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MARCH 2021

Lebanese Army, Intelligence Clash With Terrorist Cells Near Syria’s Border (Video)


Fierce Clashes between Lebanese government forces and terrorist cells are taking place in Wadi Khalid right on the border with Syria.

The clashes broke out on September 26 afternoon when a force of the Information Division attempted to raid a hideout where terrorists from different cells were holding a meeting.

The terrorists resisted arrest, opening fire at the force. The Lebanese Armed Forces quickly dispatched reinforcements to the town of al-Farad, where the clashes are taking place.

According to the Lebanon 24 news outlet, three cells were meeting in the hideout to plan a series of terrorist attacks in Lebanon.

One of the three cells is said to be affiliated with Abu Suleiman al-Dandashi, a Jund al-Sham leader who was eliminated by the Syrian military in Homs in 2014. Another cell is reportedly linked to Khaled Al-Talawi. The infamous terrorist, who was eliminated two weeks ago by the Lebanese military, plotted the August 21 Kaftoun attack and was responsible for the killing of four soldiers in Tripoli on September 13.

Journalist Bassam Abou Zeid revealed that the cells’ members are Lebanese and Syrians. Some of them were killed or injured in the ongoing clashes.

The Information Division and the Lebanese Armed Forces are reportedly determined to neutralize the cells today. More information on the clashes will likely be shared tomorrow.




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