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JUNE 2023

Le Pen: ‘We Are Experiencing the End of One World & the Birth of Another’

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According to France’s presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, “the people of continental Europe will wake up” in 2017.

Le Pen: ‘We Are Experiencing the End of One World & the Birth of Another’

France’s National Front leader and presidential candidate Marine Le Pen (Photo: AFP / Franck Pennant)

On Wednesday, France’s National Front leader and presidential candidate Marine Le Pen was not allowed to enter a migrant camp, located near Grande-Synthe town, which she wanted to visit during her trip to the north of the country, ABC News reported.

Later, it became known that Le Pen was barred from entering on the grounds that she came there without notifying the camp authorities prior to her visit. The politician, known as a great critic of France’s immigration policy, commented on the incident on her Twitter, branding it as “democracy a la francaise.” According to Le Pen, if she announced her visit beforehand, she would have been given a polished tour around.

After this, Le Pen held an improvised press conference outside the camp and criticized the government for failing to stop a flow of asylum seekers and refugees.

“We tell immigrants that we don’t want them to come to France, but at the same time, we encourage the ones that are here to stay,” the Express newspaper quoted her words. According to the newspaper, Le Pen called on the authorities to stop providing refugees and migrants with “false hope” by sending mixed signals.

As a French municipal councilor and member of the National Front, Patricia Chagnon, told the RT news website, the French authorities infringed on democracy, refusing access to the camp for one of the major presidential hopefuls.

“She is a candidate for the presidential elections, she wants to have a first-hand experience and sight of how the life is inside this camp. And we can only be extremely concerned about the fact that she was not able to go inside,” Chagnon said.

Speaking at a recent right wing conference in Koblenz, Le Pen said that the globalist world order is collapsing.

“We are experiencing the end of one world and the birth of another. We are experiencing the return of nation states,” Le Pen said, adding that Trump’s election was one of the nails in the coffin for the old world order as he “will not support a system of oppression in Europe.”

“2016 was the year the Anglo-Saxon world woke up. 2017, I am sure, the people of continental Europe will wake up. It’s no longer a question of if, but when,” Le Pen said.

On Thursday, the politician held her first conference as presidential candidate in Paris. During the press conference, Le Pen was asked by RT journalist if she expects that “a similar wave of protests that hit the US after Trump’s election to follow her potential victory in the French presidential elections.” According to the presidential candidate, the outcome of the presidential elections would be accepted by French citizens, if they turn in her favor.

“France is a democratic country, when elections are over, we respect the result,” Le Pen said.

Meanwhile, Le Pen’s victory in the election seems more and more real, as her main opponent, Republican ex-PM Francois Fillon, announced a prospect of withdrawing his candidacy. This will happen if an investigation against him is started. This possibility stems from the fact that the wife of the former Prime Minister, Penelope, is suspected of embezzling of €500,000 from the parliamentary funds.

“Only one thing would prevent me from being a candidate: it’s if my honor was harmed, if I were given preliminary charges,” Fillon said, speaking on the French TF1 TV-channel. “I have always said that I wouldn’t be able to be a candidate for the presidential election if there was evidence that I had broken the law. This is not the case.”

On Wednesday, a preliminary probe into suspected embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds was opened by France’s financial prosecutors, after the Le Canard Enchaine newspaper reported that Fillon’s wife was paid about €500,000 (about $537,000) in public funds for a job she allegedly did not do.

However, Fillon said that the work of his wife “was real” and that he will provide investigators with “all necessary proof.” He also noted that his opponents are attacking his wife in order to reach damage him less than three months before the first round of the presidential election.

“I will defend her, I love her, I will protect her,” he said.

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Pave Way IV

A French president with balls? Finally. What’s it been… a few hundred years?

Nigel Maund

Let’s hope for France and Europe that Le Pen wins. Here opponents have a very poor track record and people will vote for them solely because of France’s liberal socialist history and the propaganda sowed by the mainstream – corporatist – banker controlled French media. The French people are amongst the most politicised in the world, however, their world view is clouded by misinformation put out by the mainstream media. Le Pen’s position has been strengthened by a recent scandal involving her major rival Frillon. It will be interesting to see how events between now and the elections swing voters into Le Pen’s camp. If Le Pen wins, it will be a major setbock for the banking cabal – globalists and French policy towards Russia will change with the likely dropping of sanctions.


She will not be elected. She’ll increase her percentage in the first round by 0.78%. In the second round the French morons and traitors will join hands and gang up on her to demonstrate yet again how the French electoral system will prevent healthy change for 30 or 40 years. When it is way too late, that is when Frenchmen will vote for change. Cretins and foreigners must be given the vote.

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