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Leadership Problems Of Turkish Operation Spring Shield

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Leadership Problems Of Turkish Operation Spring Shield

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar (left) and Lieutenant General Sinan Yayla (right), at the assigning ceremony for command of Operation Spring Shield. Click to see full-size image

On March 2nd, Lieutenant General Sinan Yayla was assigned as commander of the Turkish Operation Spring Shield in Idlib.

The operation began on March 1st, following the death of 34 Turkish soldiers, who were embedded with Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham.

Lieutenant General Sinan Yayla is the 2nd Army Commander.

Coordination of all operational units involved in operations will be managed from the operations center, which is headed by him.

Sinan Yayla, 57, was born in Görele, Giresun in 1962.

Brigade General Sinan Yayla, who served as the 55th Mechanized Infantry Brigade Commander, was promoted from Brigade General to Major General with the YAŞ decision on August 30th, 2014. He was appointed as the Land Forces Logistics Commander on August 9th, 2016.

Despite being in the rank of Major General, he was appointed as the Corps Commander to the 7th Corps Command in the center of Diyarbakır, whose staff rank is “lieutenant general” with the decision of YAŞ from August 30th, 2017.

Pursuant to the decision taken at the YAŞ meeting held on August 2nd, 2018, Yayla, who was promoted to lieutenant general, effective as of August 2nd, 2018, was appointed as the 2nd Army Command with the final YAŞ decision.

The rapid growth in ranks and responsibility is primarily due to the fact that after the failed coup in 2016, many, if not most of the experienced officers in the Turkish army were cleansed. Mostly they were sent to prison.

Tens of thousands have been arrested in relation to the failed coup, in all spheres of the country.

Nearly 290 coup-linked court cases have been launched, 261 of which ended with 3,239 defendants convicted, according to justice ministry figures.

Most recently, in June 2019, a court sentenced 151 people to life in prison, including General Akın Öztürk, former commander of Turkish Air Force, and the most senior officer involved in the coup. 128 people received “aggravated life” sentences, which indicates harsh conditions without parole, for their role in the coup, with another 23 receiving standard life sentences.

The failed coup resulted in mass arrests, with at least 40,000 detained. Arrested were also least 10,000 soldiers and, for reasons that remain unclear, 2,745 judges.

According to Fethullah Gülen, who is designated as a terrorist by Turkey, more than 77,000 people have been arrested and over 160,000 fired from their jobs.

As a result of primarily the arrests in the Turkish armed forces, there are understandable issues with appointing officer personnel.

There are reports that a batch of Turkish officers is being released from prison in attempt to improve the situation, how that will transpire is yet to be seen.

But, to remind a historical lesson, back in World War II times, the Soviet Union (by many, such as Poland considered much worse than even Nazi Germany) did the same in order to improve the situation in the frontline.

The primary difference is that releasing repressed officers when their entire country and the lives of their compatriots and loved ones are at stake may act as very effective motivation to perform well in commanding the troops.

It is unclear how supported Turkey’s operation in Idlib is, as it has currently provided fragmented evidence of success, but has ramped up quite a loss of life, and there’s very little to show for it.

It is, furthermore, showing that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wishes for a ceasefire in Idlib and is walking back on his claims that the entire area to the Turkish observation posts should be cleared of Syrian Arab Army presence, meaning that even “The Great Mustache” doubts Ankara could win this war.


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Zionism = EVIL

Seriously, Southfront analysis is world class, I had posted in the other thread a similar analysis. The Turkeys military strategic and operational planning sucks as the goat fucker ErDOG locked up all the professional secular officers and pilots and now peasants are running the circus with clowns in charge. Even after the Iranian revolution or the Russian revolution most professional officers were spared, this arsehole has locked up 1300, which is mind boggling, no wonder the Turkeys are getting whupped daily and don’t have a clue on what to do next. The dumbasses paid the Jews over $277 million for “Sabra” upgrade kits for the WW2 vintage M-60A1 tanks, that were shredded by Russian HE ammo and even SAA Saggers and RPGs. The Turkeys are real Turkeys.

Lone Ranger

I already told it once, if Erdofuck will survive the next coup he will end up as a stand up comedian at a run down club in the Bronx…telling jokes about ottoman turkey…


yeah, competition for the clown in the Ukraine


Likewise Z=E, I myself only posted a brief analysis of the purges in the military around midnight (about 7/8 hours ago) by Err Dog One and his diplomatic fuck-ups which have stripped away both his and Turkey’s credability. Expect Putin to remove Err Dog’s venom sac permantly and offer him the job as peacemaker, to save face while giving a nclear timeline when Headchopping rats must be eradicated.

Zionism = EVIL

If you look at even the TRT propaganda videos, there was a very bizarre meeting between ErDOG and the generals who look baffled and totally demoralized, and the pig acting like corporal Hitler gets up and gestures on a pixeled field map, as if the goat fucker is some real military Field Marshal. It was hilarious and I felt sorry for the Turkey generals.


And his zig and zag “diplomatic policy”, friend today enemy tomorrow followed-up with threats of unleashing hundreds of thousands refugees into Europe.

Zionism = EVIL

He is a pathetic extortion scammer coward and is pressuring NATO to get involved as the Turkeys are suffering humiliating defeats, but no European will die for the hated Turks. Countries like Italy, Spain and Greece have good back channel relations with Syria and even French intelligence remains in contact with Assad.


He has dug a very big hole for himself trying to fulfill his dream of reestablishing an Ottoman Empire. Now that he has been outed most EU countries will be back-filling that hole at pace. So, Putin should end up with a compliant poodle rather than an angry viper . Lol


Except corporate Hitler showed himself to have a far better grasp of strategy and logistics then his generals did. His political international gambles, Rheinland, Saarland, Austrian Anschluss, Sudentenland, Memel all worked out. And if Hitler had had his way Barbarossa would not have seen the bulk of the Wehrmacht cruising for Moscow, but for the Ukraine and the Caucasus, where the resources were that Germany so desperately needed. Granted, by the end Hitler did become more and more unhinged, as was more and more ravaged by disease made worse by how he felt his generals had failed him with their mistakes. Which they did. But of course they were the ones who got to write their memoirs after the war, not Hitler. And they all conveniently shifted blame for Germany’s defeat to Hitler.

In contrast Corporal Erdogan has not shown himself to be as talented (or lucky) as Hitler was in his international gambles. So far the only gamble that has paid off is Turkey’s alliance with Qatar. Other then that he has nothing to show for in both Libya and Syria except failure. And his recent decision to open the refugee floodgate to Europe has made sure that NATO will absofuckin’lutely will not lift a finger to help him in Syria. It’s one thing to use the refugees as a threat to extort cash and prizes from the EU, but once you enact on that threat what else is left to extort cash and prizes with? A threat in being is more powerful then a threat carried out. If only because both you and the other side realize that that threat might not be so potent after all.

Corporal Erdogan has a long way to go before he becomes anywhere near as (in)famous as Corporal Hitler. And that’s excluding the genocide part. But of course the Turks already pulled that stunt in the past. So maybe Corporal Erdogan has at least that one already under his belt.

Lone Ranger

SAA is gaining Turkroaches are draining ;)

Lone Ranger

Glory to the SAA and Syria.


Welcome back Brother

Lone Ranger

Thank you Bro :)

Lone Ranger

Hasbarats will cry and rage ;)


The lack of qualified and competent men to lead in a time of war, has been so common place for nations which underwent political upheaval. Revolutionary Iran, Revolutionary France, etc.


No matter how many trained Turkish commanders they release they will still have the same problem, fighting Russia and battle harden ground troops. Turkey will run back under NATO’s skirt, there is no sunni Army out there that can beat Iran let alone a Russia, China, Iran joint venture.

cechas vodobenikov

and many coup complicit turk high ranking officers have obtained asylum in Greece, Germany, USA–the inexperienced turk military must rely upon their uncivilized proxies—al Qaeda, HTS, Uigher and Chechen fanatics- etc


Hey Erdegone, what comes around goes around.
Not only “peasants are running the circus with clowns in charge.” (Z=E)
But they are all ass-kissers because not to be an A-K means jail time.
The wannabe Atajerk has cooked his own Sujuk.
…and the world knows it.


“The Great Mustache” – Lol, he really does resemble a Turkish Hitler doesn’t he. I’m not surprised they have issues with personnel, tyrants usually do.

Porc Halal

Turkish leadership?!..what a joke!…

Jim Bim

Lol…..The top of the orcs.

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