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Leader Of Biggest Arab Force Within SDF Visits Damascus, Hmeimim Air Base


Leader of the prominent Arab tribe Shammar in northeastern Syria, Hmeidi Daham al-Jarba, visited Damascus and Hmeimim Air Base and held talks with Russian and Syrian officials in the last few weeks, Syrian sources revealed on February 19.

Sheikh Hmeidi is a key ally of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The tribal leader is a co-chairman of the SDF’s self-administration in the governorate of al-Haskah. He also leads the al-Sanadid Forces, one of the biggest Arab units within the SDF. The Arab faction has more than 4,500 fighters.

According to the sources, Sheikh Hmeidi is now working to forge a new alliance with the Damascus government and Russia away from the SDF. These efforts have been reportedly facilitated by Falih Alfayyadh, a key commander in the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU).

“We are now in the Russian base in Syria, this is a part of our joint efforts to save our country from this situation, this is the responsibility of any Syrian either inside Syria or outside of it,” Sheikh Hmeidi said while visiting Hmeimim airbase, according to Rusvesna.

A Kurdish source told Bas News that SDF leaders were angered by Sheikh Hmeidi’s visit to Damascus and Hmeimim airbase. The source also revealed that there are major problems between the Sheikh and the SDF, which wants to incorporate his forces into own ranks.

The Damascus government has been working to strengthen its ties with tribal leaders in northeastern Syria since the start of 2019. A deal with the Shammar tribe, one of the biggest in the region, would strengthen Damascus influence amid the upcoming withdrawal of U.S. forces.

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  • Mistaron

    Let’s hope that other SDF tribal leaders follow suit.

  • Gregory Casey

    That is a well-placed Shiv in the Ribs to the Kurds and to #FUKUS

  • ColinNZ

    Slowly but surely…

  • Daniel Apaza

    People are waking up to reality. The U.S. will one day leave just like in Vietnam and the SDF and Kurds will be at the mercy of Turkey.

  • Nowruz

    The key word here is, “Arab”. Of course arabs within the SDF should be worried. They are expendable when the US conducts their “alleged air strikes targeting IS” near the Euphrates and other parts of Northeastern Syria, those towns are predominately Arab. The goal is the create a Kurdish not Arab state. These assholes are just now realizing what’s going on? The US is ethnically cleansing the Arabs not the Kurds out.

  • Xoli Xoli

    This guy’s are under severe pressure from SDF and USA NATO .Stop negotiations with Kurdish ethnic group who only promote tribalism.

  • zman

    Seems these guys are starting to see the writing on the wall. It’s about time. Falling in with the Kurds when you need allies is one thing…but when the US and Turkey finalize their plans, you and your people will be even more expendable than the Kurds. Even the Kurds are realizing their plight. Besides, how long can you let the Kurds continue to enforce Arab conscription into their forces? Your own power…not to mention survival, is at stake. Let the Kurds continue to straddle the fence, to their own detriment, as they try their hand at survival politics. The longer the Kurds wait, the weaker their position. Don’t copy losers.