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Lazanski: Putin Knows that Peace with America is Impossible

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Launching his cruise missiles on Islamic State positions in Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent a very clear message to the west, especially the US.

Lazanski: Putin Knows that Peace with America is Impossible

Originally appeared at IN4S, translated by Igor exclusively for SouthFront

The first message is that the Middle East is not an exclusive stage for Western military intervention, bringing down of the existing regime’s, installation of satellite government and installing Western style democracy. That time has come to an irretrievable end.

The second message is that the region of the Caspian Sea, except Iran, remains in the post-Soviet sphere in every respect and that the United States must comply with it. The third message is actually Putin’s gambit in chess game: he pulls conciliatory moves, while the stage for a confrontation with America is set if reconciliation fails.

Vladimir Putin directs a series of political and military measures and moves that are both loud and effective , as the crackling of launching cruise missiles , but also subtle , which is offering cooperation to the Americans in the fight against the Islamic State, but also contradictory at first glance , as with the approach to Saudi Arabia . But , above all , all these moves are centralized . So for all future actions of NATO and the United States , Russia has the answer.

The United Kingdom ‘s response to Russia’s military intervention in Syria has been to send its permanent military contingent to bases in Poland and the Baltic state NATO members . Moscow immediately announced its counteraction . What will it be? Back in April 2000, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has announced an agreement with Moscow on the creation of joint armed forces of Belarus and Russia on the territory of Belarus , and this force should number about 300,000 soldiers.

Russian Power

Russia has recently announced the formation of its air base in Belarus, a month ago the Russian and Belarussian Army and Air Force’s participated in major military drill’s in Russia. In particular, the response of Moscow to further the deployment of NATO forces in the Baltic States and Poland will be at least 150,000 Russian soldiers directly on the Polish border. You simply watch.

The launch of the Russian cruise missiles caused a shock and awe in Western capitals, some Western governments are visibly agitated, and the general public is now aware that in the Caspian Sea, Russia has a strong and very modern fleet, which with the missiles is able to hit targets as far as few thousands of kilometres.

Russia has clearly pointed out that it will help its friends, legal and legitimate governments that call for help , as it did the government of Bashar al -Assad in Damascus , this means that Moscow military assistance to all governments in the post-Soviet sphere that are jeopardized by various yellow and orange revolutions. Caspian Sea Region and Eurasia that is the prime objective , its not by accident that Vladimir Putin recently said that the situation in the area concerned .

Lazanski: Putin Knows that Peace with America is Impossible

Ten years ago the director of the Caspian Studies Program at Harvard University Brenda Scheffer said that ” the US wants to control Central Asia by setting up small and mobile military bases in the Caucasus instead of large bases in Europe.”

Defining the Caucasus as a crossroads, Brenda Scheffer stressed that “the dominant power in the region would not only control energy resources in the Caspian region, but at the same time, Afghanistan and the Middle East and the US views the Caucasus and Central Asia as a whole, the Caucasus is the gateway to Central Asia” . Ms. Schaefer says “energy sources in the region is not only a goal but a means, because infrastructure such as oil and gas pipelines are just a means of establishing relations that suit us, and membership of the Caucasus countries to NATO is a part of US foreign policy” .

Quite honestly. Russia does not accept it and after that came the war in Georgia in August, 2008.

Neutral Germany

Russian missiles from naval vessels in the Caspian Sea are evidence of a new generation super precise conventional weapons. The truth is these missile’s can carry a nuclear warhead’s. Until now, the West was talking about Russian imprecise “Scuds,” which were used by the Iraqi army of Saddam Hussein in 1991, is now the world to meet a fraction of the Russian cruise missiles.

With the new Russian military doctrine, according to which Russia is ready to be the first to use nuclear weapons in the defence of fundamental national interests, the war in Syria and the Russian military intervention should be seen in this context.

Putin understands that reconciliation with America is not possible, because the interests of the two countries are simply incompatible .

Not only in the post-Soviet sphere , but also in the Middle East . At the same time , Putin is trying to reach three audiences. First, that the Russian political scene undermine the position of the liberal pro-US elements. Second, more importantly, for Europe to be aware of those who think that without the United States, Europe can not function, to prove that Washington’s selfish strategic interests endangers the interests of the EU.

Putin wants a neutral Europe, or at least a neutral Germany, and the Germans, Putin knows better than anyone . Finally , Putin addressed the American audience , that to the extent to which the general understand something of foreign policy does not want to return Cold War.

Rockets from the Caspian Sea has awoken the future of the world in the case the US – Russian reconciliation dosnt comes.

Written by: Miroslav Lazanski

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Peace with the USA is like peace with the devil. It can only be provisory and the war is always imminent. The USA will not stop until it completely destroys the free nations, destroys white race, and destroys everything that is nice on this planet. They are psycho devils on earth.

Dr. Ronald Cutburth

Dr. Ronald Cutburth, Ph.D. Management of engineering science operations, engineering scientist, intelligence exper : Knows that peace with the USA is not possible. War is not declared but ongoing through butcher terrorists. The atheist gov of Israel and the US work hand in hand.


не забудь, что больщинство американцев нормальные люди как и Вы. работают тихо, дремляют об отпуске со семью, итд. Ихные лидеры иногда псикопаты – хотя это примерно так по всему миру. Обычный человек заставлен втупить в армию из-за недоумения накопить себе достаточно капитала получить высокий уровень формального образнования — без которого, невозможно устроить себе качественную работу. Просто жалько нам всем что такие моменты в истории человечества неубежимые. Дай нам мир – жить друг с друом по-человеческий, и потом давайте давим на контролирующих, чтобы они не забыли мира в котором стоит жить.

Dr. Ronald Cutburth

Da. It is sad that people need to join the military to get a better living. Right now they risk being slaughtered by Russia. We could loose 100 thousand in the navy by sudden death. I have been busy warning Americans about our evil government and that we would lose a war with Russia.



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