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Lebanese Army Intelligence Arrested HTS Commander

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Lebanese Army Intelligence Arrested HTS Commander


The Lebanese Army Intelligence arrested “Obada Mohammed Hasswa”, a Syrian citizen and one of the commanders of the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda), outside the town of Arsal near the Syrian-Lebanese border.

“Obada” is considered to be one of the most wanted terrorists in Arsal that has worked mainly in arms and drugs dealing. He has also participated in manufacturing and planting of several IEDs targeting civilians and Lebanese army servicemen.

Four days ago, the Lebanese Army Intelligence arrested “Fatima Hassan Sultan” on charges of association with the ISIS terrorist group. The husband of Fatima, a member of ISIS, had been killed in Syria. Fatima was promoting the ISIS ideology in her home in the town of Arsal for a number of Lebanese and Syrian girls in order to recruit them in the ranks of ISIS.

Hezbollah Leader, Hassan Nasrallah, announced in his recent speech that the Jorod Arsal area, controlled by terrorists from ISIS and the HTS, will be liberated imminently. This area is currently the only point out of control on the Syrian-Lebanese border.

The Lebanese Army, backed by Hezbollah, may launch a military operation to liberate it if some political problems are resolved in Lebanon.

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paolo duchateau

what a good operation!

jim crowland

Lebanon is now a puppet state of Hezbolla-Syria-Iran-Rusia


And this is different from all the other puppet states in the region that are controlled by the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia? Or is only one side allowed to have those?


Lebanon has to protect itself from the terrorists and work with Syria.


Then there’s still hope for them.


The Christians have realized that the Saudi and Tunis jihadists waging war on Syria , are completely prone to ethnic cleansing of Christians . They do stand a chance of survival with Hezbollah , Syria , Iran and Russia .


we have realized that for a LONG time. thats one of the reasons why most the christians of Lebanon and Syria stand with Assad till the end. end of terrorism that is


“The Lebanese Army , backed by Hezbollah , may launch a military operation to liberate it ( Jorod Arsal ) if some political problems are resolved ” .

My question is which problems are more important than self survival ? Forgive my complete ignorance of Lebanese politics .


no worries. even tho Lebanon is very small, foreign intervention and influence is huge. For example, Lebanese army is mostly armed and funded by the US. All heavy equipment and munitions come from the US. If the Leb army acts in the interests of Hizb, the flow of weapons deliveries will be halted. No matter what… Its a very delicate balance. The Leb army for example had a 4 billion dollars grant from saudi shitrabia a couple years ago. They lost the damn grant because they refuse to condemn hizb for fighting isis and al qaida in Syria which are saudi supported. Its all going to end tho when Lebanon starts mining and selling its natural gas. The funny part tho is that all the oil producers of the middle east wont last a week if Lebanese banks embargo them…


Well thank god. They were under the thumb of Israeli influence for far too long. Soon even the Lebanese Druze will desert Israel and join the Syrian cause, as has Syrian Druze. Syria is the only country that has continually kept the state of Lebanon from being totally destroyed due to the influence of the terrorist state to the south.

Expo Marker

The brotherly Lebanese fight against these foreign scum invading the Levant


no matter what media will tell you we stand with Syria till the end

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