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Leaked Videos Reveal Hay’at Tahrir Sham Torture Dungeon


On November 25, Syrian activists leaked two videos exposing a heinous torture dungeon of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) [the former branch of al-Qaeda in Syria] in Syria’s Haram. The dungeon is reportedly located inside the historical citadel of the northern city.

One of the video shows an alleged militant of HTS using a thick rubber baton to repeatedly hit a man who is tied with chains and metal wires to an examination chair. The victim can be heard trying to scream through a black bag covering his head.

Leaked Videos Reveal Hay’at Tahrir Sham Torture Dungeon

SouthFront has decided to avoid publishing footage of the tortures. However, it can be easily found online.

In the second video a blooded, blindfolded, middle-aged man can be seen begging for his life. Activists said that the militants had cut some of the man’s figures earlier.

HTS has not commented on the leaked videos so far. This indicates that the videos are likely authentic because the group has never acknowledged or even denied its crimes.

The radical group has been accused of violating human rights on numerous occasions. Few months ago, HTS’ security forces arrested hundreds of civilians in the governorate of Idlib simply for voicing their support for a possible reconciliation agreement with the Damascus government.

HTS also adopted a more aggressive policy towards opposition activists and Free Syrian Army (FSA) elements recently. Two days ago, the radical group was accused of assassinating Read Fares, a prominent opposition figure who had managed several news outlets since 2011.

Local observers believe that the torture dungeon in Haram is only an example of what HTS is doing in bigger security centers like the al-Uqab jail in the southern Idlib countryside, where the most violent torture and murders are reportedly taking place.

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  • Hasbara Hunter

    Just another Deep State interrogation….

    • FlorianGeyer

      We now know who trained HTS, the US and all the other torturers in the US Coalition of Terror.

      Twas Israel :)

  • BMWA1

    ERRATUM please, MODERATE torture dungeon.

    • FlorianGeyer

      I am pleased you mentioned that distinction :)

  • J Roderet

    Note how similar this torture dungeon sounds to what has happened at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay. It is very obvious who taught al-Queda how to torture prisoners…

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Erdogan is distancing himself from HTS, the demonization process has begun, it’s their boys that are bad, not our.
    This is probably a video HTS did make and share with their fellow FSA rebels friends just for entertainment, the FSA probably exchanged a few of their torture videos at the same time.
    Make no mistake, the west and Erdogan are now trying to demonize HTS for the same things the FSA,SLF, and the new NFL [or whatever they’ve call themselves now] do as a matter of routine, HTS is no worse than Erdogan’s fighters but the media will now start to try and make us all think differently, but I won’t be.
    It’s very timely that this video is being released just as Erdogan’s forces started to separate from HTS’s forces, hopefully HTS will release a few they have of the FSA/SLF/NFL torture rooms, with current or recent time stamps in revenge.
    Putin’s been copping it since 2003, but so far Erdogan’s been practically immune from the MSM media, but in a few months you’ll hear every single little dirty detail [at least the ones that can’t be traced back to the US or Israel] about what Erdogan’s really been doing, he doesn’t realize it yet, but he’s next in line after HTS.

    • potcracker2588

      Erdogan is distancing himself from HTS????????????????????????????????????

      r u on LSD dude???

      2 days ago i quote erdogan ” there cannot be peace achieved as long as the brutal assad regime which gasses its own people is in power.”

      wake up , and stop bs here with such bs fairty tales

      • Willing Conscience (The Truths

        Erdogan is removing his forces from HTS and distancing his troops from them, Turkish media has reported the Turks are not opposed to removing THEIR heavy weapons [not rebels weapons] from the southern de-escalation zone, so you’ll see in the next few days or weeks chimp what that really means, it’s so the SAA can come in and smash HTS, think that’s ridiculous, then you’re not paying anywhere enough attention chimp.

        “there cannot be peace achieved as long as the brutal assad regime which gasses its own people is in power”.

        Hey little chimp, have you heard anyone else say that in the last 2 weeks, no you haven’t, and you haven’t because everyone else but Erdogan is saying this. We aren’t committed to regime change in Syria, we are all about modifying the regimes behaviour only, the Israelis, US, and every other important coalition country is now saying it, don’t you wonder why little chimp, go have another banana, it might help you think.
        Erdogan will still be saying that when he’s kicked out of Syria and then out of office, Erdogan is the odd man out now, silly little chimp.
        Don’t you know the league of Arab nations are talking happily with Assad now too, no actually that’s not quite right, I should say they’re actually courting him now, that’s closer to the truth, don’t you pay attention to what the Arab league are currently doing and saying, they are the biggest and most influential block of nations in the area you know, and you should also know they don’t like Erdogan [not because he’s not Arab or in the league], it’s because he’s trying to steal Qatar away from them. And the Saudis are on the nose too like never before, even though they are one of the most powerful Arab league nations, they’ve made themselves very unpopular with everyone else [HTS is Saudi backed], but you have no idea at all do you little chimp, you were eating bananas and missed that piece of news.
        You go have another banana little chimp, this is all way above your league. Just sit back and watch what happens, and eat your bananas while you do.

  • Pave Way IV

    “…Activists said that the militants had cut some of the man’s figures earlier…”

    Head-choppers insisted that with the proper haberdashery, a conservative, yet trendy haircut and a slight British accent, the torturee would indeed cut an impressive figure in Mediterranean social circles this season. Unless they really just chopped his fingers off.

  • Davki

    That only proves that they’re fit for government in Syria. It’s just what the Asad regime has done for decades. Once finished, they leave the corps to rot in prisons like Palmya (Tadmor) throw it into the desert of let it fall from a lorry (truck) in the victim’s village. Has happened hundreds if not thousands of time under the Asad regime (and still continues). When will people understand that these are gangster broods fighting each other… none better than the other…