real Anti-Racist Action

It is high past time for the central and northern Lebanese army to take part, as the Lebanese southern-army (Hezbollah) have already been taking part.
Also, the Christian militias of norther Lebanon who were bombed so badly by Israeli bombs during the 2006 war, need to take a more active role from just keeping ISIS out of their city’s, to going on the offensive along side the Lebanese and Syrian army’s to liberate the whole region.
They will need to learn how to work closer together when they all have to go on the counter offensive next time Israel tries to grab more Lebanese lands.

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