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Leaked Phone Calls Between Biden And Poroshenko Reveal How Washington Was Pillaging Ukraine

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Leaked Phone Calls Between Biden And Poroshenko Reveal How Washington Was Pillaging Ukraine

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On May 19th, Ukrainian MP Andriy Derkach made public leaked audio recordings of phone conversations held by former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and former Secretary of State John Kerry with ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

At a press conference, Derkach said that U.S. officials asked that Petro Poroshenko ensure the dismissal of the-then Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.

The audio shows that Ukraine is under tight external control by the Americans. Which control a lot of key issues – from the removal of the objectionable Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin to the appointment of a new one – Yuriy Lutsenko.

The United States also actively participates in agreeing on candidates for the post of prime minister of the country, “fits” for members of the Cambin loyal to them, and directly directs processes related to the country’s banking system.

From the Poroshenko-Biden tapes, the existence of the institution of “watching” from the USA in key departments of the country, for example, the Prosecutor General’s Office, becomes apparent.

It is also interesting that Obama’s deputy personally oversaw the issue of raising utility rates for Ukrainians. And Poroshenko joyfully reported that he had overfulfilled this plan.

The very tone of the Ukrainian president on the records is extremely eloquent – every conversation with Biden is more like a report of a subordinate to the authorities.

The US Vice President asks questions, and the Ukrainian leader answers in detail and in detail. This is clearly not a dialogue of equals – although Biden’s status is formally generally lower than Poroshenko’s.

Below are highlights from their discussions, with the respective date:

  • December 3rd, 2015, Johny Kerry and Poroshenko:

Kerry: Besides what Vice President Biden said, I would like to urge you to consider the possibility of solving the problem of changing the Attorney General Shokin, because, in my opinion, he has blocked the process of purification of the Attorney General. I know that the vice president is very concerned about this. Therefore, it would be good if we could find some solution before the vice president arrives. If possible, it is necessary to take the necessary measures to advance in this direction.

  • February 16th, 2016, Joe Biden and Poroshenko:

Biden: Hello, can you hear me, Peter?

Poroshenko: Yes, it’s better now.

Biden: Me too. I’m sorry, you said something, but I missed everything.

Poroshenko: Yes. First of all, I am very happy to hear from you. I really appreciate that you found the time for this conversation, even now, while in Minnesota. My dream is to ever be with you in Minnesota.

Biden (laughs): I’d rather be in you now than in Minnesota.

Poroshenko: Thirdly, I have good and bad news. I’ll start with the good ones.

Biden: Good.

Poroshenko: Joe, I have some good news for you. Yesterday, or rather it was the day before yesterday, I met with the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin. Despite the absence of any allegations of corruption and evidence of any unlawful actions, I specifically asked him to resign. According to the results of our meeting, despite the support in the parliament, he promised me to submit his resignation, showing his state position. And an hour ago he brought a written resignation letter.

Biden: Great.

Poroshenko: This is the second step in compliance with the obligations that I have undertaken.

Biden: I agree.

  • February 18,2016, Biden and Poroshenko:

Poroshenko: As I expected, the “Fatherland” and “Self-help” factions left the coalition. And the coalition has fewer than 226 votes, so we do not have a majority. I personally, along with the Prime Minister, invited the Radical Party of Lyashko to join the majority so that formally we could remain competent. But we have no formal strength in parliament, nor support in society.

Biden: That is, if I understood correctly, the resolution on no confidence in the government did not pass, did you block it? Arsen still remains. But then there was a vote for the reform package that the government proposed, and 247 votes were against. Therefore, in the sense of moving forward and additional reforms that you must implement, you do not have a majority in parliament, there is no coalition for this, right? Are you talking about this?

Poroshenko: No, not really. First, the parliament had to evaluate the work of the government, and he gave an unsatisfactory rating to the Cabinet of Ministers. This was the first event. It does not mean an urgent resignation of the government; it is just a political assessment of its actions.

Then, when the resolution on mistrust was put to the vote, I organized in such a way that there weren’t enough votes in my faction and in others. The Prime Minister also had a hand in this, of course, but I personally blocked the government’s resignation because I promised you that. But now, when two of the four factions left the coalition, we do not have a majority in parliament.

  • March 13th, 2016, Biden and Poroshenko:

Biden: Mr. President, this is Joe Biden. How are you?

Poroshenko: Very well. As always, when I hear your voice (recording is interrupted …) See what we are doing now? I believe that over the past three weeks we have shown really significant progress in the area of reform. We voted for 100% tariffs, despite the fact that the IMF expected only 75%. We launched the reform of state enterprises. We launched a reform regarding the cost of drugs, removing all obstacles.

Biden: I agree.

  • March 22nd, 2016, Biden and Poroshenko:

Biden: Greetings Mr. President! This is Joe Biden. How are you?

Poroshenko: Very good, really. It is a great pleasure for me to hear your voice every time.

Biden: Good. We need to keep in touch. I remain open to you (the film is interrupted …) If you have a new government and a new Attorney General, I will be ready to publicly sign obligations of one billion dollars. However, if you still have a need, as you guessed, to satisfy the IMF requirements and more.

Again, I do not offer you and do not want you to believe that we are imposing a course of action on you. However, a final decision will not be made until IMF requirements are met.

Poroshenko: Very strong motivation. One of the possible candidates for this position was the leader of my faction Lutsenko, who is a public person. But if you think that a politically motivated person is not entirely suitable, in your opinion, I will withdraw my proposal. No one knows what I’m going to offer Lutsenko. In this situation, I will exclude all politically motivated candidates from this process.

Biden: Listen, after we finish this conversation, let me gather my team and discuss what you and I just talked about. I agree with you that there is urgency in this matter.

  • May 13th, 2016, Biden and Poroshenko:

Biden: You work very well. Congratulations on your election of the new Attorney General. I know that there are many things to do. But I think this is very good. I understand your work with the Rada in the coming days on the adoption of additional laws that the IMF requires. But accept my congratulations on the election of a new prosecutor general. It will be critical for him to work quickly to correct the harm that Shokin inflicted.

I am a man of his word, and now that a new prosecutor general has been appointed, we can move on towards signing a loan agreement in the amount of one billion dollars. And I do not know how you want to do this.

I can’t come to Kiev in the near future, I mean in the next month or two. You can sign it with our ambassador. Or you come here and we will sign an agreement. Or, if you want, we can invite Groysman here, I will talk to him later today. We do not invite him here for this purpose, but it all depends on you when and how you want to do it.

Poroshenko: First of all, thank you for the words of support. Believe me, it was a difficult challenge and hard work. The fractions of Ms. Tymoshenko and Mr. Lyashko tried to prevent this. Therefore, we not only voted for the new Prosecutor General, but also for the fact that it took a short period of time, one day, for amending the law. By the way, in this law we introduced the new structure of the GOC, including the General Inspectorate, as we agreed with you.

Then I urgently invited Lutsenko and said that he should connect with your embassy. I will be pleased if he will have a specific person either from Washington or from another country.

We have here, I don’t remember his name, an American prosecutor of Ukrainian origin, he is a little elderly. I sent Jeffrey his name. He is ready to come and be an assistant and adviser. This will be a good experience for the American system, and he can be a trusted agent in the new prosecution system. I believe that now is the best time to do this. And if he is ready to come and cooperate, from the very first step, the very first minute of the new prosecutor general’s activity, this is exactly what I aspire to.

Biden: Give me the opportunity to contact the Department of Justice, I will get his name and find out who he is. Because it is obvious that it is in our interests to provide professional assistance as soon as possible in order to set the right course. I will make a note for myself, check everything after our conversation and let you know what I can do.

Poroshenko: Of course, thank you very much, this is what I was striving for. Next, I want to thank you for giving me your word. It’s urgent after we change the law and I will appoint a new attorney general, and this will be Yury Lutsenko, as we agreed at our meeting last week in Washington, and when this happens, we can get this loan.

  • More from May 13th, 2016, Biden and Poroshenko:

Poroshenko: Now I have to and I believe that we can trust each other, the party Arseniy with me. They voted with us for the new Prosecutor General, the new government, for the IMF package, and I hope that we have a significant level of support. Unfortunately, this is completely not enough. This is almost the majority in parliament. Those who travel to the USA are Self-Help, Tymoshenko and Lyashko, who do not go there due to various reasons against this. These are just dirty political tricks.

Exactly what I ask Jeffrey about: “Please don’t give self-help grants, don’t give them money, because it’s not financing an opposition party, but financing an absolutely irresponsible political leader who is doing very bad things for the future of my country, for Ukraine and for security and stability.

That is why, I believe, first of all, I am very pleased with the signals that they received in Washington. They were powerful enough and convincing.

Biden: Yes.

Poroshenko: I think it would be nice if you continued to put pressure on Self-Help. Because in relation to Tymoshenko and Lyashko it is unpromising. On “Self-help” – because you support them. In this situation, this can have a positive result, because without “Self-help” we cannot even count on a positive result regarding changes to the Constitution.

Biden: Good. Agreed. Listen up. I AM…

Poroshenko: It will be impossible. If I can count on myself in the matter of finding votes for the law, the law on elections, I can find these votes. Without Self-Help, I cannot find a vote for changes to the Constitution. It is very simple.

Biden: Good. We will do our best to find votes.

  • November 16, 2016, Biden and Poroshenko:

Biden: Let me ask you one thing before I forget. Privatbank I understand that the head of the NBU requires deciding on a specific date when to begin the process of change. I was told, and I share this position, that it will not determine the date until it agrees with you. And I said that you need to return to the determination of the date, and that I will talk with you about this date. Because something is approaching that I would not want to happen. I do not want Trump to be in a position where he seems to be ready to circumvent our policy, where the financial system could fall apart and where he is going to block the allocation of money to Ukraine. That is what it will look like until it comes to considering complex unfamiliar details.

Therefore, everything that can be done to put pressure on Privatbank to close, in order to receive the next tranche from the IMF, I would respectfully recommend as critically important for your economy and physical security.

I know that is difficult. Kolomoisky is a pain in the ass and a problem for everyone, but it is really critical that you deal with it now. And all will be well. I just want you to call the head of the NBU and support her. Let her know that you are with her when she determines the date and goes forward.

Poroshenko: It is very important what I heard from you. I think that on November 22, on Tuesday I will receive a final report from Ernst & Young on the audit. And we agreed that I, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance, the head of the NBU. I also invited Arseny and other security officers …

We should meet and decide on a date. The only reason why after November 22, when I will have an audit report, is a vote in parliament, where Kolomoisky has a significant number of members. The Prime Minister asked me to vote first on the budget, and then start the process. This is confidential information, but …

Biden: I’ll keep it a secret …

These are just several quotes from a 30-minute long tape of recordings from various dates, these are simply the highlights that provide a general idea of what agenda Joe Biden was pushing in Ukraine.


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Jens Holm

Legal or not legal, I would not give a single krone to any Ukraine Goverment with no control and influence.

Ukraine has to change to the bette and we see hard times for that. Danishcompanies has given up there just as in Russia meeting things we hardly could imagine us existed.

After having written 10 times, that those 2 or 3 Tussian districts should be voted back in the USSR to KGB and friends, I nevr has seen any comment about that.

Krustjof only did that to make am excuse to come there to protect a minority just as done at several other Regions.

Cleaning in Russia and Ukraine is very difficult, but operating with facts are, that people should decide for themselves, which country they are.

Making Ukraine to an own country makes sense but also was a part of a big trade, where fx Tjetjenia did not become an own state. So there should be some compensation for that as well as Crimera.

Crimara never was Ukraine, but I would say, that the real owners should have it back. It was “turkis muslim” Tatars and the dightied back all they coould and cant even return today.

A kind of compromise for me would be Russia made their important bases smaller and mpre effective and let the rest be some autonome.

Sure Biden should have clean socks but I also see people making them more dirty thn they probatly are. USA policies sometimes is not clean at all too.

I find it very very strange Trump could reduce SDFs to half, when USA (by Obama) had promised the SDFs to be protected from Assads and in the other hand has denied them being not a vey addiliated state to the rest of Syria.

Much politics here is against my democratic mind and not politics at all. Mainly Trumps but also others seemes to have forgotten football is about kicking the ball only. I even wonder if there is a ball.

I kind of wonder too, why USA still can have a Trump as President. One thing is he still hardly knows where Syria and Ukraine is – But what about the rest.

US need reforms for finding better ones to be elected and also should not registrate themselves as voters at all. Apart from a few very criminels and very handicapped we let all vote and almost all can be elected -if they get enough voted(support).

Things here in the article by SF also is a product of too much communication. The media shouldnt be the most important, so I would like some hard cleaning.

I write at another media for ME. Here women and womens right cant be debated at all, but its almost normal to use motherfucker, rapist and childabuser … Why cant we debate about half of the population of the adults. How can bad words be used with no proof at all.

I can understand some muslims here can think that non sober mainly says drunk, but they learned by me that non sober also are used in courts as something else.

Attacks on Biden and others like that incl Bill Clinton and his escapade makes no sense.

But I dont understand people can elect an almost senile as Biden. Its like Russia in the old days, where the elected half dead perople from WW2 to help USSR into the future.

If anything the USA need a Sanders for reforms in their vital systems. He still has fresh ideas and oxygen and full steam.

USA as several others certainly need “third solutions”. Now Democrates seemes back where they in protest voted Trump.

Looking in a very good microskope I see very small hopes for Ukraine as well.


If you bother to post shorter versions of your daily garbage in English, some bored people may read it.

Zionism = EVIL

Ukraine is not a functioning state, but an artificial Jew controlled parasitic shithole being used by Bilderberg global Jew cunts to fan wars, money laundering, prostitution, human trafficking, organ harvesting, ponzi scam, bankster fraud and crimes against ethnic Russians and humanity in general. It is an outpost of Zionism on occupied Russian soil and needs to be liberated as the corrupt Americunts and the Zionist leeches are stealing even the door knobs from this shithole.

In Exile

Rather ironic that Ukraine was more free under the Germans in WW2.


It was free of Jews too.

In Exile

A win win then at the time.


the same kind of underhanded criminal business that biden was engaging in is perpetrated by present scumbag jared kushner vis a vis say qatar on behalf of his or his father’s real estate company. completely out of bounds and should obviously be made subject of a legal inquiry but as is well known, there is no functioning legal system in the disjointed states of A as has been witnessed over and over again.


Ukraine and Poland the two most corrupt non-entities in eastern Europe are being used as self-destructing landmines in US delusions of destroying Russia.


Yesterday a Giuliani tape with no trace of the 100 billion dollar theft in its title. Today a Biden tape without a trace of the pillage in its title.

What are you smoking at Southfront?

Lone Ranger

Porkyshitko and Pedobiden, what could go wrong…

Lone Ranger

Porkyshitko is a vile asslicker. Brrr…


Where his son Joseph Robinette?

Todd Allen

Poroshenko: Yes. First of all, I am very happy to hear from you. I really appreciate that you found the time for this conversation, even now, while in Minnesota. My dream is to ever be with you in Minnesota.

Biden (laughs): I’d rather be in you now than in Minnesota.

This is even worse than using that line on Tara Reade.

Daily Beatings

Biden vs Trump. Which “grab’em by the pussy” candidate are you voting for?

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