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Leaflets Calling For An Uprising Against U.S. Forces Surfaced in SDF -Held Deir Ezzor (Photos)

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On September 20, anti-U.S. leaflets were found in the town of Abu Hamam in the southeastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, which is controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The leaflets, which were distributed in the town by unknown individuals in the early morning, called on the locals to start an uprising against U.S. forces.

U.S. forces were described in the leaflets as greedy occupiers. They were also accused of killing children, women and elderlies as well as of bombing the region to achieve their goals and satisfy their greed.

“Think and make the right decision … Can they [U.S. forces] provide us the humanitarian aid we need? … They only help who accepts to be their slave … We are masters, sons of masters … Come on … Let’s rise up against the obnoxious Americans and those helping them,” the leaflet reads.

Kurdish sources claimed that the Damascus government and its intelligence were behind the leaflets distribution. However, this has not been verified, yet.

In the last few months, southeastern Deir Ezzor locals clashed with the SDF on a number of occasions. The Kurdish-led group was accused of orchestrating attacks on Arab tribal leaders in the region. Local Arabs may have been behind the leaflets.


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Thomas Osa Jeng

If it is arab tribesmen who did it I would be extremely happy


I bet PKK and its offshoots are now much more angry than Americans themselves.

In eternal word of our friend, the @LoneRanger, PKK and SDF will….

I let him say it himself, it doesn’t carry the same effect if I say it!

Potato Man

Local Arabs should also know Kurds are Zion wannabe and have no power without US. (Turkey fuked them over and over, Iran don’t like them, Iraq PMUs kicking them out…).

If Arabs believe Kurds would care about them, they are fuking wrong, look at Zion in Palestine.
Or if KSA, UAE or Qatar promise them something….look at the Palestinian they got backstab a long time ago. They better take their people side, it would be better for them. (US, Kurds, Qatar, KSA, UAE, Turkey) wouldn’t give shit to local arabs.

Samuel Vanguard

for the record US forces are not going to leave N.E Syria.why/ because they are stealing syrian oil in collaboration with kurds,so US forces will not leave the region

Jim Allen

Then, as Assad stated they will be driven out by force of arms.
US has been defeated once already. That’s why US pet enemies are in Idlib. US already feels the pressure, and knows it’s spread too thin worldwide to shift forces to Syria to keep from being driven out.
An attack on Iran will bog down the US military, and it will sustain the loss of it’s surface Navy, and aircraft in the Middle East. A nuclear strike, or an attempted strike by US Coalition on Russia, or it’s allies will bring a response that strikes 7 locations inside US borders. As Putin announced last year, and that will end US military’s trip real fast.
Possibly leaving it unable to defend itself. While everyone is busy disparaging Russia, and shit, it has multiple weapons systems the West has no analog, and will not have in the foreseeable future. The arrogant sociopaths, and lunatic’s know this, whether this will stop them is very much in doubt.


good and more of that and the obese idiots will soon be on their way.

Assad must stay



unless leaflets are green, nothing will happen

Fog of War

That will get the Zios out. Attack them with leaflets. Pathetic.

cechas vodobenikov

would any civilized person require a leaflet to convince them to kill an amerikan imperialist?

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