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Leaked Documents Revealed British Meddling In Russia’s Affairs

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Leaked Documents Revealed British Meddling In Russia's Affairs

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The recently leaked documents of the British state organization Global Britain Fund became another prove of the UK’s arrogant interference in Russian domestic affairs.

The leaked documents represented a report of the British Embassy in Russia in the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

The reports unveil the main fields of the British Embassy activity; the Russian NGOs, which received a financial support from the Fund, including those recognized as foreign agents this year; the amounts of funds allocated by the British and the names of their receivers.

According to the documents, the British Embassy was involved in such activities like promotion of human rights-related actions, supporting the LGBT community, developing a network of independent journalists and bloggers, contact and promotion of representatives of the so-called new generation of public and political leaders and their introduction to British culture, etc. It established direct contacts with politicians, representatives of ministries, leading Russian companies, universities and human rights organizations.

Such activities of the British Embassy are a direct intervention to the Russian national affairs. The British did not even bother to disguise their real intentions, but only justified them with traditional claims about “rule of law”, “human rights” and even “strengthening of international cooperation”.

Leaked Documents Revealed British Meddling In Russia's Affairs

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The main directions listed in the report are:

  • climate security section;
  • consular section (rule of law);
  • science and innovation;
  • trade and investment;
  • political section.
Leaked Documents Revealed British Meddling In Russia's Affairs

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Leaked Documents Revealed British Meddling In Russia's Affairs

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For example, the intended outcome of the British activities in Political Section was to “understand and influence Russian security and defence thinking… to protect UK interests in the region”.

According to the documents, the only way the UK could defend its national interests is by supporting the opposition and promoting LGBT+. The goals in this section are described as follows:

” Internationally recognised human rights of vulnerable groups, including women and LGBT people are protected and promoted (!) in the Russian Federation. Independent media and investigative journalism are strengthened.”

” We will provide training in media ethics and investigative journalism, and work with leading (and vulnerable) bloggers and journalists. We will make an invitation to provide bids in support of our combating modern slavery objective. We will look to build on our existing work with women’s and LGBT groups,” the report reads.

Along with the embassy’s report, several applications of various Russian and foreign NGOs and media were leaked. Some of these Russian organizations were recognized as foreign agents in 2021 for carrying out political activities when being financed from abroad. Also the documents unveils the cooperation with organizations that have been repeatedly convicted of spreading fake information in Russia.

For example, the list includes “Mediazona”, “Memorial” agencies, the Ural House Foundation, the Mayak Foundation, Article19, the Law Zone, the Nadezhda Crisis Center, etc.

Leaked Documents Revealed British Meddling In Russia's Affairs

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Leaked Documents Revealed British Meddling In Russia's Affairs

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Leaked Documents Revealed British Meddling In Russia's Affairs

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The spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, drew attention to this report.

“The documents demonstrate the scale of financial and project activities, which, at quick glance, are simply shocking,” the diplomat said.

“Foreign agents? Come on, they are children, independent journalists and activists. We are looking forward for London’s reaction,” Zakharova added.

This is not for the first time that the revealed documents unveil the UK’s interference in Russian domestic policy.

In March 2021, the documents of the British Foreign Ministry revealed the British state cooperation with various Russian media agencies, as well as forming their network in the Russian Federation.

Moscow condemned the British programs of influence on the Russian-speaking media space.

Maria Zakharova commented on the leak of information about how the British authorities manage the work of the media and create a network of agents of influence in Russian-speaking social networks:

“According to these materials, by order of the Foreign Office, for several years, generously paid projects have been carried out in Russia and neighboring countries aimed at supporting Russian-speaking “independent media”, “ensuring media balance”, and in fact – fulfilling the tasks set from London to artificially separate the audience from Russian and local Russian-speaking sources of information. This is not about encouraging healthy competition of the media, but about aimed support only for those of them which promote British and Western agenda,” the embassy said in a statement.

The Russian Embassy in London later noted that the British side refused to comment on documents “that were not published by the British government in the prescribed manner.” Russian diplomats called such a reaction of British colleagues nonconstructive.

The terrifying Russian propaganda that is threatening the entire liberal West is nothing compared to Western policy at the top official level in Russia.


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It is well known the british operate on behalf of romes ambitions. The targets are always the same Shia Muslims, Orthodox Christians, ethnic Han Chinese, Minority groups that the vatican would prefer eliminated.

In the Balkans large segments of the media landscape are run from britain, example RTL, which is not german. It is british controlled, german fronted.


Bull shit. Obvious Rothschild (City of London) hatred of the country that got away.


The city of london is a corporation with it’s own laws, police force, taxation, etc. london & the “UK” in a wider concept are not private held corporations of a square mile or two. Learn the difference.

Why did the “brits” serve in every nato military adventure AGAINST the interests of it’s own nation but FOR the interests of the vatican. Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, the Ukraine, Serbia etc?

Recent destabilization attempts in Venezuela, Hong Kong, etc.

Last edited 18 days ago by block

You don’t understand Russia and China work with the Chabad-Lubavitch, as does the West. You blindly assume all proof presented is not trustworthy.

You certainly aren’t the brightest tool in the shed and do not seem to understand life is a never-ending learning process. Like most you are an eternal goy always falling for jewish PsyOps.



Last edited 16 days ago by Zarathustra
Stephen michael Basteed

“Why did the “brits” serve in every nato military adventure AGAINST the interests of it’s own nation” because the same few individuals gained financially from it,the rich don’t care about religion or nationhood that’s a distraction for the poor.


Rothschild is jewish. Don’t you know that? All jewish texts are jewish supremacist, Zionism was founded by Theodore Herzl. They connect Esau and Amalek to the White race to move forward with their White genocide agenda.

At the end of the day, you either inadvertently accuse (or deliberately conflate) “Anglo-Saxons” with the Ashkenazi jews who you say are Khazars from the Caucasus. Yet jews were problematic beforehand in the Torah and every other jewish text, even Orthodox jews and the establishment jews are jewish supremacist.

Last edited 16 days ago by Zarathustra

I get why us Shias targeted, but why are orthodox Christians targeted?


Because they do not bow down to satanic rome. They do not worship one bloated clown living in a corporate stronghold (the vatican), just like the city of london.

Last edited 18 days ago by block

All Christian denominations are Judaism 2.0. with the intention of implementing the Noahide laws under a one world order led by the elected jewish messiah who will be chosen by high-ranking rabbis.

“Satanism” is an inversion of Aryanism through Kabbalah derived from deteriorated Vedic religion, see Helena Blavatsky and Theosophy. Numerous other examples can be found in Egyptian alchemy (heavily influenced the Torah), Hermeticism, Platonism, Rosicrusians, Freemasonry, etc.

The inversion and deterioration of Indo-European Aryanism and the interrelated Vedic religion predates the jewish problem, through a combination of many factors they came into their modern form between now and the Dark Age, caused by the forced conversion to Christianity and destruction of all non-jewish religions.

Last edited 16 days ago by Zarathustra

You need to read the Hadith & Qur’an, at the very least condemn the Islamic rape gangs and other invaders into Europe and elsewhere if you don’t already. Otherwise you’re a hypocrite if you don’t.



What will occur is the jews will move forward with the ongoing initiative to force a race war between Muslims, Asians, etc and people of European descent. What they want is to enslave all gentiles (non-jews) by gradually and systematically setting them against one another over the course of time, any goy (Hebrew word for ‘nation’, meaning non-jew) who they cannot control they intend to annihilate by referring to them as ‘Esau’ or ‘Amalek’.

They will utilize Islam (Ishmael) and Rome/Christianity (Esau & Amalek) to mutually destroy each other. When referring to Edomites and Amalekites, they are conflating the descendants of these mythological characters with people of European descent.

Jewish texts demand the eradication of Edomites and Amalekites who they consider their worst enemies.

Last edited 16 days ago by Zarathustra

Close all those NGOs NOW,should have been done years ago.

AM Hantsw

Who created the Bolsheviks and the National Socialist (German) Worker’s party?
Why does the Government of Westminster answer to the City of London and not the electorate?
What have the City of London, Washington DC and The Vatican all got in common?
Ever get the feeling we have all been played, over the centuries?


You always ignore the jewish connection and are incapable of debating me, and never prove me wrong.

Last edited 16 days ago by Zarathustra

Russia has won and little England Is coming down!!


the foggy Albions are degenerated despotic Sc….gs they think they still live in Victorian times and that everyone’s look up a them while it is just the opposite they are what you flush in the toilet after you empty your bowls that residual mass is what you can refer to as being the UK 21st century version


The best proof that Russia is the big winner and UK is the sore humiliated loser hand in hand with their US colony and Ziosc….gs in Israel
glory to Russia and to hell with the Anglo Zionist & American despots

Last edited 19 days ago by ERWIN VERCAUTEREN
Chess Master

Wtf did I just read?


The worst losers are the idiots like you who cannot think for themselves, cannot rise above their lower inhibitions (egotistical emotion over calm analysis and civil discussion), and confusing kikes with Whites. To think your shadow banning works is futile.
comment image

Last edited 16 days ago by Zarathustra
Rodney Loder.I guesd

Im suprised Pussy Riot didn’t get a mention, but I guess we’ve moved on a bit since then , ever wonder why, ?. Let me explain just one thing, in those days the Russians were believing same as Sudan and many other Nations that the West US /France and Britain had me Jesus Christ at their disposal, little did they know Allah (swt) was setting a trap, now they know things weren’t what they seemed and Islam is on the rise Allah Akbah (God is Great).

The homosexual Sid Loder and his jew maggots

The West has me and my freemason jew maggots at their disposal! Youre done Rodney


Russian the innocent 1 they don’t Meddling anybody’s affair. yes sir go and jump


Look a dead cat over there,don’t look here look over there.



AM Hantsw

How much does the UK Government spend on Statecraft/Integrity Initiative/Open Information Partnership/Belingcat/77th Squadron and so much more? What was the purpose of them all and why is Bill Browder part of Integrity Initiative? How many nations has he been thrown out of?


1) Britain has been meddling in everybody’s affairs for ages
2) Russian propaganda isn’t all that terrible. Some of it is really stupid, but some Russian outlets give valuable information.
3) There is no (more) liberal West. At least not as far as governments and the technical-financial-industrial-military complex goe.

Ivan Freely

Old news. Very old news.

mike l hutchings

The British having destroyed Germany and with it western civilization will not be happy until Russia as the last bastion of western civilization is reduced enough to loot….

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