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Leader Of Ultra-Right Militia Predicts End Of US And Warns Of Civil War

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Leader Of Ultra-Right Militia Predicts End Of US And Warns Of Civil War

The three percenters are one of the US’ oldest militias still in existence

As the US election looms, the heavily armed III% Security Force militia is ready for an anti-Democrat uprising. The group has been accused of neo-Nazism, but in a recent interview with RT one of its leaders said their purpose is to protect and defend the will of the people.

Chris Hill, commanding officer of the III% Security Force’s Georgia branch, states the militia’s take on current developments in the US unequivocally:

“There is a coup taking place right now, there’s a collective effort to overthrow our way of life as we know it – people are starting to realize it’s not a conspiracy theory.

“If we don’t come together as one, we’ll be living in a post-American world by 2021.”

The Three Percenters are a constitutional militia with chapters across the US, their name originating from the claim that only three percent of colonists took up arms against Britain during the US revolution and War of Independence.

The militia claims that over the last few months membership has rocketed by 150%, with 50 to 100 applicants per day – spurred on by developments like Minneapolis City’s pledge to dismantle their police department and Joe Biden’s promise to defend the rights of Muslim communities in the US if he enters the White House. 

Hill, also known as General Blood Agent, said: “It’s like our Founding Fathers stated, we believe we should come together, to lend our arms and council whenever a crisis arises.

We advocate and defend our goals and beliefs with regards to our way of life, our constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.”

The group, whose members are rarely seen in public without military fatigues and firearms, sees its role as protecting the people, allowing them to rise up and take control. They spend around a fifth of their time on political activism and the rest doing practicing survivalism, military infantry training, hunting, rescue and first aid.

They believe they have been made deliberately obsolete in modern America, a feeling only exacerbated by the national Defund the Police movement and the Democratic Party’s pledge to reform the police force.

Speaking to RT, Hill, a former marine, explained: “How do you get rid of a militia in the United States? You render them useless and over time they fade away.

“Now we’re seeing the Founding Fathers had it right, this is something we should have never let the fire burn out on. We have a short amount of time to reignite it.

“We will be whenever we need to be, wherever God sees fit. Every day we can reach out to another American citizen and say, ‘Are you in favour of communism and anarchism? We have a right to repel that.’”

The group, while evidently on the far end of the political right wing, reject their depiction in the mainstream media of being racist neo-Nazis.

In one example, the GSF were accused of “terrorizing” county officials in Georgia out of a meeting to build a new mosque, and linking the place to ISIS – a charge Hill denies. 

But his group takes reports of things like Muslim community patrols forming in New York after the Christchurch shooting, as signals that attempts to introduce Sharia law are underway. 

Still, in Hill’s view, the group is pro-immigration, supports religious freedom, and would not lead with violence. The big caveats are that the immigration must be legal and the newcomers must assimilate. Like many on the American political right, he refers to undocumented migrants as an invasion.

“I am 100 percent against illegal immigration. The government is cast with a job and part of that is to prevent an invasion, it doesn’t specify armed or unarmed, but if 20 million people are in this country illegally, how can you look at me with a straight face and say we haven’t been invaded?

“Legal immigration is fine, as long as whatever caused you to flee, leave that shit where you came from. Learn the language, our practices, our traditions – do not try to advocate for other religious, ideological or political beliefs enforced in whatever country you came from.

“I’m not saying you have to be Christian, in America you are free to practice any religion you like. But if anyone doesn’t want to assimilate or come here legally, I’d put them in a catapult and fling them into the Gulf of Mexico.”

Hill’s prominent position in the movement has made him a high profile target for the groups opponents. He says he and his family regularly receive death threats. He believes that most of them come from the anti-fascist group Antifa, which US President Donald Trump wants to officially label a domestic terrorist organization for its alleged role in the recent riots and the harassment of conservative figures and their supporters.

“I have been targeted for four or five years. When I went to Virginia in January they put up a hit list and my face was there, basically I’m a target. If they know I am going to be somewhere, they put up my picture and say they’ll kill me.”

One major reason Hill feels he’s considered worthy of killing is because of his media portrayal. The influential liberal “anti-hate” group Southern Poverty Law Center has branded him and his group “anti-government,” saying he praises “neo-Nazi movements.” 

But he claims that the reporting on him is selective.

Some media reports have linked him to Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and previous GSF member Michael Ramos, who carried out a racial beating in public in 2017. 

The images of Hill’s group almost exclusively have white people in them, but he claims it’s not on purpose.

“I would love to have a wide range of skin tones in our militia, multiple races, any race is welcome. People can look at us and say, they don’t see a lot of black, Asian or Latino people. It’s not for lack of trying, the invitation is there, we need more.

It’s laughable to say I am racist or KKK, as I turn around and look at my son, my daughter who are half-white, half-Asian – I’m married to a Vietnamese woman and our kids are mixed. That information doesn’t reach the light of day as it doesn’t fit with everybody who wants to say we’re all racist and KKK.

My situation doesn’t ever make publication, especially from any left-wing liberal sources.”

The III% Security Force hope to see President Trump secure a second term in November and believe the Democrats are out to take away their guns.

“If Joe Biden wins, as depressing as that sounds, and Joe Biden goes after guns on a national level – if he’s coming for the guns, he can get it. And any other politician coming for the guns, they can get it too.

They are 24 different states that are going with red-flag laws and gun bans. That’s different from a potential President Biden pushing through some national firearms ban. That is the true definition of tyranny.”

Issues like red-flag laws which allow individuals to petition a court to remove someone else’s firearm are paramount for the III% Security Force.

If Biden does that, Chris Hill will get up off his ass and fight against that until my last breath.”

Hill was preparing for that back in 2016, against the threat of “gun-grabbing” Hillary Clinton winning the election. Back then, Trump won and his resolve to fight back was not put to the test. Now, Joe Biden is the “gun-grabbing pedophile” (an apparent reference to Biden’s barely-appropriate shows of physical affection to women and children) that there’s “no way in hell” Hill will vote for.

If Biden does win, Hill, like many Trump supporters, is convinced that the Democrat will have “stolen” the election with the FBI’s help, through methods like hacking and mail-in ballot fraud.

Ironically, given how extremely polarizing his views are, Hill wants his militia to be a uniting force.

But at the same time, he warns that a US civil war is looming. The racial divide is there, but it’s the current-day protesters who are the racists, in Hill’s view. He sees himself and his group as defenders of freedom of speech.

“I believe Black Lives Matter is a racist slogan, I believe the organizers of that movement are Marxists, communists and they have no end-game other than taking to streets to loot or riot.

I’ve been in Georgia my whole life other than in the military, I have not seen any Klan or Nazi rallies, there are no white supremacists in large groups. I would tell them to rent a stadium, spill your guts, say what you need to say and let’s get on with it.

Nobody in the USA was born into slavery, I understand what happened prior to me being born, a lot of bad things happened, but I was born free just like the next white man, Asian woman or black man, all people.

We are on an equal footing going forward, if you don’t like the situation you are in, get a bus ticket and relocate. This is not a movie, it’s real life.”

Never without a gun himself, Hill maintains his group isn’t advocating a violent uprising.

“We’ll protect the voice of the people. It can’t come from the end of a gun, if we do that then we’ve lost the moral high ground and the war before it even starts.

Power needs to be given to the people to make changes. But there is no doubt in my mind we are stumbling towards an armed conflict inside the United States of America.”

Ultimately, in a country that’s rapidly dismantling the unseemly elements of its past, the Three Percenters want to see a return to the principles of 1776 when America formed as an independent nation.

“We are a constitutional militia recognized by the Second Amendment. In the last 244 years, would you have said we have moved towards perfection or towards damage done and anarchy?

“We are definitely heading in the wrong direction.” LINK


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Dick Von Dast'Ard

If I voted Trump, If I were an American, I’d be genuinely concerned what the victors will do if, when his statue falls.

Does not the story of the Drevlian Uprising not strike fear, when the American Olga takes to the throne?


It would be Palestine 2.0 with conservative white Americans as the Palestinians, I think.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Possible U.S. Balkanization is on the cards methinks.

The Palestinians couldn’t really fight back, the white conservatives certainly can.


That would be the best option for Americans and the world I think.

Its essentially the method control currently used by the US around the globe.:)

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Perhaps Canada could annex the progressive liberal part, Russia the white conservative part and Mexico the class A drug addicted?


Britain could annex the LGBTQ and enraged part.


Once the commonweath dethrones the eu-epp-lgbtq-manta,things will get better. By the end of the year,after the eu-gb money pact ends,better late than never!


I’m in favor of dejudification. The US less 6 million of them would be much better for everyone. And a lot of these problems would disappear with the Jews who’re the primary cause of them.


It isn’t just conservative whites that would fight back, they’d work with patriots of all races. A lot of the problem with the current unrest isn’t blacks, hispanics or asians, it’s subversive far left whites. And patriotic whites would have no problem going after far left whites to get these problems corrected.

The rioting in Seattle didn’t occur in black areas. It occurred in urban white “progressive’ far left democrat areas.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Would also help if American conservatives insisted on better trained police officers that get properly disciplined or fired for very poor standards of professional behavior and judgement. Their chickens will come home to roost if they don’t!


The juries aquit the police of murder in the rare instances when they’re charged. You’ll always have bad cops that need to be weeded out. The immunity laws need to be revoked. And the prosecutors refusing to charge guilty killer police replaced.


The evidence against the police in many cases is prima facia. Not being able to get charges pressed and convictions when they are charged is the problem. Citizens would be charged and convicted in 99% of these cases. These aren’t self defense cases like many citizen involved shootings. They’re aggressive killings where the officer’s lives aren’t in danger.

DC Hunter

You can hear ’em clucking on the front porch right now.

Hasbara Hunter

Murica really can use a Civil War II to clean up all their Elite Parasites, ZioNazi Paedophiles & Masonic Massmurdering Maniacs that’s one thing for sure…

Kenny Jones ™

True, when the money runs out, they’ll have to fight each other. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/60f81cdb1646acc0348b8ca49284233de2fd8aed15ebaa4a2712845c21d245ad.jpg

Lazy Gamer

With a lot of recruitment taking place, some of those recruits could be signing up just to sabotage his group. A few dead people and then suddenly they become a terrorist group. He should continue keeping his distance from Neo Nazis and KKKs as the moment he is proven to have ties or sympathies by the msm is the moment his group loses credibility or legitimacy.

J Roderet

Honestly, most of these dudes, and their anarchist enemies in “Antifa”, are complete bullshitters. Americans, on the whole, are a very politically apathetic people. Do not hold your breathe waiting for a second Civil War to happen. Most of the US population just does not care that strongly about anything other than watching excessive amounts of trashy TV shows and eating disgusting amounts of unhealthy food. We may see some more street fighting, rioting, vandalism, shootings, etc depending upon the outcome of the elections. But a major US internal war is out of the question. Besides, most Americans are far too fat to fight in a war, either at home or abroad.


So what you’re saying is, every side will stomp and cry BUT won’t rock the boat as they want to preserve the life they currently have?


The lifestyle that they have is being taken away from them by subversive democrats. They may adjust to being do nothing victims. But a minority won’t. And they’ll arm themselves and organize to correct problems that the do nothings won’t.

Ivan Freely

IMO, Americans would take up arms against each other after living through hell for a generation or so.


It wouldn’t take that long. We were close to it with the CHOP zone. If the city didn’t correct it. Patriot groups would of. And with the city outlawing police crowd control equipment and usage. They’ve set up a repeat the next time that protesters outnumber the police.

Americans are unlikely to take up arms if the system functions properly. But with subversive democrats engaged in official misconduct and obstruction of justice. The system is breaking down. And what can’t be corrected by the ballot box will be corrected by the bullet box.


“Most of the US population just does not care that strongly about anything other than watching excessive amounts of trashy TV shows and eating disgusting amounts of unhealthy food.”

10% with guns is 35 million people. They’re not most of the people. But they’re enough to do what most won’t.

Ashok Varma

Even the Mexican FM is calling the end of US. Even many Indians are coming home rather than live in a violent failed state in death throes.


They are returning to the commonwealth,where it craps on eu-epp-cia corruption, Brexit is the best thing that’s gonna happen,allready major Indian companys are doing deaks in Australia to co operate and reboot out major steel manufacturing and also revive our petrokeum industries for example Ampol (est 1900) usa/chevon/caltex,seeya!

Tommy Jensen

Dont worry, these rednecks are easily handled. Blacks will take over the country and make America great again. The whites have had enough chances.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

“Great again?” Everyplace on the face of the planet that is run blacks is an utter shithole… because Negro.

Pave Way IV

“…Speaking to RT, Hill, a former marine, explained: “How do you get rid of a militia in the United States? You render them useless and over time they fade away.”

Sounds like General Blood Agent is ahead of the curve in rendering his militia useless. His boys are all geared up to fight against other ‘enemy’ little people in armed conflict. F’king dimwit – that’s what the psychopathic oligarchs want to happen (so nobody shoots at them).

“…“We’ll protect the voice of the people. It can’t come from the end of a gun, if we do that then we’ve lost the moral high ground and the war before it even starts…”

F’king TOOL. ‘Moral high ground’? Really? Your enemies are f’king psychopaths. And you’ve already lost the war because you and most U.S. ‘people’ can’t recognize the real enemy – that same psychopath with his boot on your neck. STFU and solve the problem. Why protect ‘the people’s voice’? I’m so God damn tired of hearing sheeple bitch about fake enemies du jur construed by their psychopathic masters.

“…Power needs to be given to the people to make changes”

Don’t you mean, given back, Gen. Blood Agent? Psychopaths convince dumb-assed little people to willingly cede their power to the state, i.e., psychopaths.

Tip: once power is ceded to the state and the psychopaths/oligarchs that run it, it will NEVER be voluntarily returned to the people, Gen. Blood Agent. NEVER. How about ceding a few 700 grain chunks of lead at 3,000 fps to skulls of said psychopaths that abuse that power?

“…Nobody in the USA was born into slavery, I understand what happened prior to me being born, a lot of bad things happened, but I was born free just like the next white man, Asian woman or black man, all people…”

You really think everyone born here is FREE, including yourself, General? Don’t mistake a long cage with a high ceiling and plenty of distracting toys as freedom. You’re a content slave, but every bit a slave as one brought over here in iron chains.

Ivan Freely

“…do not try to advocate for other religious, ideological or political beliefs enforced in whatever country you came from. I’m not saying you have to be Christian, in America you are free to practice any religion you like.”

General Blood Agent contradicted himself. This guy doesn’t understand what Freedom of Religion is. If someone shows interest in my religion and starts practicing it, then by helping this person understand what my religion is, I’m advocating my religion. SMH.


He could of worded it better. I think that what he’s referring to is immigrants rejecting, attacking and trying to suppress the culture here and replace it with their own. Rather than practicing their own amongst themselves without trying to force it on others. They’re free to practice their own, as long as they don’t try to suppress others and force their way on the prevailing culture that rejects theirs and isn’t interested in it. Which some of them have a tendency to do.


This video can be watched by clicking on the link at the bottom of the image.




This video makes a lot of people look bad. But it explains from a credible source why the virus is a scamdemic by bad people doing bad things. And why large parts of the world have very low death rates. Because there are effective treatments that are being suppressed. That combined with fraudulent statistics explains why the areas running the scam have a lot of dead people purportedly from the virus. Some are dead because they didn’t get proper treatment because it was suppressed. And a lot of the deaths attributed to the virus actually died of other causes.










The US is obviously under attack by enemies foreign and domestic trying to subvert the constitution. The oath that I took at the federal building prior to leaving for marine basic training at Paris Island mentions this.

Much of the democratic party is anti American and anti constitutionalist. And are leading the way in their attempts to destroy America. I’m not a republican. The largest political affiliation in the US, which I belong to, is independent. Followed by democrats then republicans.



Pave Way IV

Psychopaths can still depend on the 61% of party sycophants to perform the now-meaningless ritual of ‘voting’ to legitimize their power and control over the little people. It’s kind of like voting for contestants on American Idol, except the winners get to loot the country while stomping on your face and ordering you to shelter in place.


I wouldn’t say that voting is meaningless. But in elections where the selections are limited to establishment candidates with essentially the same outcome regardless of who wins you have a point.

I hadn’t voted for almost 40 years in any election until I voted for Trump. Because his America First, end the forever war, pro life, pro gun, build the wall, etc. message resonated with me.

He signed my administration advisory credentials. And may now regret it due to my outspoken views here. Which also may be why my Kremlin access was also blocked. As a tin foil hat anti Semite.

I’m a mature man with the courage of my convictions and prioritization of truth as I see it. I can live with the consequences of my choices in life. If some people are offended by my views, maybe that says more about them than me. Politics is a big machine with a lot of players. At this stage I’m a minor actor. If my contact work advances that may change. Time will tell.


Right now in Washington state there’s a choice between the democratic incumbent Islee, and republicans. Some of whom look like rinos. One of the republicans, Culp, a city police chief, is pro life, pro gun and anti scamdemic, anti mask. He’d open the economy back up, which Islee has a stranglehold on, rescind the mask order, and block anti gun legislation. If the polls are to believed, Islee is leading the republicans 2 to 1.

Washington is geographically mostly republican, with some coastal counties with large democratic populations. Much like the Trump victory in 16 with 88% of counties in the US voting for him.

So a cluster of coastal population centers want the economy shut down and masks required for a fake pandemic, and our gun rights taken away. This isn’t the 1% using rigged elections where both candidates are the same. Maybe with the rinos, but not with Culp. It’s a stark choice. And these moron democrats are drinking the Jew world order scamdemic koolaid and buying the self destructive scamdemic lies,tyranny and oppression hook, line and sinker. And destroying the state and US in the process.



Kenny Jones ™

Coming 4 months will be tense in the US, either in the months up to the election or right after the outcome.


“Sean Hannity: I had a source that told us but have not been able to confirm it the the reason the Seattle Mayor finally acted was because they were given notice that if they didn’t act that you were going to. Is there any truth to that?

President Trump: 100%. We were going in very soon. We let them know that. And they all of the sudden they didn’t want that. So they went in before we got there. But we were going in very shortly.”

– President Trump Admits the Only Reason Seattle Mayor Cleaned Out CHOP Zone Was Because He Threatened to Send in National Guard –



“we’re prepared to defend the will of the people from…the will of the people”


The mail in ‘ballots’ are too ripe for abuse. Because of the ‘covid’ excuse, for mail in ballots, I can understand many Americans thinking this coming election may not be the ‘will of the people’, but who controls the post office.


Results of US elections have been suspect going back at least to 2000, with 2004 results a virtual certainty to have been fraudulent. If it isn’t a landslide its probably rigged.


Mail in ballots are no more ripe for fraud than the digital systems many locations already use. Arguably less so since they leave a physical trail

The Farney Fontenoy

US Department of Defense, Department of State, CIA, World Bank and European Union predict the USA’s population will plunge to 100 million by 2025, that’s over 70% of the entire population dead within 5 years…so maybe he’s onto something.

DC Hunter

Or….maybe someone is throwing some bullshit numbers out there.

Peter Moy

Interesting article on another group of people, armed, who don’t like several aspects of the current madness in the US. The predicted future civil war has no chance of happening as the majority of the population’s basic needs are met: they are well fed, have housing, have entertainment, a job and enough money to pay their bills. Add to this many people are just too lazy to get involved to get real change. I am a law-abiding gun owner but I would never consider joining a militia for whatever their reasons. I’m curious what would happen if this GSF encountered the Not Fucking Around Coalition (NFAC) in Atlanta. Probably just a lot of verbal back and forth and nothing else. Keeping them separated would probably be a challenge.


Your militia membership aversion may change if the system breaks down to the point where local law enforcement breaks down, is overwhelmed, or withdrawn. The people living in the CHOP zone probably felt the same as you. 90% of the business owners abandoned it until order was restored. How many residents did I don’t know. But with stray rounds coming through bedroom windows at night and pick axe attacks on the street. I’m sure some did. Who you gonna call when the police don’t come, Ghost Busters?

Food and fuel flows can be interrupted. Once that happens crime will explode and the police will be unable to cope with it. Militia is the go to option in those circumstances.


Boogaloo Bois are insane fanatics and ought to move to China or Russia where, in the case of China, bibles are illegal and, in the case of Russia, black people are not permitted to immigrate. In each case their freedoms to use Disqus openly is nonexistent.

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