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At Least 35 People Killed In Militant Shelling On Market In Damascus

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At least 35 people have been killed in a militant shelling on a market in the Syrian capital of Damascus, the country’s state-run news angecy SANA reported on March 20 citing a health official.

“35 dead bodies have been delivered to the hospital following the rocket attack on the market in the Kashkul district of Jaramana,” Damascus Hospital director Al-Husseini said.

According to local sources, the final number of casualties will likely grow because many people have been also injured in the attack.

Earlier on the same day, reports appeared that at least 20 people had been injured in separate shelling attacks.

Jaish al-Islam, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda), Faylaq al-Rahman and Ahrar al-Sham shell government-held areas in the Syrian capiital almost on a daily basis. This is one of the reaons behind the government forces’ will to secure Eastern Ghouta.

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Will the lying MSM cover this – Nope


Not as much attention as Gouta got but it’s there;



And… the article spends half of its time on the White Helmets b.s. You know the West has all its stock in regime change in the region.




Right- but did you know Putin forced Assad to recognise the ‘moderate rebels’ of East Ghouta as the ‘official opposition’ for YEARS? All to please Israel and Saudi Arabia- the nations Putin really serves.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Stop lying Both Assad and Putin actually call them DAESH and that is the Arab word for terrorist!

HighLord Gaz

Fucking idiot… They did no such thing.


Stop lying. it was USA-Israel-NATO who call these terrorists moderated opposition and give them weapons, training, money, logistic tactic.


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Claire Langoulant

Either Trump erases the AIPAC and the neocons who feed those cockroaches and his son in law Kushner or the WW3 will happen. Still hope that this crazy yankee has the guts to do it ! Kadyrov, show him the way !


And what is doing Putin ??? He is not convoking UN security council ?? XD.

For Putin and his followers, it’s normal that people die, that homes are destroyed, …. They say that we must “wait”. Yes, we must “wait” for people to die because I don’t know why. XD.

John Whitehot

and what about you??

as usual you write the biggest idiocies one can find on this site.


I’m ready to push the red button. Just give me 1000 nuclear warheads.

Rancho Deluxe

I’m with you bro, let’s get it over with – this world Sucks!!!

al quaida

How about you two just kill yourselves?

Rancho Deluxe

As long as I get to waste you, yeah sure!

al quaida

Just like a jihadi

Jim Groner

Talk is all you boy


Great. Let’s do it. We need only 1000 nuclear warheads.


You dont need or deserve 1000 nuclear warheads. You just need one bullet to your head, and the world will be a slightly better place without you in it. This is the truth.


Dont forget Abortion rights, guys!


Do you really think that Putin is a popular leader?? Putin, like Obama or Trump is a neoliberal leader, who only want to increase the benefits of his bussiness mens of Russia. The capitalist system s the real enemy of the planet workers and popular governmets

Tudor Miron

Where are you from?

John Whitehot

gtfo you fake communist.


The capitalist system has brought more prosperity and innovation in history than any other system. The computer/tablet/phone you are using right now is a result of the captalist system.

The only people that oppose capitalism as a whole are degenerate slackers like yourself who have never contributed anything to society, and never will. You never will become anything in your pathetic life. You will remain and insignificant cockroach, invisible and ignored by everyone. Everyone around you will grow wiser, wealthier, more socially competent and more prosperous and you will be a lonely piece of crap rotting away in some slum living off government handouts and wailing about the “system”.

And you will remain that way until your lay all alone on your deathbed, pondering how you wasted your entire life being useless, and the world will move on without you. This is the truth, and it makes you angry as hell. Good! Get mad more, dog, nobody wants you.

Jozsef Osztronkovics

This is sick zionist-israeli Luciferian world where Zionism is murderess terrorism


Yet RT describes critics of the Rothschilds as “anti-semetic” (go google if you don’t believe me), showing that RT is entirely jewish controlled, just like the mainstream media of the West.


Sorry, troll bastard, I haven’t ask you: do you donate? (as this is a private question about money, you can choose to not answer).




Without doubt the Yanki imperialist Scum decided to stiffen the resolve of their 3 Stooges and this is a consequence of that. As many on this site have already said this Islamic Brotherhood of head choppers has to be eradicated utterly. No more truces no more negotiations regarding withdrawls to Idlib on green buses. From here on, a one-way ticket to Hell, via TOS-1


Putin allows atrocities like these because they act as counters to the FAKE atrocity propaganda pushed by the other side. In East Ukraine, a modern second world power could not roll out NATO class armour, in a heavily wooded terrian, without Russia eye-in-the-sky tech spotting it and having it immediately destroyed with computer guided artillery.

But in East Ghouta it suits Putin to turn a blind-eye to wahhabi scum rolling out their artillery, because the people the artillery shells murder lead to more informed individuals supporting Russia. Cynical and as a tactic completely unneccessary. Where it matters, Putin always LOSES the PR battle, so he should stop worrying about what people think, and get East Ghouta done as fast as possible.


Greedy troll bastard that don’t donates. Peculiarities: the guy is fascinated by Putin.


hehehe hahaha..!

HighLord Gaz

“But in East Ghouta it suits Putin to turn a blind-eye to wahhabi scum rolling out their artillery, because the people the artillery shells murder lead to more informed individuals supporting Russia.”

Fuck off lying cunt.


And I’ll be sitting enjoying watching celebrating those scums being blown off with bunch of popcorns besides me when that moment occurs… Really wish that it will happen..!


Fucking Turkish forces, fucking Europe Union, fucking Israel, fucking Saudi Arabia, fucking Canada and fucking EEUU, they are supporting a really muder yihadist in Sirya, destroying the lwgal government of Al-Assad and invanding his lands. No boys, Erdogan and Turkiah arent allyes, they noly are a dictatorship and ultranationalist governmet who want te créate a new Ottman Empire, destroy alla the free medias and rights for his people and murder all the kurds like they did against Armenian people…


Your Iranian shia boys are also supressing Kurdish insurgency and publicly hanging many of them daily on Tehran streets, just like they did to Baha’i people in past. But you love them dont you ? I wonder why.

Some people may think that you are not a lover of democracy or whatsoever , but another secterian..

Tudor Miron

Hanging Kurds publicly on Tehran streets??? Really? Mind proving your allegations?





Public executions on mobile cranes is Iranian trademark.

Tudor Miron

I will have to check with a couple of Iranians that I know personally.


Especially the last video is self explanatory , if you have the stomach.

Robert Duran

Do you know why these people were executed? Not all who appear innocent are..


To be fair, Iran really is an oppressive regime internally and does regularly execute political dissidents and innocent people who things that should not even be crimes.

That being said, I fully appreciate their support for the legitimate government of Syria, and by any standard, countries like Saudi Arabia are far worse when it comes to internal human rights violations.

But no, Luna is correct. Anyone that sits around and pretends that Iranian regime is anything other than an oppressive theocratic regime is delusional and probably just a sectarian shill.


I wouldn’t go that far on the sectarian shill thing. Thing is, so many people here are so anti-America and anti-Israel, that whoever stands up to those countries gets a free pass. It’s the enemy of my enemy is my friend kind of thing. Russia stands up to the US, therefore Russia is good. Iran stands up to the US, therefore Iran is good. North Korea stands up to the US, therefore North Korea is good.

In defense of Iran I’ll say this, its an oppressive regime that is disliked by most of its people. But overall Iranians enjoy more freedoms then they care to admit. And if you stay away from politics the regime is not really that interested in you. Compared to Saudi Arabia its a shiny beacon of freedom and democracy. Women get to do everything they want to do and dress code aside are as free and emancipated as in the West. And if you remove the theocratic oversight layer from the political system you’d have a full democracy, with rights of religious minorities officially protected. And Iran does have problems with certain separatist groups, Kurds and Gulf Arabs, and foreign based opposition groups, who have resorted to violence and terrorist attacks. Who supply a large group of those who get publicly hanged. That and drugs dealers. Most of the heroine that comes from Afghanistan to the West gets smuggled through Iran, which is a major source why millions of Iranians are addicted. And probably the odd gay as well. Like all Muslim countries Iran is not fond of the gays as well. Although oddly enough transsexuals are recognized and qualify for sex change operations.

It’s an interesting country, which I hope to visit again. Just like I hope to visit Syria one day too.


Yeah, I would say you have a pretty realistic view of that region of the world and what southfront commenters are mostly like. I love southfront mostly because of how well it covers the progression of the war and for the most part accurately and honestly reports on the daily events that transpire in different locations of Syria and other conflicts. Clearly most people who comment on this, including myself, are heavily biased in favor of the SAA, as I think most reasonable people who know anything about the conflict would be.

The problem however, is, as you stated, some people here have a 2 dimensional black and white view of any given conflict. They hate a particular side and therefore anyone in opposition to that side is a “good guy”. No nuances, no indepth discussions of the complexities of the underlying geopolitics.

That and you have half literate conspiracy theorists posting the most cringeworthy primitive garbage. Not only that, but you also sometimes get multiple outlandish incompatible conspiracy theories put forth by some morons who then go at each other’s throats about who’s illuminati/nwo/zionist/ottoman/reptilian boogeyman theory is more plausible.

I have absolutely no doubt Israeli and US foreign policy crooks are trying to divide up Syria and illegally impose their own biased foreign policy objectives in the region, at the expense of or in total disregard of the consequences, oftentimes leveraging the use of terrorist groups to do so.

But some of this “Baghdadi is a Mossad agent” and “US helicopters transferring ISIS commanders” garbage is a bit way out there, while “Russia and Iran are the most free and progressive nations on earth” nonsense is a bit outlandish as well.


Please tell us about Palestinians to see if your supporters love democracy or not. XD.


Hope they will get their homes back and survive the agony they are living in for decades.


A lover of democracy ? XD. The trick has been too much used. Please, find something else. As if kurds loved democracy. If kurds loved democracy, they will not have invaded arab land to give it to USA.



Joe Dirt

Invaded Arab land? Since when is land given to a race of people?

Tudor Miron

“murder all the kurds like they did against Armenian people…”(c) Do you know who actually played the major role in genocide of Armenians by Turks?


If the Kurds indeed participated in the killing of the Armenians, then it would sort of be kharma wouldn’t it now.

Don't read butthurt replies


Tudor Miron

It’s in the open.



Eskandar Black

Sure, right now ukos are killing russians in the east, but eventually they will overstep, and putin will send these yuko nazis to poland

Jim Prendergast

Please spot the artillery and use the big bombs. The rebels must be taken out near all populated areas. Put them in Idlib then bury Idlib.

John Whitehot

yeah, why not tactical nukes.

Besides, what the jihadists (and the zionists) really want is Russia and Syria killing civilians so they can whine on the MsM and at the Un.


I’m looking forward to the day when US officials start objecting to these attacks against civilian targets (I’m not holding my breath though)!


Nikki will say it is collateral damage unintended

Tudor Miron

MSM is all over this crime! Oh wait… not a word about it. I guess this goes fine with western values – after all this is their beloved “freedom fighters” killing Syrian civilians that are guilty for being loyal to Assad.



Tudor Miron

Good catch. Any more of those? After reading it I see that it’s just that abcnews are higher quality liers :) “To sell a lie one needs to add some truth to it”. To illustrate this I will add this quote from linked article: “In eastern Ghouta, rescue workers were still retrieving bodies from the basement of a school that was bombed Monday by government or Russian jets, a spokesman for the Syrian Civil Defense group said.”


MSM and the government can do nothing right in your eyes no matter what they do, eh?


Send the bills to Nikki


I don’t understand why people are complaining that Nikki the whore is not helping civilians in Damascus. As if she worried about Syrians !!!!

People must absolutely remove from their head that USA is a good country and that US politicians are looking for the good for people. Nikki is enjoying to see Syrians killing each others.

Isn’t that funny that most poeple on earth rely on the genocider of the Natives and actual genociders of Palestinians to make good things. XD. It’s absolutely ridiculous and hilarious.

people don’t believe in facts. They want to believe what they want. Americans want to believe that they are good. In reality, they are the first terrorists in the planet.

Facts > fairlytales.


The west is applying what I call “the enemy of my ennemy is my useful idiot”.

Sunnis and kurds hate Assad nobody know why. It’s just a fact. So, USA is taking the useful idiots sunnis and kurds and ask them to go after Assad. For the Sunnis, USA said them that it’s a glory war and for the kurds they say that it’s for independence. But, USA doesn’t care about sunnis or kurds. It’s just that the useful idiots are useful by definition. The useful idiots think that USA want to help them. But, like always, the useful idiots discover that they were used and how stupid they were.

But, go ask sunnis and kurds, they are absolutely 100% sure that USA want to help them to free them !!!! It’s just unbelievable but it’s true.

John Whitehot

guess you lost your “useful” part long ago XDDD

Deo Cass

It actually started when the terrorists in Eastern al-Goutha breached the truce and attacked the Military Vehicle Base laying siege to it. The government forces then launched a major counter offensive the break the siege and this is the continuation of the counter offensive.


Were the shells fired from inside the remaining Gouta pockets, or some other area?


And Putin chose to let this happen as a propaganda counter to atrocity propaganda from the other side.

ALLOWING the other side to carry out a well publlcised atrocity is a very old method of propaganda and one Putin is very well accounted with indeed. To Putin, the innocent Humans of Syria (whom he allowed to be murdered and terrorised FOR YEARS before finally intervening- all to serve Israel) count as nothing.

Putin and Lavrov have given recent public speeches declaring their undying loyalty to judaism and Israel (go google if you don’t believe me). Jews mustn’t die- but Russian irregulars and innocent Syrians not so much.

Meanwhile Trump called Putin (who was moronic enough to take the phone call) to treat Putin like Trump treats the leader of N Korea. The Deep State running circles around Putin as usual.

East Ghouta will be liberated (small “yay”) because behind the scenes Putin has sold Syria out and agreed to its de facto partition (massive “boo”). For the longest time Putin ordered Assad to leave East Ghouta alone, and treat the ‘rebels’ there as the ‘official opposition’ (don’t believe me- go google). But now Syria is lost, and to be broken up, East Ghouta will become part of the ‘russian’ sector’, so needs to be cleansed.

Tell me guys, is the Putin that gave permission for NATO (Turkey) to invade Syria your “hero”? In the reddit forum where Assad-haters have reigned since day one, they are screaming their approval of the turkish invasion.

All Putin is now good for is tooling up to fight WW3. And by doing so, WW3 becomes a self-fullfilling prophecy.

Joe Dirt

This is not a stepping stone to WW3, events in the Middle East are just your modern Crusade.

A retaking of once Christian land.

Brad Isherwood

Islamic Tribal conflict vs the King/State. The King must subjugate the Tribes. ..or they will turn on each other, His land becomes cursed. Assad and his Beautiful Wife are great social leaders,

For Syria. ..they need someone like this to set things right. Naram Sin. …grandson King Sargon https://www.mtholyoke.edu/~nigro20e/classweb/mainpage2.jpg


Nikki Haley must be proud of herself.


I apologise, because my question has nothing to do with the article. I do not speak arab language, can somebody please translate the names or messages on the two pictures below?

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fe81d9edc440ad88b174c17ab4f2d8528a7422316207e5ec9ff4af36f78a7a14.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d32ab3d00f253b87f16be9edd4079ff31149772e49efdcd3c1f66b7a22812821.jpg


The top pic says “basha’er al-amal”, meaning “the promises of hope”, I think

The bottom one says “Suriya al-assad”, yes, you’ve guessed it: “Assad of Syria”. Notice that Assad means lion, so it also means Syria’s lion. Complete with tiny hearts as the dots for the letter iy in Suriya!


Thank you for the Translation and clarifications.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Right from the beginning this terrorist in East Ghouta shouldn’t have been recognized as opposition rebels as their are real threat to Damascus.Just as those terrorists in Idlib.Their surrendered and we’re relocated wiyh green buses to Idlib.Today their have re-armed and threaten the existence of Syrian army.All the rebels in Syria are terrorists.Who ever takes up a weapon against legitimate sovereign country is a terrorist according to international law.

It is only USA/ NATO which call terrorists moderate because it serve their hidden agenda,friendly army because their work together,Free army just to do as their want and friends because their created them.Very obvious Rebels surrender ISIS attacked, ISIS surrenders and withdraw Rebels attack.

If Syria government forces fights all rebels then their won’t fall in trap every time and this era will end.USA protected terrorists must be destroy.If one person attack a school in USA or Nato country their call him terrorist.Why is USA establishing bases in oil rich Deir Ezzor.

HighLord Gaz

Disgusting inhuman Jihadist maggots… how they will sizzle and pop when they end up in Shaitans inferno…

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