Leaked Afghan Combat Video Shows US Special Forces Firing At Driver Of Civilian Truck

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Leaked Afghan Combat Video Shows US Special Forces Firing At Driver Of Civilian Truck 4.75 out of 5 based on 8 ratings. 8 user reviews.

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A combat video has appeared online showing an US service member firing into the cab of a civilian truck as the two vehicles pass on a road in Afghanistan.

The incident was shown at 0:20 in the video titled “Happy Few Ordnance Symphony”, a montage of combat footage from 2017. The video originally appeared on YouTube showing the Green Berets, SEALs, Rangers and Marine Raiders in action in the war-torn country. However, it was not authorized by the US Central Command and was quickly removed from the site.

Despite this, the video already caused a deep concern among the international audience because the filmed incident looks as an obvious war crime.

The US military launched an investigation of the incident.

“The amateur video posted on a public website gives us serious concern,” the US Central Command told POLITICO on the issue. “The video in question is not official, not authorized and does not represent the professionalism of the service members of U.S. Central Command… We are conducting an investigation into this video, and will take appropriate actions as a result of this investigation.”

Leaked Afghan Combat Video Shows US Special Forces Firing At Driver Of Civilian Truck

Click to see the full-size image

Leaked Afghan Combat Video Shows US Special Forces Firing At Driver Of Civilian Truck

Click to see the full-size image

Leaked Afghan Combat Video Shows US Special Forces Firing At Driver Of Civilian Truck

Click to see the full-size image

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Ameristanians playing rambo. Nothing new lol

Simon Gould

They’re getting all they can handle in Afghanistan – they’re probably all on speed, steroids and God knows what else to deal with the stress. They’ve always targeted civilians in their impotent rage.


The results already out anyhow. 4 greenberets died in Nigeria. They failed to perceive the ambush failed to resist and failed to carry reinforcements and rescue.


maybe they died arming boko haram! They want boots on the ground in that countries, what better pretext can there be! Never trust the Jews in power! Nigeria couldnt be fooled with ebola, uncle sams bioweapon! they wont fall for that Either!


It was Niger, not Nigeria.


Fuck off you terrorist sympathizers! Dont mess with the best!

al quaida

Sounds like the roids are getting the best of you

Melotte 22

It is not steroids, it is that time of the month.

Max Glazer

You mean the most incompetent military force in the whole west?

David Pryce

You are the terrorists you dumb fucks 28th in education in the world lol Fucking clowns, Israel and your shadow government killed your own on 9/11


“We are speeding up training of ISIL forces” Barack Obama

“Obama and Hillary created ISIL” Donald Trump

who are the terrorists sympathizers again?

Ryan Grobe

it was rock salt and they were following DoD rules of engagement. Maybe next time the assholes should keep their delivery trucks out of the way of an armed foreign convoy moving through. They’re lucky it was only a shotgun, there are worse videos of Abrams tanks running their shit over.

Solomon Krupacek

there is no information. can be smuggler, did not halt. etc.


What can be seen in the video is that the soldier fires a single at the truck driver as their vehicle passes it. They don’t turn in front of it, don’t attempt to stop it and don’t shoot at the truck’s wheels. I agree that we need more information to form an opinion, but at the same time US military attack on Afghani civilians is not rare.

Solomon Krupacek

yes. but speciel this gun gas non letal ammos, too. we dont know, what happened.


You’re right about we don’t know for sure, but please notice that firing blank cartridges or as you put it, “non lethal ammo” from a military (automatic) rifle needs a “blank-firing adapter” or “blank-firing attachment” (BFA) mounted on the barrel. Pictures. Do you see something like that in the footage or pics and do you think American military goes out in the open in Afghanistan using with a gun that can’t shoot? I think it’s not right to jump to conclusion, either way.

John Whitehot

it’s not a blank, as it crashes the window. blanks don’t fire any bullet, they just go bang. The weapon seems an MP-5 to me.


That is definitely not an MP-5, the thing looks like it spat out some rubber bullets or something non-lethal. Because no special ops will have a gun than they use to a high frequency, and leave the gun empty of sights. Plus that look more like a shotgun than a rifle.

jason miller

It’s an M1014 shotgun!

John Whitehot



If they were to kill him, they would have used their rifle or one of the machine guns on the vehicle, there is no logical sense behind using a weapon that is not equipped with any sort of gear to kill (stated that they are spec ops, so quality equipment is a must)

John Whitehot

“there is no logical sense”

exactly. Like servicemen never go nuts and randomly shoot civilians. In Vietnam it never happened, didn’t it?

Michael Silcock

you don’t need a bfa to fire less lethals. at worst, you’d have to cycle the weapon every round. and you definitely don’t need one on a shotgun lmao. not to mention the difference between blanks and les than lethals

John Whitehot

no solomon, we don’t know what happened, though we still have eyes to see that a truck driver is shot by a us soldier with no reason at all.

Solomon Krupacek

beacuse you all are extremly stupid and primive AND NEGATIVISTIC shits.

John Whitehot

says you?


At the speed of the armoured vehicle, it’s not possible to stop immediately, the truck driver might collapse from the (lethal/non-lethal) round, and turning the vehicle and ramming into their vehicle, which is another reason you can’t stop the vehicle. Shooting the truck wheels will require lethal rounds, and from the size of the truck, a bullet to the wheels won’t do too much harm.

John Whitehot

it’ just a vehicle they are overtaking, when someone feels the need to shoot its driver.


Same as it ever was. Criminals. Can’t wait for them to come home so they can be cops and beat on defenseless pregnant women. USA USA USA.

Hide Behind

For many years, 16, the most dangerous thing an Afghan can do is have a wedding party or family gathering, US uses those much like kids blindly striking a pinata. The beer glows freely to the killers and the new guys awaitshis chance for trigger time and striking fear into old folks and children on “door kicking” trips The average grunt has no idea at all of why they are there, they get paid well to kill, or aid the killers. And when they come home they are treated as heros. As hero’s police recruit them, as hero’s business is paid as much as $1200 USD. Per month to train and hire

When HUBBY is overseas wives get employed over non military, while already getting paid for spreading her legs when HUBBY comes home. The hero worship, damn near every gun owner in US, supports and encourages them and they do for police. The Southern Mafia corruption and racism now has complete control as fsscism. Police and retired military get guns at cost, are allowed special Lisence to carry that ordinary citizens have no access too. Damn right they kill innocents for kicks and in a homoerotic way of military glorification of male ducks. Becoming a man.

Hide Behind

ROID USE IS RAMPANT WITHIN MILITARY. It is especially prevalent within the now 70,000 man Spec Ops. PRESCRIPYIONS FOR ALL KINDS OF UP AND DOWN MEDS IS THE NORM, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Not yelling but millions in world should be. Each nations spec ops are chemicly pumped to go beyond normal endurance. Testosterone enhancement and droids will lead to mental aberations, mostly violent behavioral patterns. The PIMPLE FACED recruit who could not do a day of school without an energy drink cares not what it takes to be, An Army of One, or to bark and grunt like a Seal,. Ask about the Brita different colored chemicly enhanced candies for their spec ops extended missions. Add the indoctrination from cradle to life long my nation right or wrong, and the sight of hero worship and flag waving pageantry of folded to hit Battle of Fattest American footballers, and bouncing boob girls, damn right they volunteer.


True “Special Forces” bastards. Your turn will come, I promise you

Helmand Hunter

Interesting… French guy threatens American SOF online…. so edgy.


Not so simple. History already taught us the fate of such people…


American liberals threatens French forces fighting islamists in Africa on the net so what’s new.

Eddie J Correa

Crazy because the truck didn’t come from behind, they came up from behind and shot the driver. Dirty as mutherphuckers! ( Spelled it wrong intentionally) Hopefully someone they love gets rolled up like that by some GangBangers or somthing here at home, so they can know what it feels like.


And yet you don’t know the context, the guy in the truck could’ve been blocking their convoy which is a surefire tactic for an ambush. Let the investigation determine the situation, not speculation.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Targeting civilian is USA military strategy.It’s a usual thing to do.

David Miller

Amerikkka is in it’s last days and luckily for the rest of us it’s dying as we speak.


Better hope not. The useless such as yourself will find the coming tyranny most unwelcoming.

Melotte 22

At the end of the day, they all come home, get depressed and keep killing themselves. Too much guilt to bear. I believe there are 22 ex military suicides per day in US.


10% of the US civilian population and 17% of the military has psycho shooter drugs in their medical histories of the type that are found in almost all mass shootings. Which were rare before these dangerous drugs were legalized and pumped into society in large quantities.

Decisive Liberty

We have no clue what transpired before the shot – only that they drop by the truck and shot the driver. Overall, poor editing as well as distribution job by the makers of the video as you never tilt your hand to your enemy on what you are capable of doing even if they already know, and too many recognizable faces that could put them in harms way at the least expected and vulnerable moment.

“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Hide Behind

Do not for one instance think US is taking on more than they can chew, you babes born in comfy homes with silver spoons and a warm teat to suck,those of you who know not war, nor of the massive powers of destruction that can be unleashed by only three world powers. The levels of combat are but appropriate for the gains wanted. Damn it look at WWII videos where Russia ; Germany and US leveled cities to rubble and to the F’n ground; the millions killed and many more wounded. Devastation not by nukes but far less explosive munitions than today, far less. Do you think that any of those three majors do not have tonnagesof these munitions and capabilities to deliver on target? Damascus could be delivered destruction of biblical description by Israel alone, and they could do it in less than a day. Listen to what that puny nation of N. KOREA could unleash upon S. KOREA just using old conventional weaponry. MILLIONS DEAD IN S. KOREA IN FIRST THREE DAYS. YES there is a mental disconnect that infects hundreds of millions, some to quiver like a woman giving birth and wailing, but there are hundred+ millions who if convinced or not would cheer at complete destruction of whole nations. Look at their proud faces today cheering a F’n flag and uniforms as millions die by their hands. They know not nor care not of others suffering only their self importance. Mankind is not advancing towards respect for all of humanity or even others individual demise, they are too far removed from personal consequences and twisted conceptions of Nationalism over humandkind. Alsace who is granted privileges does not know he is a slave, only that he has more freedoms than others.

Elk Kapaska

Everyone talks a lot of shit. But, until you all live the life, you can’t speak about it. Talking like you know exactly what the fuck is going on. Smh

Paul Wolf

The army’s war crimes investigations never go anywhere.


Americans rule. Drain the swamp of these fag commanders.

Ed Clark

Non-lethal beanbag round, to get that damn truck out of the Convoy. Which actually is a good thing for the truck driver as he is in danger from attacks on the convoy…and that truck adds to a blind-spot for the convoy that could be potentially a problem. This is standard tactics in Afghan. Convoys can’t have trucks weaving in and out of them — sometimes a pen flare is used to, air horns, bean bags etc. to get them to move over and let the Convoy pass.

Christopher McCuskey

I can tell you that was a non lethal round. I’m sorry if they shot into a truck its probably cause they told him to stop and he didn’t. He’s lucky they didn’t actually open fire on him when he failed too. If they wanted to give lethal force they would have lit it up. Also the ending to the video show our dark sense of humor that only service men and women would understand.


Its a beanbag

Van Hammersly

they are acting like it’s a fucking video game. bunch of jarhead scum.

Mike F

Pretty typical they’re running around like it’s still OEF dropping bombs on houses, pissing everyone off, and turing the whole area red without any shots fired at them. Who was in charge of this rabid pack of idiots?

Mike F

To be clear that is counterproductive in every way the combat operations have been turned over to the afghans. They’re supposed to be in training and support to leave it to the Afghans. That’s who all these people they’re pissing off will be fighting after the withdrawal.

Liam Hicks

That was blackwater not the sf

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