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Lebanese Army Carried Out Large Operation Against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham And ISIS

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On Friday, the Lebanese Army carried out a security operation in Al-Nour and Qaria Syrian refugee camps in the vicinity of Arsal town at the Syrian-Lebanese border.

According to Lebanese sources, five suicide bombers blew themselves up in the Lebanese Army during the inspection campaign. The Lebanese Army said in an official statement that four suicide bombers blew themselves up in Al-Nour refugee camp, wounding three Lebanese soldiers. A suicide bomber targeted a Lebanese Army vehicle and three others blew themselves up to prevent the Lebanese Army from capturing them.

In Qaria refugee camp, another suicide bomber blew himself up to prevent the Lebanese Army from capturing him.

Moreover, several attempts were made to attack the Lebanese military with IEDs. Three Lebanese soldiers were wounded in an IED explosion in Al-Nour camp. However, the Lebanese Army managed to dismantle four other IEDs. In Qaria camp, one of the terrorists targeted a gathering of Lebanese soldiers with a hand grenade, wounding four soldiers.

The Lebanese Army has so far managed to arrest 150 terrorists from Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and ISIS and the operation is still ongoing. Hizbollah announced its support for the Lebanese Army operation and congratulated it on its success in an official statement.

In the statement, Hezbollah considered the operation to be integrated with the operations of at the eastern border to prevent armed terrorists from infiltrating into Lebanese territory and expelling them.

Lebanese Army Carried Out Large Operation Against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham And ISIS Lebanese Army Carried Out Large Operation Against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham And ISIS

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Colin Oskapy

Lebanon securing itself from Zionist Jihadists.

Daniel Castro

So many man on fighting age hiding in a refugee camp, they are all traitors, or at best cowards.


Most likely terrorist sleeper cells like we have all over Europe now.

Riky Nik

Thank Merkel for that. Western Europe is gone. Such a shame.

John Whitehot



Who are all those guys laying face down? Dead or terrorists captured?

Colin Oskapy

Unfortunately not dead. Just some of the NATO Wahabbist plague unleashed on the Middle East as part of Zionist NATO’s drive for Greater Israel.


Well at least they look captured I think lol

Valery Grigoryev

Is Lebanese army shia, alavite or christian?


Lebanese army is largely Christian with some Shia .


loool? They are Sunni majority. There is lebanese shia but not majority. They view themselves from nationalistic point of view. First Lebanese and not much religious to follow. Christians are small minority. This is basically Lebanon they call it the Paris of the middle east and in other words the place all rich arabs gather to fornicate

Rabih Saad

Lebanon’s Christians are NOT minorities…The Lebanese president is Christian and the prime minister is Muslim. Always been like this since the Constitution put in place by France since the independence.
The Lebanese army consist of largely Muslims and the Christians mainly are officers (Not to discriminate our Muslim brothers of course)..
In the Lebanese army there is no religion..All for the country LEBANON..
Well trained and moderately equipped.. very brave soldiers.

Valery Grigoryev

Thank you, Ron.


Majority of Lebanese are Muslim. There is no Shia and Sunni in Islam. It is just politics. There the Christians are in minority.

Valery Grigoryev

I know that. It’s regarding population. While I am about army only. It matters.


Trials first, then work camps-Stalin style.


As I have been saying all along. Btw the Lebanese Gov’t is Sunni arabs. But they are exclusively with Assad, Iran and Hezbullah except very minority in their population. The same goes to the palestinians whom are majority pro-Assad, Hezbullah and Iran.

These people are nationalistic before anything. They view the revolution as damaging their culture and what not. They are also allied by their nationalistic view and animosity with Israel.

The majority of palestinians are also not Islamic but rather nationalistic especially Hamas and Fatah they are secular groups. They have dispatched alot forces fighting for Assad under alot of other names

Solomon Krupacek

israel delendam esse

roger temple

Israel (Nominative) delenda est. If you must spout latin at least do so correctly. You can’t use the full form Ceterum censeo Cartaginem delendam esse unless you dare to decline Israel in the accusative. Ass!

Solomon Krupacek

israelis delendam esse

Solomon Krupacek

important, you undestood your future :P


Current President of Lebanon is Michel Aoun – Christian and ex Lebanese army general.
Hamas are most definitely not secular – they are an offshoot of Muslim Brotherhood.


By the way. These people have fled the war entirely so if they had intentions they would have not fled the war in the first place. This is just genocide

Julius Meinel

Fuck off Zionist/Globalist troll! Nobody care about your “humanitarian” rants.


Go fuck yourself instead. Do you honestly believe the lebanese gov’t. There is 1 rule in these areas around the levant in Lebanon, Israel, and Syria? Do you know what that rule is don’t trust anyone.

Due to the lies of the region and this is historical heritage to the region and may they even be israelis. The whole region is filled with lies and some more lies. Your hair will grow white if you were amongst this people. Don’t buy anything. Friendly advice

Concrete Mike

They fled the war because of thé unrest you motherfuckers causes porky. You cant lament humanitarian causes when its the west gcc and Israël your n’est buddies that is the reason for this mess.

Also its Well documented that Isis Al nusra whatever control the refugee camps and force men to fight for Them. That they expell civilians from Syria and only allow Them to enter if they Grow à Beard and yell Allah snackbar!!!

Nice try porky, get rekt!!?


Another sad paid troll. why would a man leave the war if he was political motivated in the first place. Simple solution. the people who left didn’t care much enough for both sides to actully support it. Once they fled they through the towel in. there is really not much more to it. NOT every person cares for politics. They are just civilians and family dad’s and families. Children and old people

Julius Meinel

Get lost piece of shit. The ” refugees” should have stayed in Syria and fight for their country; let the Lebanese christian/shia army slaughter every single one of these scumbags.Traitors!


The photo shows the men under arrest …. not dead ! Why were they wearing suicide belts and attacking the Army of the nation that generously allowed them in as guest and provided shelter? The Army was looking for terrorist. Apparently they found some.

gfsdyughjgd .

Israel terrorist arrested.Jews terrorism continue since their killed Jesus the Messiah.The devil is waiting for Natayahu in hell for tribulation preparation.

Tom kauser

McCain will bond them out before sundown


So SAA attacks against SW Syria terrorists supported by IDF are coordinated with Lebanon also?

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