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Leader Of US-Backed Forces In Al-Tanaf Injured In ISIS Attack


Leader Of US-Backed Forces In Al-Tanaf Injured In ISIS Attack

Colonel Muhanad Tala, leader of the Revolutionary Commando Army

The US-backed Revolutionary Commando Army captured five ISIS fighters during recent clashes with the terrorist group in the outskirt of the 55km de-escalation zone in southeastern Syria, the SMART News Agency reported on March 7.

“Five members of the Islamic State [ISIS] attempted to infiltrate the zone, they fell in an ambush that we set after receiving credible information, we clashed with them … Two of the army’s fighters were injured and the terrorists were captured,” Ahmad al-Khudr, head of the Revolutionary Commando Army media office, told SMART.

Hours after the incident, opposition activists revealed that Col. Muhanad Tala, leader of the Revolutionary Commando Army, was also injured. According to the activists, ISIS fighters manged to hit Tala’s vehicle with an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) during the clashes around the U.S. base in al-Tanaf.

Hundreds members of the Revolutionary Commando Army are deployed in the al-Tanaf base, which is located near Syria’s border with Iraq and Jordan. The US-led coalition is training, arming and advising the group supposedly to counter the ISIS threat.

The Revolutionary Commando Army clashed with ISIS on a very few occasions since its establishment in 2015. Several pro-government sources claim that the group’s main activity is arms and drugs trafficking.

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  • Manofjustice

    I didn’t know “Negan” was the leader of the US backed kurd proxies…but it makes sens they’re Evil too !

  • Pave Way IV

    After ‘taking’ At Tanf from ISIS in 2016 (while hiding behind US forces), CIA-equipped MaT does nothing of significance besides becoming the mafia overlords of Rukban Death Camp. CENTCOM was humiliated and pissed off at MaT’s failures, so they ‘fired’ 80% of the criminal terrorists at the end of 2017 and rebuilt the force again – with other foreign extremist criminals.

    MaT/Revolutionary Commandos are still the criminal overlords at the Rukban Death Camp and control everything there – drugs, prostitution, humanitarian aid confiscation/sales, child sex trafficking, smuggling. These degenerates are the last FSA remanant left outside of Idlib or SDFistan.

    Syria and Russia want – to the extent possbile – to get everyone out of the camps, get their status established and get them back into Syrian society. Those that refuse can go to Idlib no questions asked. Uninvited foreigners will be thrown out as usual – they can to to some other UN death camp in Jordan.

    Instead, the US-backed Rev Army commander in at Tanf wants to take ALL the camp’s detainees with him when he flees. He just got back from Turkey trying to get permission to relocate to the Turkish safe zone in northern Syria – to carry on the fight against Assad. It would look really bad for them if his civilian hostages fled on green busses. His business is being head of the Rukban Death Camp mafia and its smuggling/trafficking operations. His business is not ‘commanding’ a failed anti-ISIS army (but he’ll take the paycheck). He just wants his business (Rukban) relocated with him when he leaves.

    Thus the current US government decietful narrative to control US citizens’ opinions: Syria and Russia want to ‘forcebly relocate Rukban refugees’. In reality, the deal is exactly like all the other SAA liberated areas: go back to your homes, clear your status, serve your time in the SAA if you’re eligible. Refuse, and you can go to Idlib. Foreign terrorists and their families: get the hell out of Syria.

    That seems perfectly reasonable to me and at least a good portion of the camp detainees – it’s worked all over Syria. The Revolutionary Commando child rapers? No way – they are in denial that THEY LOST THE WAR, and figure the SAA owes them eternal humanitarian aid and a bus trip to the Turkish safe zone with their hostages (and probably thier US-supplied weapons). CENTCOM and Washington agree with the child rapers and don’t care about dying concentartion camp inmates. CENTCOM considers the detainees as non-human arabs – just like the Palestinians. Rukban hostages are not Israeli, for Christ’s sake! Why would CENTCOM ever care about them? They’re just Israeli-firster neocon chickenhawk bargaining chips – the US will sacrifice as many of them as needed to preserve their failed FSA scheme.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Good news let the traitor dies.