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JULY 2020

Leader Of Idlib Militant Group Responsible For Killing Of 2 Turkish Soldiers Survives Assassination Attempt


The head of al-Qaeda-linked miltiant group Houras al-Din, Abu al-Bara al-Tunisi survived an assassination attempt in the city of Idlib on Marh 21. According to local sources, an IED exploded near a car waiting for the prominent terrorist. Nonetheless, the Houras al-Din leader was not targeted.

Earlier, this week Houras al-Din carried out an IED attack on a Turkish military convoy in the province of Idlib killing 2 Turkish soldiers. Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, Houras al-Din and other radical groups are not interested in the implementation of the Russian-Turkish safe zone deal on the M4 highway in any form. So, they are ready to carry out any actions, including attacks on Turkish forces (that in fact support them), to achieve this goal.

Some sources speculate that the assassination attempt was a response to the attack on Turkish troops.




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  • Nice, keep killing each other, jihadists, rebels, turks

    • MikeH

      “jihadists, rebels, turks”

      We finally rgive you for your redundancies.

      • I agree, but you can’t deny either that they don’t have internal conflicts at the moment, this is our chance to spur things up

  • Icarus Tanović

    This is more than obvious.

  • Vitex

    At least he’s feeling the love. I think the Syrian special forces have been busy

  • Erdo’s angle on the latest agreement appears to be that if he can split off AQ elements from Idlibistan, it will improve the optics of his occupation force and their Bashi Bazouk allies.

    Erdo had to have known that the AQ elements like HTS and Houras al Din would have rejected any ceasefire, but particularly one which makes so many concessions.

    Erdo thus purposefully alienates AQ, a small sacrifice in order to be able to consolidate the core of Idlib,

    So what may have appeared to have been Erdo submitting by giving up all points south of the M4 in Idlib, was indeed a pretty wise move if it cements Turkiye’s claim to legitimacy, a Turkler goal which is made extremely difficult when they are seen to be active cohorts of AQ.

    • You can call me Al

      But what about seeing it differently ?, in the Turkish Parliament, there have already been physical fights between MPs over the ver increasing death rate of Turkish military, but now they are being killed by the vermin they fund – wahahaha, now add that to the deaths in Libya and I reckon that Erdy is a dead duck walking.