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Lebanese Army Arrests Nine, Including Syrian, After Deadly Beirut Clashes

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Lebanese Army Arrests Nine, Including Syrian, After Deadly Beirut Clashes

Official logo of the Lebanese Armed Force, source: lebarmy.gov.lb

The Lebanese Army announced that it had arrested nine people, including a Syrian citizen, who took part in the violent clashes that broke out in the capital Beirut in the noon of October 14.

The clashes broke out when snipers opened fire at a group of Hezbollah and Amal Movement’s supporters who were protesting in the area of Tayouneh against the ongoing investigation into the 2020 Beirut port explosion. Hezbollah and Amal both accused the judge leading the inquiry of being politically motivated for targeting their officials only.

A total of six people, all supporters of Hezbollah and Amal, were killed in the clashes. One of the victims was a civilian woman, a mother of five.

In a statement, the Lebanese Army said that the detainees are from both sides of the conflict. They are currently being interrogated.

Hezbollah and Amal officially accused the far-right Lebanese Forces party of orchestrating the deadly attack on the protesters.

Samir Geagea, Lebanese Forces leader, refuted these accusations. The pro-US Lebanese politician called for an investigation into the clashes.

Meanwhile, security sources told the Hezbollah-affiliated al-Manar TV that an entire armed cell of the Lebanese Forces that took part in initial attack was apprehended by the Lebanese Army.

The Lebanese Army has deployed a large force in the heart of Beirut. The city is now calm. Yet, a new confrontation may break out soon if those responsible for the attack were allowed to get away with it for political reasons.


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Those snipers are part of the group who set off the bomb, and yet Hezbollah still being targeted.

Chris Gr



Listen wahabi. Your people and Zionist are trying to rule the world, but that will never happen if the Axis of Resistance is still here. Hezbollah is smarter than this, any other dumb wahabi milita would’ve fell for this trap and started another war.

Chris Gr

Lol at this demented aggression.


Was not a bomb bro.. Was a mini Nuke by isrealhell, lucifer children


Interesting – please show proof.

Freedom is equal to all of us

Fuc.king Hezbolah.
we will make sure that Lebanon is not ruled by Hezbolah but by Democracy and not Islam Religious leaders.
Religious leaders have no rights to be in Government/s they destroy all nations when they are involved in Governments rulings.
Look at Afghanistan Religious fuck.ing leaders…
Look at Iran worse than Comunism.
Look Saudi Arabia authoritarian Gov.
Look at Yemen Brain washed people

Look at other countries where no Religious leaders are involved in politics …Population is free.


Look at ISRAEL, which, by THEIR own definition, is A JEWISH state. Look at the DESTRUCTION and SLAUGHTER they are causing. No one compares to the EVIL of Israel, and non-religious states,United States and Britain .

You failed to mention them

Unit 8200 by chance

US & EU are Zion slaves

“Look at Iran worse than Comunism.”
Ah yes, you know what communism was like to compare them to Iran, for sure.

“Look at other countries where no Religious leaders are involved in politics …Population is free.”
You are the most rtded fuk I have seen for some time, hahahaha.

How old are you, do you know how to use Google yet. Maybe try to read and find info about shit you want to talk about, before saying BS.

You really fuking said that, “Look at other countries where no Religious leaders are involved in politics”.
You know nothing about other countries or you want to fool yourself.

Last edited 13 days ago by US & EU are Zion slaves
Chris Gr

Yes because Houthis, Asaib ahl al Haq, Taliban and IRGC are secular?! While all these basement dwellers support these groups.


U fucking stink vermins and parasite zio jew should go back to Pooland gettos… U don’t know one fuck and can’t do one shit


„Victims of snipers of US ambassy” – sure, haha. They got shot by Libaneses ^^

Freedom is equal to all of us

Don’t you see that this Website doesn’t ever published anything good about Western civilization.
They are pro Comun.ism anti Democr.acy Website propaga.nda.
This Website is run by Kremli.n agents.

Last edited 13 days ago by Freedom is equal to all of us

Thats because the West isn’t acting civilized,they act like Barbarians.

Freedom is equal to all of us

O really?? Look at Muslim countries they are self exterminating themselves.
For thousands of years they couldn’t understand each other.
Because of religious leaders and a fake profet so called Muhammad.

Last edited 13 days ago by Freedom is equal to all of us
US & EU are Zion slaves

Far-right Nazi from Ukr-piss? Or Northern European butt-hurt about everything and thinks they “good and right” LMFAO.

Kid, don’t even try it, you clearly don’t know anything about history.
“For thousands of years they couldn’t understand each other.”
Yeah, like WWI and WWII? and hundreds of other wars? That you fuks had just to rule and steal from each other.

They didn’t have many wars and lived in peace before the British and other fuking apes came to their region to steal.

Last edited 13 days ago by US & EU are Zion slaves
US & EU are Zion slaves

No, Russian banks banned their accounts, moron.
SF, mainly report about Syrian and ofc important events around the world and M.E.

SF, is run by few young people, and also, what the fuk you mean “anything good about Western civilization”?
You clearly don’t understand what SF reports about.
Please fuk off to BBC.


Most people are coming here to laugh a little bit :-)


So they have captured those bastards,now they need to be questioned and find out just who gave them a green light,wouldn’t be surprised if they were working for the Israelis,if they want a fight with Hezbollah they are picking a fight with the wrong people.


Thx for the good laughs ^^


Don’t confuse laughing with hysteria.


sheikh zakzaky and the islamic students of nigeria started as a small group today they are millions they were martyred many times but they didnt fire back once and still millions more continued to move towards them to join them

Last edited 13 days ago by farbat

those who say “our master is allah” and then they remain ever steadfast the angels descend upon them saying “do not fear nor grieve but instead rejoice in the good news of paradise which you have been promised”

Last edited 13 days ago by farbat

Clearly these thugs are isrealhell armed and were directed by these zio children of lucifer to attack Hez


Best democratic Muslim country in the world is TURKIYE….💪👍

Peppe il Sicario

All bets are on Turdkey and Israhell with the complicit aide of the simian Saudis for the sniper attacks. They are such cowards and back-stabbers, they need cheap proxies to do their dirty work so, it appears they aren’t involved. Some retaliation is in dire need here.


The problem in Lebanon are the trobble makers us, israhell and the new sollar king off françe. All they want is a pupped that obey to them. Lebanon has a gasfield and whit Syria and Palestine can deliver gas to Europe for more than 40 years !!! They saw division under the Libanese people so there influence can stay. The explosion orchestrated by the zionists was 9/11 for Lebanon. If Lebanese people can comme toughether, they become the “monaco” in the east mediterrania.

Dennis Kovac
Last edited 12 days ago by Dennis Kovac
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