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Leaked Video Shows Hillary’s Pre-Taped Election Night Celebration


A pre-taped video, showing reaction of Hillary Clinton and her family to an announcement that she won the presidential elections, has been published online.

Leaked Video Shows Hillary’s Pre-Taped Election Night Celebration

Photo: YouTube / ron johnson

A video below appears to be a pre-taped reaction of Hillary Clinton, her husband Bill Clinton and their daughter Chelsea Clinton to an announcement that Hillary won the presidential elections. The video shows us Chelsea, hugging her mother, and Bill Clinton, jumping up and down like a little kid on Christmas morning and rejoicing that his wife won.

There is only one problem – Hillary did not win.

Of course, we cannot claim with 100% certainty that this video is not a fake. However, the US establishment was so confident in the victory of its candidate that there is a high probability that this video is real pre-taped footage, which has once again showed how far they are from usual American people.



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  • trid2bnrml

    hillary won – george soros told her so. LOL

    • Derapage

      Excellent! :-)

  • Nexusfast123

    More like how far removed from reality they are.

  • matias59

    There are atleast some parts of video clip much older than Nov 8th 2016.

    • ruca

      So they prerecorded it way early. Her loss is absolutely hilarious.

      • Marek Pejović

        Killarious! XD

      • Ufupuw

        No, what it means is that rightwing nuts are lying when they say this is 2016 election night celebration. It isn’t. It’s something else.

        • ruca

          You still believe in wings?