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Leaked Video Revelas MSM Attempts To Cover Up High-Profile Paedophile Story

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ABC News knew the full extent of Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes 3 years ago, but a combination of orders from the mainstream elite swept the story under the carpet.

In a video released by Project Veritas on November 5, ABC News anchor Amy Robach is caught on a “hot mic” speaking to colleagues at the news desk. According to Robach, she was contacted by Virginia Roberts (Giuffre), who alleges Epstein used her as a sex slave, and pimped her out to his powerful friends, including Britain’s Prince Andrew.

“I’ve had this interview with Virginia Roberts…we would not put it on the air,” the news anchor said. “First of all, I was told ‘who’s Jeffrey Epstein.’ Then the Palace found out that we had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew and threatened us a million different ways.”

“She told me everything. She had pictures, she had everything. It was unbelievable what we had. We had Clinton, we had everything.”

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I just hope that this bagatell does not distract public attention from Animal Assad’s own evil gas attacks doubtless connived at also by the evil Putin, that are doubtless being foiled by the gallant Belahelms even as we speak!

Smith Ricky

What about Hiroshima and Nagasaki? just to name a few… that’s not an animal act to you?


He’s being sarcastic.

Smith Ricky

Ya he better



Jens Holm

My children are named that :)

Tommy Jensen

Jumping out from the animal closet?


Mad Maduro of VZ then?


You have my feelings. But still retarded. Poor guy!

Damien C

This was NOT an open mic !
This is a considered cultivation scene


Fair comment, I’m also skeptical of these ‘accidents’.

Hasbara Hunter

AngloZioNazi Elites are All Paedophiles…


A wren diagram is certainly indicating significant over-lap of the two categories.

Hasbara Hunter

It seems to be one of those Elitist pineal gland sucking Parasites’ priviliges…see if they like a pitchfork up their arse….

S Melanson

welcome back, had not seen you for a couple of months

Hasbara Hunter

Thanks due to poor reception in the New Zealand outback….

Saso Mange

I like your nickname :D Hasbara ministry hasn’t updated their material for decades now, i think that their castle is starting to deteriorate.


Oh my god is Jacob Wohl involved.

Saso Mange

Those who whitewash Israel and all of the Israeli apologists, low or high profile… They all dream of being awarded with sex slaves. Just look at Alan Dershowitz, behind every sex scandal and he was even settled out of court on some occasions and was defense attorney for many rapists and even murderers.

Pave Way IV

Help me… Please! ABC News is literally sucking the brains out of my head!

comment image


It is rumored that Fox sucks less.
Have you tried the tinfoil hat? It will also protect you from harm full UV rays.
Maybe even from high energy gamma. :/
comment image

Jens Holm

Using “the main stream elite” is an infame and evil accusation and as highly maipulative as it can be.



Jens, are you trying to cover up this story?
BTW, go check on your greenhouse. I heard a group of pigs have escaped in Denmark, and looking for something to eat.

Jens Holm

I just wante to say, that almost all of the elite dont do pedofilia and other kinds of sxual buse.

Actually we also have 3 or 4 kangorues in the open right now. Thats true. One was killed by a car.

For now our pigs are a little afraid because many of them right now will be eaten by the chinese, but good for our export. Some try to learn to say NO NO HARAM in chinese.

It wont help. The chinese eat all parts of animals apart from beaks(nose) from ducks.

Saso Mange

It’s the Zioland. They do as they please.

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