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JUNE 2021

Leaked UN Report: Saudi-led Coalition Is Responsible For Over Half Of Child Deaths In Yemen

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Leaked UN Report: Saudi-led Coalition Is Responsible For Over Half Of Child Deaths In Yemen


The article is provided by Islamic World News exclusively for SouthFront

The Saudi-led coalition – which receives logistical support, weapons and political backing from the US and UK – has been responsible for killing of hundreds of children in Yemen, according to a leaked UN report.

According to the report obtained by Reuters, “attacks carried out by air caused over half of all child casualties, with at least 349 killed and 333 injured”. The report says that the deaths were “unacceptably high”.

The report insists that 51% of all child deaths and injuries in Yemen last year were the result of military actions of the Saudi-led coalition.

The Saudi-led coalition destroyed more than 28 schools in Yemen, the report added.

The obtained text was reportedly drafted by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ special envoy for children and armed conflict, Virginia Gamba, acting on a request from the UN Security Council.

However, Guterres still has to approve the report. If this is done, the report will be released this month.

The report will be a serious problem for the UN secretary-general because if he releases the report, he will damage the UN’s relations with Saudi Arabia and its allies. If he does not release the report, he will be accused of undermining the UN’s commitment to human rights.

In February, Gutierrez suggested to his senior advisors to postpone the release of the report for three to six month in hope that it may motivate Saudi-led coalition to improve its human right performance in Yemen and particularly the rights of children in war.

Gutierrez will allegedly receive the final report this week.

The signing of the de-escalation agreement in Avril 2016 reportedly reduced the civilian casualties. However, the actual death toll can be higher than the provided in the report because of a lack of access to documents that can provide accurate info on the civilian casualties.

According to reports, there is still no final decision on the countries that would be added to the final list of countries that violate the human rights.

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Tudor Miron

UN’s human rights counsil is currently led by Saudi Arabia (wahabi dictatorship/best friends of US/Israel). Should I say more? Sometimes I think that Russia should stay away from that farse that UN has become (or was it always that way? knowing the way it was created…) but on the other hand its a valid stage where large diversity of countries can express itself. I apploud that Bolivian guy that ridiculed that war mogering witch (US UN rep). I also had a great lough when our rep. (that was substituting Chrkin who died in his UN office) was ripping UK representative “Look into my eyes! Why are you hiding your eyes?” – that was silly and non diplomatic but it was very… fresh (considering we’re talking UN) :D Also that English boy realised that he may have to answer personally (for what his big mouth produced) and he wasn’t happy about it :)


The Saudi appointment as chair of the Human Rights Council is an insult to all the abused citizens in the world, indeed all of the worlds citizens and yet another example of the depraved depths to which the US leadership and her vassal states will go in the pursuit of money.

I am totally disgusted.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The UN is a joke and disgrace to it’s original principles and has lost its way after successive corruption by the US in influencing and bribing officials.

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