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Leaked Audio of US Secretary of State John Kerry Shows Obama Wanted ISIS to Grow

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Wikileaks released a leaked audio of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s meeting with members of the Syrian opposition, which is an evidence of Trump’s assertion that Obama was the founder of ISIS.

Leaked Audio of US Secretary of State John Kerry Shows Obama Wanted ISIS to Grow

US Secretary of State John Kerry (Photo: Getty Images / AFP / Louisa Gouliamak)

On Wednesday, Wikileaks released new evidence of US President-elect Donals Trump’s assertion that Barack Obama was the founder of ISIS – a leaked audio of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s meeting with members of the Syrian opposition at the Dutch Mission of the UN on September 22. The audio also is an evidence of the fact that mainstream media colluded with the Obama’s administration in order to push the narrative for regime change in Syria, hiding the truth about arming and funding ISIS by the US, as it exposed a 35 minute conversation that was omitted by CNN.

Kerry admits that the primary goal of the Obama’s administration in Syria was regime change and the removal of Syrian President Bahar al-Assad, as well as that Washington didn’t calculate that Assad would turn to Russia for help.

In order to achieve this goal, the White House allowed the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group to rise. The Obama’s administration hoped that growing power of the IS in Syria would force Assad to search for a diplomatic solution on US terms, forcing him to cede power.

In its turn, in order to achieve these two goals, Washington intentionally armed members of the terrorist group and even attacked a Syrian government military convoy, trying to stop a strategic attack on the IS, killing 80 Syrian soldiers.

“And we know that this was growing, we were watching, we saw that DAESH [the IS] was growing in strength, and we thought Assad was threatened,” Kerry said during the meeting.

“(We) thought, however,” he continued to say, “We could probably manage that Assad might then negotiate, but instead of negotiating he got Putin to support him.”

“I lost the argument for use of force in Syria,” Kerry concluded.

According to Wikileaks, “the audio gives a glimpse into what goes on outside official meetings. Note that it represents the US narrative and not necessarily the entire true narrative.”

Earlier the audio was published by the New York Times and CNN, however, the both outlets chose only some its part, reporting on certain aspects, and omitted the most damning comments made by Kerry. In fact, they tried to hide the statements that would allow public to understand what has actually taken place in Syria.

The full audio has never been published by the New York Times; the outlet released only selected snippets. CNN deleted the audio at all, explaining this with the request of some of the participants out of concern for their personal safety.

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Big depression for Sergey Lavrov ,he will lose his “lover“John Kerry.


John Kerry with the help of his partner Lavrov saved 7000 Ukris and NATO mercenaries when they trapped in the pocket of Debaltseve.The same happened and when terrorists and NATO advisors trapped in the E.Aleppo.Everything the won the Russian and allies in the battlefield came to destroy by Lavrov.

John Whitehot

7000?? I thought 14000, no, 28000. Lolololol.


lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.rt.com/news/227899-ukraine-troops-debaltsevo-trap/

John Whitehot

LOL!!!!!! I don’t see any mention they escaped !!!


“THE HIGH TREASON TRUCE OF MINSK 2 ,SAVED THE UKRONAZI AND THE NATO MERCENARIES.. The apparent gains in Debaltseve by pro-Russian separatists came as they and Ukrainian forces picked up the pace of their artillery battles, trading fire in areas around the city despite a three-day-old cease-fire under which the two sides were to remove their heavy weapons from the front lines starting Tuesday.https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/clashes-over-ukraine-rail-hub-test-pledges-to-begin-weapons-withdrawal/2015/02/17/8c7be78c-b6a0-11e4-aa05-1ce812b3fdd2_story.html?utm_term=.0863027f17ac

John Whitehot

bullshit. What the fuck do you want in the end? between 5000 and 10000 (according to your sources, which vary from Russia Today to the Washington Post) ukrops got destroyed in the Debaltsevo debacle, one of the most excruciating defeats a modern army has ever received. I also believe that the MsM has pretty much been silent about the real proportions of the ukrainian defeat, Of course, they had the utmost need to prevent the Ukrainian people to understand the proportion of the humiliation their armed forces had to endure, and the real losses they took. One day, truth will come out on what really happened since Magadan; the western nations, but above all the Ukrainian people will see how a criminal, mass murderous, zionist paid part of the CIA (And Mi5 etc) has toppled a democratically elected government with the single, only purpose to elicit a Russian invasion of the country, so to provoke world war 3. That did not happen, and won’t never happen anyway, but in the while, thousands of Ukrainian servicemen died, honestly thinking they were defending their nation and people. I sincerely hope I’ll see the moment when the armed forces will turn their guns on the real, only enemy of their country – the ruffians and serfs sitting their asses in Kiev, which for too long have exploited the Ukrainian people.


Debaltsalvo was not an orderly withdrawal. Some of the articles at the time are misleading. My best guess is that 7000 Ukraine troops where in the area, 3000 where encircled in city, and 2500 made it out (some of those may be wounded). The 500 MIA does not include casualties before Feb 18-19 (KIA, wounded or captured in area). The Ukraine govt have kept these numbers out of public view, but many returning soldiers said that it was a debacle. They where not told to leave the city until they where cut off.

John Whitehot

“They where not told to leave the city until they where cut off” Maybe I’m missing something but if this is true then it’s a confirmation of the presence of some genius in the ukr chain of command: I mean, how would you leave the city if you’re cut-off? My feeling is that it could very well be that there may have been some kind of agreement which allowed encircled ukrainians to disarm, abandon equipment and leave the city. It was not in the best interests of the rebels to destroy, or capture thousands of ukrainans, especially those from the regular armed forces. On the other side, I don’t think that the various mercenaries and neo-fascists embedded with the ukrainians had the same luck.


When you will stop to play the smart guy, irrelevant???

The Fing News

You have no idea of leverage in a geopolitical chessboard. Those NATO officers were used as an advantage for Syria and it’s allies to reach the ceasefire agreement! Why do you think US/EU were excluded from the Dec. 30 ceasefire agreement? Russia and Syria showing us there are NATO officers in Aleppo wouldn’t be anything new. It’s amply documented that US/NATO support terrorists so it would be useless to capture and show them to the world. But using them as a leverage in order to make US/NATO back off and let Russia/Iran/Turkey broker the ceasefire deal was way more efficient. The officers in E.Aleppo were 12 btw!



Russia ,Turkey ,and Iran have been free to hold their own negotiations at all times . They have never needed to ask the US or EU to attend . Those foreign intelligence officers should have been prisoners of war . Giving them up without delay prevented the world from knowing the truth about Syria . Sad , but I’m sure it saved thousands of civilian lives , so now they are destroying infrastructure .

Jens Holm

Keeping those dont solve anything. Im sure those foreign officers also were a part of a trade.


This same exact list of names was leaked onto the web 1 or 2 days before Syrian Ambassador gave his speech at the UN! The speech may be a quiet diplomatic way of saying “Yes, we have them”? In East Aleppo the SAA had made some swift advances into pocket. It is highly likely that some foreign officers where trapped behind SAA lines. Most think this story is bull because they want to see the photos of those captured. Some where downright pissed! My post was called delusional. They want the big media event! Not a slow game of chess.

Jens Holm

That too

Jens Holm

Make no sense me at all. There were and are no ceasefire agreement. Its a joke of the worst kind and only for propaganda purpose.

Its only used for moving troops and also about lack of ammo or something like that.

The only defence for a redicilus ceasfire like that is, there are no better proposals.

Seems You dont listen to Assad and his version of constitution change.

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

Byzantines, Russia is dealing with a very powerful and ruthless country, the US, and cannot do everything it wants. This is a difficult game with advances and retreats, and what matters is that the advances are greater than the retreats. It is essential to prevent the US from doing something very stupid, like sending ground troops to the Ukraine or to Syria. Russia might be able to handle both situations, but at what cost? Russia is not as powerful as the US – except on what concerns nuclear weapons – and nobody wants to see a nuclear war between those two countries. So, Russia must thread very carefully, which it has done so far, with very positive results, and without pushing the US over the brink. Be patient. Putin is a very intelligent and capable leader, and his policies will prevail in the end. Even if more slowly than you would have wished.

Alex Popoff

Why Putin needed to release Bobokulova(babyheadchopper)? Great Plan that no one knows?

Jim Mooney

One exculpation. John McCain probably does want to see a nuclear war. And maybe Hillary.

Jens Holm

No, put kind of that in Your own shoes.


Can you provide a link to the transcription (the textfile)? Not everyone has time to watch half an hour of hardly audible “video”.

chris chuba

I listened to the full audio. I have transcribed portions that I thought were interesting. I’ll post to the top of the thread.

Jim Mooney

You could delete the initial


in the URL, and tell people to just prepend it. You’d then have a list like of IDs like


which is what comes after the final backslash.



chris chuba

I listened to the audio, there are some portions that I’d like to call out. BTW the links that I am enclosing jump to the exact time offset so that you can start hearing the audio at that point without having to search for it yourself. I’ve transcribed some of it and paraphrased others. To transcribed all of these portions I have to listen to it multiple times and believe me, it is emotionally painful to hear Kerry’s voice more than once.

* * HELP * * how do I disable preview when linking to a video?

1. 3:48 – 4:01 Kerry admits that opposition and extremists are aligned. Kerry: “Nusra and Daesh both make it hard because you have this extreme element and unfortunately some of the opposition has already chosen to work with them”

2. 22:29 – 23:51 Opposition Rep defends Nusra. The rebel representative is angry that Sunnis [Al Nusra/ISIS] will be bombed in the ceasefire while Hezbollah and the Iranian/Iraqi militias are not. Kerry has to explain that Nusra/Daesh have attacked the U.S. and are our enemies while Hezbollah has not and has not even been active against Israel.

[Hmm… then why is Syria listed as a terrorist state and Iran the #1 sponsor of terrorism? This moderate is basically pledging loyalty to Nusra] https://youtu.be/e4phB-_pXDM?t=1349

* *

3. 27:46 til end: Opposition rejects elections Kerry: “Why can’t you have accountability at the ballot box?” Female opposition rep: [paraphrasing] She basically has a hissy fit. It’s worth listening to.

* * https://youtu.be/e4phB-_pXDM?t=1662


Thank you

Rodney Loder

Fort Knox (basement of fed.) has to keep aggressivly selling gold to keep derivatives, bond and market up, but this can’t go on infinitely, or all the gold will end up in Russia China and India, the US has to pivot to go after China and build up Japan as a surrogate World Power, ME is open for business even Africa is opening up (action in Cote D’ivoire) Trump getting key states was a Dems whisper campaign this thing about Trump being the outside hero is an inside job, US has to protect its financial institutions with Japan as last line of defence becoming Action Man Japan.

Jens Holm

Well, I wont agree in that. You have to compare with, what others do too. The chines Yuan is very week too and might devaluate. Other contries have problems too changing their papermoney to improve a little here and there. Euro seems to be strong for the moment, but its well known, it could be weaker soon.

The russian rubel seems to go down and down too. They dont innovate their economy – more like they are going back to the bad old days.

UK pound seems to be kind of stabile, but in a little lower level.

In economics I already count China as a surrogate Worls Power, but its forgotten that If You build something new most things are fine as long as they are new. Now China has to invest in being in fine shape as well as building more. That a big step and much more advanced.

I dont get Japan anymore. What happend to them. I would say they have a kind of stagnation as a kind of sleeping. I would hope USA could wake them up. BNP is fine. There must be a way US or others could go in.

India: Well parts are doing very, very fine. But as I read about Delhi the other days -Too much is hidden by too much smog. Kind of same problems like China. Smog hiding too much and so much, that locals cant even live there.

For China and India I only see, they have the worst pollution problems since Sherlock Holmes in London. To much coal, firewood and wast of enegy in ineffectivity paying to many kept hardly alive. They need the infrastructure and not only many 1000 windmills and solar panels.

Rodney Loder

Quote. In economics I already count China as surrogate World’s Power. end quote. And you said you didn’t agree, but you do agree.. 2009 China was asked by the US to contribute to a bail out of the failed banks to prevent collapse, President Hu Jintao said no direct support, but China’s growth gave credibility to fiat currency and ended the great recession. That can’t happen again, US once in the clear began 4 episodes of Quantitative Easing that hurt China and bolstered Japan artificially. Trump is now pumping up US consumer confidence that can’t possibly correct their inability to compete, he can’t force Corporations to run at a loss, everybody knows that except Trump and his jingoistic farm boys. China is a bigger market than the US, how can Trump charge the World for doing business in the US, even their SWIFT transfer systems are ancient analogue and can’t be upgraded without being cancell. He has to embrace World Trade and find a place in it by outlawing derivatives the way they were before Carter and Reagan. I don’t think he will do that, if he was going to do that he wouldn’t be antagonizing China.


Listening to this, you realise that Kerry is such a ‘tit’, a subservient Zionist blowhard prick, trying to placate these sick people (the so called ‘Syrian Opposition’) instead of telling them they are just sick puppies, who don’t care about Syria at all and maybe they should fuck off and leave the Syrian people alone. They don’t want elections either! My God, how surprising… then the people might actually, yet again, vote for Assad! ”I’m frustrated too” he says.. Why? What a nonentity Kerry is!

Lynx Fēlēs



Wikileaks, wreaking more havoc on the Obama administration and its ‘legacy’. Keep it up.


WOW, this is a secret that everybody in the World knew long time ago !!! Great discover ! But wait aminute, USA-OTAN-Israel did not allow ISIS to grow (this is false). USA-OTAN-Israel CREATED ISIS and give them technical, logistic, economicla and military support !!!

Professional kebab remover

This need to be spread.

Jens Holm

Old news. When Assads didnt fell, they armed anybody, which might help, but Obama also stopped it and 4 out of his staff supporting ISIS among them Hillary Clinton, which would go on at least a while more.

So Obama also stopped the mistake.

Jim Mooney

And thankfully, US voters stopped the Hillary mistake ;)

Jens Holm

Lets hope so. We have seen presidents, which didnt know, whats going on in a the world in a realistic way.

At least they are allowed to elect a new one. I kind of liked Obama.

Terry Ross

Kerry still does not have his facts correct. Kerry is of the firm belief that if Syrians outside the country are allowed to freely vote, they will out Assad.He has the erroneous idea that it is more than double the actual figure.

At 30:30 when he is trying to convince an opposition woman, and White Helmets reps etc to have Syrian elections, and they argue against it particularly in Bath party controllled areas, Kerry says: “How many is that we are talking about? A few million? And how many are are displaced? About 12 million?” By displaced he is referring to refugees not IDPs. This becomes clear with the reply of the opposition woman… Woman: “How many of those displaced still have families inside Syria and are afraid of that (to vote)”

This is a WILDLY incorrect figure. The number of registered refugees listed at present by the UNHCR is 4.8 million. http://data.unhcr.org/syrianrefugees/regional.php This is far lower than the munber of IDPs (internally displaced persons) who have mostly fled to Syrian Government controlled areas within the country. That number is more difficult to estimate but had been placed at 6.5 to 7.5 million at Dec 2015.http://www.internal-displacement.org/middle-east-and-north-africa/syria/figures-analysis And as for Assad and Russia being afraid of Syrians outside the country voting, this is RUBBISH. See video 27:05 to 28:40 When elections were being held in 2014, arrangements were made at Syrian embassies throughout the world for people to vote. Some Western countries PREVENTED this from happening.

Working Stiff

Pardon the rough edits here. It is reformatted excerpt from a discussion about this so called leak. This article is being cited in February 2017, lamenting that the MSM is not getting all worked up over all this But we already knew all this, it was never secret. People beholden to this stuff are over- dramatizing stuff we knew already..iAnd t does not change the fact that Julian has been out to save his own skin,.

FSB undoubtedly sent him The Emails despite his disingenous disavowals, and Guliani conspired to trick/pressure Comey into throwing the election…

Someone responded to me: “Not sure if the public is aware that the US provuded arms to ISIS.” ## to## ## # No arms were provided directly to ISI. Duh. Everybody talks about it on the far right and far left that is part of how the Hilary-hatred spiraled. No but i like the article it just acts like it is a big scoop. I am like, “shocked shocked”…it is the standard narrative of people who read RT

# Clinton = prochoice neoliberal hawk. Trump= psychiatrically ill person puppetmastered by neofascist architects global network Major difference beween Capitalism As Usual (bad) and Overt Fascism (considerably worse).

# It is an interesting read I am revisiting it just i take issue with the following: “the leaked information wholly contradicts the popular picture of western benevolent intentions let down by President Obama’s ineffective leadership and inaction.Instead…

# Arms were provided not “to ISIS” but to Sunni networks. Did some of those guns end up in the hands of ISIS? Well look at it this way: guns from the local gun shop down the street ended up in the hands of the Zetas. This “leak” proves nothing new.

Again, hyperbole. Qualifying “if true”, then leaps to “US welcomed the growth of IS in Syria” – but really it was the case that (a) State Dept policy was to support Sunni insurgency broadly, and (b) may have resigned itself that there would be some Salafist/ISIL in the mix, and I would admit perhaps negligently resigned, (c) and hoping that Assad would be forced to negotiate a picture perfect peace treaty. That is not “welcoming the growth of ISIS” that is perhaps taking a gamble that the moderate Sunni’s would prevail, or that a sort of three way tie would result. But this has all been known. The article further goes on to make unsupported claim that” the leaks fatally undermine the entire rationale of the “War on Terror” . The “entire” war on terror involves many many factors which have nothing to do with the ISIL problem in Syria in the past few years. The writer is simply puffing the importance of his own story. This whole RT/Assange-focused view is very similar to the alt-right Breitbart ideology and RT, which cleverly cloaks the Kremlin line in between some good reporting and Snowden, so people buy it hook line and sinkerr.

Susan Johnston

To all the people stating “this is old news”. Yes, but since it has been dismissed as conspiracy by western media in the past, most people who have heard about it do not believe it. Now that we have leaked audio (and the Wikileaks documents) confirming it is true. Even with forensic evidence, I am estimating 45% of the general public are so brainwashed by mainstream media they can not tell teh difference between fake news and real news. It is up to us who know what is going on to get through to those who still believe CNN is real news. Our country is heading for the same destruction unless we share this type of information with everyone we know (especially if they are still brainwashed). Believe me, they will not be learning about this from CNN. So keep spreading this people. It’s not old news until EVERYONE is aware of it!

Sparky Snarkasm

Well, this would explain the UN protected convoys out of Manbij and Raqqa….and maybe even explain how 800 shiny white SUVs are impossible to track in the desert. I just watched a vid of Kerry testifying before a Senate committee in 2011 that Saudi Arabia had offered to pay for a war in Syria “If we go in and do it like we’ve done in other places” Everybody seemed pleased with their good fortune.

ISIS, wherever they went, and whatever they’re calling themselves these days, are on our side.

Mark McNamara

I believe Obama ,Kerry ,Hillary,McCain and others wanted ISIS to take over Syria, remember Obama helped the Muslim Brotherhood take over Egypt and was trying to arm the Muslim brotherhood with F-16’s and M-1 tanks ! WHY!? If ISIS took over Syria to the East of Israel and the Muslim Brotherhood controlled Egypt to the West of Israel , Israel would have been attacked with the goal of trying to destroy Israel once and for all ! Thank God Russia stepped in !

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