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JUNE 2021

At Least One Person Killed As Van Crashes Into Bus Shelters French City Of Marseille

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At Least One Person Killed As Van Crashes Into Bus Shelters French City Of Marseille

The site of the second bus stop is sealed off by police

On Monday, a woman was killed and another person was injured as a van crashed into two bus shelters in the southern French city of Marseille.

The driver first hit a bus shelter around 8:15am in the 13th arrondissement in the poorer northern part of France’s second-largest city, before hitting a second bus shelter an hour later in the 11th arrondissement, several miles south.

A woman in her 40s was killed at the second bus stop in front of a KFC restaurant and a man injured at the first, French media said.

BFM-TV said a witness noted the license plate of the van and was able to give it to police,” Independent reported.

The driver was arrested following the incident. Media reports say the driver is known to police and may have mental health issues.

The authorities don’t treat the incident as a terrorist attack.

At the same time, some conservative commentators and media outlets have already linked the Marseille van crash with a series of van attack across Europe.

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Pieter Lemmens

In these cases are ‘mental issues’ another word for being a muslim.


False flag.


BFM-TV is owned by Drahi, an israeli. Game over.
It’s not reliable at all to quote western medias and Amaq CIA agency.


Yet another good reason not to use Public Transport :)

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