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Leading Yasen-M Nuclear Submarine Entered Service With Russian Navy

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Leading Yasen-M Nuclear Submarine Entered Service With Russian Navy

Yasen-M class nuclear attack submarine Kazan

On May 7th, the nuclear submarine “Kazan” has been taken into service with Russian Navy, according to the information department of the Russian Defense Ministry.

      “Today in Severodvinsk at the Sevmash enterprise under the leadership of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, a solemn ceremony of admission to the Navy of the fourth generation Kazan nuclear submarine (APC) of the Yasen-M project was held,” the department reported.

On May 5, the successful completion of the tests of the Kazan nuclear submarine was approved. According to the reports the submarine was handed over to the fleet according to the schedule. On March 4, the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) announced that Kazan had passed all the tests and was ready to be handed over to the fleet.

“The project of the ” Kazan “was developed by the design and development bureau ” Malakhit ” and has effective strike and electronic weapons, which allows to perform tasks in all regions of the World Ocean”, – said Evmenov at the ceremony.

Kazan is the lead submarine of the new project Yasen-M that was launched in 2017.

Multipurpose nuclear submarines of the project Yasen-M are carriers of Onyx and / or Caliber cruise missiles. It is also planned to equip them with Zircon hypersonic missiles.

Leading Yasen-M Nuclear Submarine Entered Service With Russian Navy

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Moreover, on March 19, Evmenov announced that the Russian Navy will receive three nuclear submarines in service in 2021.

“By the end of the year, the Russian Navy will receive the Knyaz Oleg strategic missile submarine of the Borei-A project, the Kazan and Novosibirsk nuclear submarines of the Yasen project, which are being built at the Sevmash enterprise. This year, two strategic missile submarines, Prince Potemkin and Dmitry Donskoy, will also be laid down,” – said Evmenov.


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Damien C

Why release the speed and depth performance of the sub? It would serve the crew better if this information was classified for as long as possible

Thomas Malthaus

Do you believe the numbers, Damien? We may never know.

Oliver Eitel

lol that datas are irrelevent as they are just formal. and for export and selling….the real performance are better and limits are secrets….same as jets….its just the export version….the ones Russian army gets are always better!!!


Yassen class subs are not going to be available for export. It might behoove Russia to increase the planned acquisition from 7-8 units to 12.

Ricky Miller

Finally I can open that bottle of wine I’ve been saving for more than 1,000 days. But this is good news, no doubt. These submarines are outstanding naval weapons, the design of which has impressed Western naval officers. Not just a platform for attacking Western ships or task groups approaching Russian maritime areas, these Yasen ships are a worthy response to “prompt global strike” once mated up with Tsirkon missiles later this year.

Russia’s decision to delay or abandon both heavy destroyer construction and new heavy aircraft carriers leaves Russia’s standing as a great naval power seriously reliant on submarines and on the Admiral Gorshkov class frigates. May both production lines now pick up steam and hum along.

Ricky Miller

Nonsense. These boats are way different, not that there was anything wrong with the “Kursk” or any of her 949A sisters, still in service btw. The problem wasn’t the “Kursk” but in fact was a faulty torpedo, mishandled by base staff and not maintained properly. That class of torpedo and the danger they represented have been eliminated from service.

And a tip. Laughing about the loss of so many men in an accident, even a military accident, shows a serious lack of class. And blaming the submarine itself, shows a serious dearth of knowledge.

Lone Ranger

Jesse, you spelled Thresher and Scorpion wrong tho, Trollstoy.
Time to insert an XXL Tampax in your gender neutral mangina…

Lone Ranger

Most excellent Comrades 🤗👍🥇
CIA trolls and ukropnazis are crying and raging 🤗


Excellent news! Butthurt murican trolls like this LGBTJesse keep crying coz all murican weapons is crap and totally worthless garbage.

Ricky Miller

The Zaslon Radars on Mig-31’s are worthy near equivalents to AESA Radars and would be the platform called upon to shoot down American and NATO/Five eyes planes at long ranges. Also, AESA radars are part of Russia’s surface to air missile defenses, and AESA setups have been introduced on the just being inducted into service Mig-35’s and Su-57’s, and Russian AWACS as well. But, it’s true that Su-35’s, 34’s, 30’s, 27’s, and most Mig-29’s are all operating older but still potent radar systems. One of the reasons is cost and also that Russia views these aircraft as attack planes with dogfighting capabilities, meaning that they intend to close and fight using them in closer range air-to air engagements where AESA capabilities don’t really matter. The Russian Aerospace forces and MOD believe, with some reason, that Su-35’s especially can use superior manueverabilty and speculative long range missile shots to counter longer range AESA equipped aircraft and evade missile fire from long ranges while closing to ranges where the Su-35 would prove to be a devastating enemy. One would be wise not to underestimate these planes or to rely too much on AESA “magic” which might not work out in real combat the way many think.


Russia is already planning the follow on class, which is liable to be somewhat smaller and cheaper to build. The Yasen M class is highly complex and expensive, which is why the numbers will be limited.

In all probability Russia is going to concentrate on submarines for its future naval main force rather than vulnerable and strategically useless carriers, so the commissioning of new submarines of various classes should be a fairly common sight soon.

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