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JUNE 2021

Leader Of Manbij Military Council Killed In Clashes In Raqqah City

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Leader Of Manbij Military Council Killed In Clashes In Raqqah City

Adnan Abo Amjad

Leader of the Manbij Military Council, Adnan Abo Amjad, has been killed in clashes with ISIS terrorists in the Syrian city of Raqqah.

According to reports, Adnan Abo Amjad was killed on August 29 during an advance against ISIS inside Raqqah.

The Manbij Military Council is one of the few Arab factions of the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that has a successful combat expirience.

Amjad had particiapted in a number of battles against ISIS, including the battles for Kobani, Manbij, Shaddadah in northern Syria.

Violent clashes are ongoing between ISIS and the SDF in the southern and western part of Raqqah.

Earlier this week, the SDF and SDF-linked sources claimed that the battle for Raqqah would be finished within 2 months and the city will be fully liberated.

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mmm, or did a US sniper murder him ?

Cheryl Brandon

Yep, likely scenario; When you roll around in bed with a dog, you will get bitten by their fleas hehehe

Emilia M.

Congratulations. From your post, I can tell that you are intelligent enough to become an ISIS commander: the 50 IQ threshhold has been met (barely)!


Funnily enough ISIS have done remarkably well, especially since before the Russian intervention and also in Iraq. The one thing their leaders cannot be accused of is stupidity. I do not agree with their Ideology BUT I do respect the danger that they and their totally indoctrinated and fanatical foot soldiers present. They are also bloody good at tunnel construction as well.

On balance Emilia I think the US Dullard Award should be awarded to you :)


As far as the capabilities of experienced IS fighters, I agree.

Which makes Assad very stupid to transport 600 (300 acc to Assadophyles) battle hardened surviving IS fighters from a side show to just beyond the point of your own advance.


You have a point but the forces freed up on the Lebanese border are badly needed as a reserve to combat any assaults by Al Nusra from Idlib.

Its not ideal but a pragmatic decision , especially when the ISIS gangs are easier for air power to attack in the sparsely populated desert. I would also think that the ISIS fleeing from the Lebanon will likely have a frosty reception from the ISIS lunatics in Deir Ezzor.


The point is that they are transported to the densely populated river valley where SAA is hoping to advance on a blocking city, Maidan and where the IS fighters have a good chance on holding out for a long time.


That would make you …. a footsoldier?

Cheryl Brandon

Great; There was a massacre at Manbij which nobody spoke about in Lamestream media so; good riddance to another ruling RAT! Exterminated ; Well done and Bravo!

Cheryl Brandon

US Coalition/psychopathic pilots committed this heinous War Crimes and , have paid no time in prison or gone to the Hague?


And a really nasty one.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There is no sadness in his eyes only that of taking pleasure in killing , he must have had no conscience and acted without remorse ,good riddance to one like him.




The man was a hero, fighting for his convictions, fighting for humanity, fighting IS when SAA/FSA/Islamists were too cowardly to fight them or had other “priorities”.

He is honored by all of SDF.

He will be revenged by SDF. They took the first installment this afternoon/evening, when SDF broke the IS lines at two places and liberated a large area in Raqqah, thereby also splitting the IS held part of Raqqah in two, the south west being the smaller part. (several sources in Syria Civil War).

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