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JUNE 2021

Lavrov: US Strike On Syria Will Have “Grave Consequences”

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Lavrov: US Strike On Syria Will Have "Grave Consequences"

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. FILE IMAGE REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned on March 13 that a new US strike on Syria [Washington threatened to do this on March 12] will have “grave consequences”.

“If a new strike of this kind takes place, the consequences will be very serious,” the minister said, according to the sate-run news agency TASS. “Mrs. Haley should understand that it is one thing to irresponsibly exploit the microphone in the UN Security Council and it is another thing when both the Russian and American militaries have communication channels and it is clearly stated via these channels what can be done and what must not be done.”

“When, against the backdrop of an obvious failure to implement resolution 2401, in as much as it concerns militants and their sponsoring West, new resolutions are put forward under the pretext that it is Russia, Iran and the Syrian government that have failed to provide for the requirements of the previous resolution while Mrs. Haley makes a statement that the US is, of course, a peaceful nation but it may at any time deliver a strike against the forces in the Syrian Arab Republic, as they did a year ago by striking the Shayrat airbase, I simply don’t have any normal terms left to describe all this.”

Lavrov also added that Russia does not seek to increase the number of de-escalation zones in Syria at this strage. However, he added the de-escalation zones will be discussed at the upcoming meeting of the Russian, Iranian and Turkish foreign ministers in Astana on March 16.

“The most crucial task now is to prevent the continuation of blatant violations of this regime in Eastern Ghouta,” the minister said.

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andy l

Mild mannered Lavrov is losing his patience with these amateurs!

Cheryl Brandon

Too diplomatic/


Well Said Mr. Lavarov

You can call me Al

Looks like his patience is fraying now with the US continual aggression when he said “I simply don’t have any normal terms left to describe all this.” ……..if it was me talking, I would have added “we give up now, how in God’s name can anyone deal with these braindead, pathetic, moronic, arrogant, psychotic war mongers”.


Well said. They very clearly possess every characteristic you mention..


for the millionth time trump does not call the shots, he is a prop.


It’s one thing to not even possess the power, it’s another to have it but cede it to other players in the Deep State.

Alice Barnes

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And today Trump replaced Tillerson with that CIA degenerate Pompeo!


Trump kicked off T-Rex as a worn out teddy bear right into the trash can. How cruel the orange clown is!


It’s amazing how we think change will come as Trump won on aproachment with Russia and this guy is allowing others to make his foreign policy in opposion to what he stated. Now we have a torturer heading the CIA, and one who destroyed evidence ordered to be submitted before courts and before congress. I guess only baseball players using sterioids get prosecuted for lying to congress. What a den of reprobates. The FBI and CIA can’t stop a kid who said he was going to attack a school, but they want us to surrender all of our liberties so they can spy on us.


What’s going on in Washington? I think Washington is shaking.

You can call me Al

It definitely looks that way – await the next false flag which I hate to say could be a biggy.


comment image
Wishing that Russian airforce will take care of the scums!


or just say, “We believe this escalation will lead to a world war! u have already bombed our forces in DeZ and now u want to bomb us again! right now at this moment our nuclear forces have their fingers on the red nuclear launch button! RIGHT NOW! They will press the button if your reply to my statement does not contain a full withdrawal of your forces from syria! If ur response is hostile, the button will be pressed. What is your response, will u withdraw? Yes or No? this is not a bluff”!
See what she says then!
hahaha, just a thought in my head!


President Putin could alert their army to emergency attack position.


Syria was a peaceful country. The current civil uprising created by pro Washington’s proxies. The God work is to unite nations and the evil Satan work is to divide nations.


Till this time millions of Muslims Washington have butchered in the Middle East in direct invasion and via own proxies. Therefore, now Muslims hate US and have joined Russia and China for safety, prosperity and development.

jerry hamilton

It must feel like he is dealing with naughty children.
They know how to behave but refuse to.

Cheryl Brandon

Dangerous/deadly/destructive entity, which has International Silent Support.


Make UN resolution to kick out USA from UN. It must have been done way before especially when USA attacked Iraq without UN approval.

Cheryl Brandon

That is what most of those 170 weakling countries are fearing to do! Spineless countries.

Fred Dozer

The CIA have deprived and bullied most of the world, 2014 numbers.
America’s Secret War in 134 Countries
The deployment of US Special Operations forces is a growing form of overseas power projection.


UN is under UK-USA-Israel control, there is nothing called “democracy”.


Russia and China have secuirty council and can propose a resolution to kick out USA from UN. But, Russia and China have shared the world with the gangsters and either collaborate with them either are scared to implement internationals laws. So, people are giving USA, Russia and China power they use not for 95% of countries.

So, either Russia and China show that they care about international laws and punish the outlaws the rest of countries in the world must wiothdraw from UN and let the 5 countries deal with each others.


If that’s the case then why did the US and Israel lose the UN vote to condemn recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital? Even the UK voted against that.

The only thing the US has some measure of control over is the UN security council. As it and its two vassals France and the UK each have veto votes and usually most of their other vassals in the seats as well. But the UN in general has often been against Israel and plenty of anti-Israel resolutions have been adopted. It’s only that general assembly resolutions don’t matter that much and are usually cheerfully ignored by the US and Israel.


You has just pointed out the difference: If UN or Security Council has a resolution over a country XX, this country must obey this resolution otherwise this country is invaded or punished somehow. However, if UN or Security Council has (it it can) a resolution over USA or Israel, these countries just put this resolution in the garbage and continue as nothing happen, and it is impossible to do something about it.


Only the UN resolutions will be ignored. No such resolution will be adopted by the UNSC thanks to US veto. But that doesn’t mean that the US and Israel control the UN. If that were the case no anti Israel resolution would ever have been brought to the table. And it wouldn’t only be the US who would vote against them.


Nothing is black and white America defacto controls U.N. even when voted against or vetoed America still does what it wants unopposed. israel only has influence because they’re protected politically by U.S.


That sounds like the US does not controls the UN so much, as pretty much ignores it when it doesn’t get what it wants.


They control it .But there is a few powerful countries that have there own interests as well like china and russia


UN is a drawing room of US.


I hope Russia can protect Syria-Hezbolah-Iran-Russia ground troops and respond correctly (military) to any USA-NATO attack to Syria government.

Cheryl Brandon

I hope so; Russia is avoiding fighting NATO and USA together? That is what I think.


I think it would be wise if Russia gave some Zircon missiles to Syrian forces, as a potential testing ground and marketing purposes. Bet there are a lot of coastal countries in the world wishing to protect themselves from the gangster zio-US regime, just in case. After all, US is building new carriers precisely to bully these countries in the name of protecting corporate interests.


… “in the name of protecting corporate interests”. Zionist banking cabal interests


The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.(Sun Tzu)


Thank you Mr Lavrov.

Cheryl Brandon

NOTES FROM KEVIN SHIPP’S YouTube video Part 1.
USA SHADOW GOVERNMENT is a TYRANNY OF SECRECY; Also Unconstitutional!!! Components are as follows;
CFR –Council on Foreign Relations created by the Banking Elites in the USA in 1921; Revenues $101,553,200; First Heda Elihu Root who kater served as SOS/Secretary of State under Theodore Roosevelt
CIA created by the National Security Act by Harry Truman in 1947
Main Stream Media- Warshington Post original owners the Grahams.
NSA 1952/ replaced the Armed Forces Security Agency –FISA Secret Courts annual budget per year $10.8 Billion
Silicon Valley eg FB/Google/You Tube/Yahoo
JSOC;Joint Chief of Staff or the PRESIEDNT’S PRIVATE ARMY.
DHS-Department of Homeland Securities
DOS- Department of State
DIA; Defense Intelligence Agency ; Budget is CLASSIFIED
NRO; National Reconnaissance Office established in 1961- All Satellites- Budget classified.
NGIA-National Geospatial Intelligence Agency created in 1996: Classified but estimated to be around $4.9 billion
FBI- CREATED IN 1908; Annual Budget $7.8 billion per year/ Robert Mueller has been lying to Congre$$ under Oath since 2001 starting with the “WMD LIES”; ConsTitution of USA died between 1913-1947. Did any Americans VOTE or elect for any of the above FACTIONS in the Shadow Government?nobody.

Nigel Maund

Lavrov is a top flight Foreign Minister in the old tradition. The US Government and Offiicails are made up of criminal amateurs and idiots like Nikki Haley who sprout the script of the Anglo – American Zionist Bankster – Corporatist Cabal and nothing else. Idiots like Haley would like nothing better than to start WW3 as this is what the cabal wants to hie the gigantic mess they have made whilst they looted the planet through debt and FIAT Money and endless wars persued for profit and global hegemony. Lavrov is absolutely right to warn the US and NATO that they are in Syria illegally and their actions are both illegal and criminal. It’s high time the US ad NATO paid a very high price for their endless crimes against democratically elected States and their peoples.

jerry hamilton

Spot on.


Well said Nigel. ‘Top flight ‘ :)


Only MoonMan can fix North America.


Yeah I agree, although russian civilized and diplomatic tone is sometimes not enough. I wish they reply accordingly. You cannot be civilized with trolls. And that’s what US/UK politicians are – trolls (especially Nikki)

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Agree billion prozent

Michael Simpson

This is a most frightening situation. Donald Trump has now put a warhawk in as his Secretary of State. He needs a war issue in order to help his poll numbers and increase support for himself. I consider the likelihood of strikes against the SAA extremely high as it will do what Trump wants for his political problems in the United States.

The great decision will be one made by Russia: to what extent will they respond or retaliate against a strike by the US against Syria. Russia stands to lose prestige if it does nothing against a blatant political move by the US in the form of military action. If the US sends actual warplanes, will they negate that threat by actual use of force? If the US sends more missals, will Russia as well take all steps to shoot them down? This is a very frightening time, brought on by madmen.


I agree, USA-israel-NATO (darkness and madness) are putting Russia at the very edge. Russia is smarter, wiser and more intelligent that these guys together. Let us see how Russia will answer or avoid this confrontation.

MariaCeleste Conkright

They will all be shot down and many pilots will die fighting for the NWO, . remember the words Putin said last week .Allies. I remember hearing Allies. What is so hard for you to hear Nikki I think Nikki that you need to be dropped off in ghouta with civilians who are taking up arms against terrorists and staging pro government protests . SAA will liberate their people while you are only interested in helping the murders


The madman is Putin- the muscular vicar who very publicly sold Russia’s soul to KSA and Israel. Putin could have demanded America leave Syria at any time, but he did NOT. He did the opposite and stated many times, in public, that the West was welcome to operate in Syria if their excuse was “fighting ISIS”.

But of course the football hooligans here, who think the idea is to support your ‘team’ regardless of facts, only ever want to shoot the messenger.

The concept of GOOD and EVIL is simple. Evil is NEVER to blame when good people choose to sit by and do nothing, or worse, to excuse the evil and actually assist it, as Putin does every day. Putin’s vote in the UNSC to impose the worst sanctions ever seen on the ordinary people of N Korea was more than conspiring with evil. It was an act of PURE EVIL in and of itself. At that moment Putin damned himself and Russia and our planet.

With that Russian vote against N Korea the Deep State won! THE DEEP STATE WON. But you football hooligans don’t care what your ‘team’ does, since its nothing but a “boot boy” game to you.

But now the big hooligan battle is coming, and you have a growing sense that regardless of the strength of your ‘army’ and the wisdom of your ‘generals’, you ‘footsoldiers’ are going to be ground to a bloody paste in the “boot boy frontlines”.

The window of opportunity for Putin to punch the bully on the nose is closing rapidly, and the gap left now very tricky to exploit. Putin has done everything to aid the bully in its quest to also become the well supported ‘popular’ kid- so increasingly the bully has a real team covering his back.

Team Saker and his ilk were desperately buying time for the Deep State, knowing that the longer they helped dissuade Putin taking on the bully, the greater the chance that Putin’s opportunity would be lost for all time. Now Team Saker thinks it has almost won, and the rest of us have lost for ever.


“Putin could have demanded America leave Syria at any time, but he did NOT.” And he could have demanded Alaska back….

Tony B.

Use the proper name. The empire of which you write is the ROTHSCHILD CABAL IN ITS CITY OF LONDON. The world’s major evil, central headquarters of Satan on earth. Controls the English speaking world totally.

Ariel Cohen

Are you in full control of your mental faculties Shlomo? You seem to be dribbling your verbal diarrhea from a position of utterly inane stupidity. Are you drunk?


watch it , insulting a hasbara might get you an antisemite label..

Ariel Cohen

Already have that label buddy. LOL. I’ve got nothing against them, but unfortunately a disproportionately high percentage of them work for the NWO and are relentlessly furthering its agenda . .


Team Saker ? talk about delusional personal hate to this ‘Saker’ fellow ..

cant attack the message ? attack the messenger !!! Hasbara 101


Do not be so worried about Russia.


Madman? Perhaps. But he is irrelevant, Trump or Clinton, Obama or McCain, they are all just puppets, and there is no difference: Russia must be destroyed, because they resist. Without Russia the world conquest is basically complete, no other country will dare to resist.

“Ceterum censeo Carthaginem delendam esse”.

Michael Simpson

Is there martial music playing in the background while you type? Lol!


Not true. China is more powerful than Russia and it’s China that will prevent US from global dominance.

In fact China will eclipse US in about every area from economy to military in the very near future.

China trades and grow while US borrows and bombs billions away and still continuing.

The end result is certain


And they do what? Nothing. Hiding behind Russia. Trump ordered Syrian air strike before dinner with Xi , and? Xi ate a “beautiful piece of chocolate cake”…They betrayed NK. They have less than 300 nuclear warheads. They are not a real military threat to America, not at the moment. Why do you think the US military and media almost ignore China (a few minor provocations now and then) while they focus entirely on Russia? Chinese elites are making money, they’re not interested in antagonizing the Empire. Remember Nixon and Mao?

Certain? Nothing is certain in this world, except death (and taxes).


Dream on kid.. LMAO to say China has 300 nukes like good school boys for decades while China has 3000 km of tunnels, hundreds/thousands of ICBMs , DF41, Df21 , Cruise missiles to deliver 300 nukes.

Go and play Xbox , it’s not your area here to comment on China.


Hey moron if you have no arguments, go play with your daddy, and his boyfriend. You are too stupid for this anyway.

Co Ragoo

Please please we are here to discuss not insult


Agree. We are all friends here. Except SolomonK and wanklord lol


Well said. ~260 nuc. warheads actually.

Steve Bell

260 says who? The ONLY ones who know how many nukes China has are in the PLA, some guestimates suggest 1500-2000.

Richard M

300 nuclear missiles can spoil your whole day!

Ariel Cohen

China is not more powerful than Russia. This is an inaccurate statement. China is stronger economically, but lacks the cutting edge technology, modern battlefield experience and skills, plus nuclear weapons needed to fight the US hegemon . .


Basically China is near to superpower status while Russia is not. USA is why?

To be a superpower, one must have

1 . manpower – China wind hands down on all countries
2. . resources which China /USA have to outlast others.|
China is the world’s largest importer and exporter in about almost everything and controls the essential elements that make many military equipments….
3. economy China can withstand long , Russia short time
4. replacement capacities for losses … China and USA have
China has the most number of precision machineries in the world producting everything from nuts to all levels of industries .
(here USA is losing out fast to China)

Technology … come on China today is at a very high stage of technology in very wide areas even US is trying to catch up in many areas.
Russia is strong in some small fields of military

I can go on … really .

When a war starts .. it is who can outlast the other.
To say China is behind Russia in technology is really lame really.

To win a war is not about , one is ahead in one kind of missiles or hypesonics … these are areas China are also well ahead.

China is able to fund huge budget projects like railguns , Shilps building and today is able to build 4 larege subsmarines at one time compared to USA 2 and Russia one.

Btw those who think that China has 260 nukes like good school boys with decades of nuclear plant and thousands miles of tunnels to store those nukes and has less than tiny Israel’s 400 or so… forget about debating on the subject really.

China is quietly still growing and strengthening while US is continually go out to bomb others at US 1million a pop while China’s US 1 million generates another RN 2million in trade.

Who really is a super power ?

Ariel Cohen

I didn’t say that Russia is more powerful economically than China. I said China is not more powerful (meaning militarily) than Russia. Technology is critically important these days and China cannot match Russia in almost any area of military technology. China also lacks oil, which is the lifeblood of a military. China is improving rapidly, but would still be at least a decade behind Russia in most military technologies. Russia is the only country in the world that can literally turn the US into a pile of radioactive dust. China could possibly land a few nukes on the Western seaboard, or further East using submarine launched nukes, but a retaliatory US strike would obliterate China.


China buys US government bonds.

KInda strange isn’t it?


China sells its export products for US dollars aka federal reserve notes and now has a trade surplus or around $2 trillion of them. They then buy US Treasury bonds that have an embedded interest component. What else can they do with them, apart from investing in foreign countries that accept US dollars in payment ?
They certainly do not need dollars to invest in their own infrastructure.

If they dumped all their US Treasury bonds on to the world market at once, that would collapse the US dollar and adversely impact their export earnings, so they dribble them out in stages.


What exactly can Russia do to fend of US submarines though? Remember US missiles can travel 1000 miles and they don’t care what vehicle type they are fired from. How does one deal with Israel, who is also eager to participate is some sort of attack?There is no means to fend off a use of force from this entire collective of thieves, their in theatre military might is too great to resist usage. Only the spector of retaliation will stay that evil hand. So the real question is, “how will Russia even the score, and to what extent?”

Ariel Cohen

There is a lot that Russia can do. They have the best stand off weapons in the world, due to superior missile technology and their other recent technological achievements should give the US pause to reconsider . .


Given the levels of insanity/evil minds that dominate US foreign policy, I’m afraid that whatever reconsidering was occurring in now over. Missiles are a numbers game more than anything else. If Bob has 200 really awesome missiles, and Jane has 400 just okay missiles, then Jane usually wins. Veterans Today is reporting a massive build up of US force in Israel and Jordan, with Russian assets being some of the main targets planned for strikes. I should note that VT can be a touch bombastic and no one else is reporting such a build up, but given the Zionist inability to give up on the Ode Yinon plan, it isn’t that terribly far fetched either.

Retaliation is still the Russians best card right now.

Co Ragoo

They are building up forces? Well that’s great…more targets for the Isklanders

Rex drabble

Russia is about to give some one a bleeding nose!

Co Ragoo

Simple, bomb Israel out of existence and free the US from its parasite

Steve Bell

A Russian frigate armed with anti-sub rocket launches and torpedoes, as well as kalibre missiles and anti-aircraft systems is on its way to the Med.


The eastern med, the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf… that’s a mighty big net they’ll have to maintain. I wish they’d let loose with a Yars missile once a week (minus the nuke) while Deir Ezzor was still occupied. Death is always 20 minutes away for those who abuse cruise missiles.


World wars last century caused about 100% inflation during WW1 and 55% during WW2 in Britain.
The US is dying under her 22 trillion and rising national debt and a ‘Good War ‘ ( if they win it , which the US cannot with Russia) would ‘ inflate away’ much of the US debt.


Here is the link to play with :)


Doing nothing would only worsen things.

Ariel Cohen

Have you ever watched a bear that is trying to mind its own business, but gets pestered by a wolf or mountain lion? They will keep minding their own business until pushed a little too far, then they will respond with rage and aggression . .


i wonder what will happen to the small monkey who continuously push the wolf and the mountain lion to antagonize the bear.. will the bear smack that little monkey too ?

Nigel Maund

The madmen lie at the heart of the Anglo – American Zionist Bankster – Corporatist Cabal that pull all the levers behind the MSM managed news curtain; these are the Rothschild’s, Rockefellers, Warburgs and Oppenheimers and lesser entities such as Georg Soros, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and their ilk.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Surely US-NATO bases of Amari( Estonia) and Siauliai( Lithuania) will be the targets in case of US attacks vs SAA and Russian troops in Damascus!…among other reasons are an easy target for Russian forces and both are dangerous for Russia country!


Maybe this is the time to place the puppeteer at the spotlight. The Syrian holocaust started at the behest of the conniving Israeli Lobby. Israel is aiming at a depopulation of Syria, no less.
The current attacks against Russia, from Maidan on, are instigated because Russia stood against an attack by Obama against Syria. The aim is to burden Russia with so many problems/sanctions so that it “throws in the towel” and abandons Syria.
While the Jewish lobby in the US (and UK, France and Canada) shows its total control, there is a silver lining here. The Lobby will fold up quickly if it concludes that its activities can cause mortal danger to Israel.
To demonstrate this, Russia should/ with the slightest of reasons- turn on Israel and punish it severely.
A good idea will be to announce that Israel provided nerve gas to the rebels for false flag operations, and without any discussion or elaboration destroy Israel’s center to biochemical weapons in Nes Tziona.
The fear of annihilation will bring Israel to its senses. Quicker than you think.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

:)))) but what about their Samson option? This needs to be neutralized as well


US politicians better listen to US military on attacking Russian troops. The US military knows which end is up on this subject and that the Russians don’t bluff. The chickenhawks in DC have no clue, listening to addle-brained psychos that even think that they might engage in a ‘limited nuke exchange’. Putin, Lavrov and Russian MOD have made it very clear what the consequences of attacking Russian forces in Syria or tactical nukes in Russia proper will entail. One would think this is enough to make these crazies think, but I am becoming more and more convinced that they don’t think, they just play to the camera(audience) and have no clue as to consequences… nor would they care…because they think they are above the fray.


Lavrov does always a good job for President Putin, but it is easy to look honest and fair when compared to his opponents f.e. Nikki Hayley.

That should not say he is not honest and fair, but in my oppinion, to some extent, all politicians are liers.


It’s time to Liberate the United States from Zionist Globalists.
but the american public is too weak.


Don’t make Syrian war a Palestine war. As soon as Syria and their allies wipe out all pro Trump terrorists from Syria so much will be better.

leon mc pilibin

She is the rep of israhell in the UN,not the american people.


Russia should explicitly stated if the SSA or allies are attacked by U.S. and other related air forces that they would provide the government with enough S-400 systems to fully protect current and future territory gains.
Would the U.S. risk that result?

George King

This is not a strategy by any stretch, the gloves are off and it is what is to be done now in the present. Time for talking and planning is over, US will lose this no matter what. Whether it is uncloaked as a boastful incompetent or a 90 lb weakling with a big mouth it will lose global support (or it’s terror grip on its vassals) and this will set the world free to return to the evolution of mankind.

Jihadist Devshirme ErdoBot

Oh yea? What Russia is going to do? Release another official statement and condemn US government like they did so far?
You know dear South Front you are just eye washing with your biased propaganda BS. Your controlled narrative is just misleading people. Until Ru$$ia man up and retaliate all of your BS proapganda will remain meaningless and worthless.


Hey Jihadi hows the weather in East Ghouta!

Jihadist Devshirme ErdoBot

Sunny. :)


“Mrs. Haley should understand that it is one thing to irresponsibly exploit the microphone in the UN Security Council…”.
She may be training at home with this microphone – in all positions …


The Yankee sabre-rattling in the UN has left a lot of envoys deaf. In many respects it reminds me of the lead up to the NATO, Izzy and Saudi implanted advisers being apprehended in Aleppo 15 months ago. So, have the dumb fucks been caught again in a trap of their own making? Yankee intel predicted the attack would come from the North-West. Consequently their proxies artillery pieces, mortars, etc were dug in and pointed in the wrong direction as we have seen from video clips. What does the large cache of French weapons mean in all of this? Lavrov states clearly that what Princess Nikki said in the UN is at variance with what is being said between senior military officials. Either way the Yanks are lying, which makes them even more unpredictable. Fortunately, Lavrov decided to tie down any straws that were believed to be floating around when the said; a Yankee strike on Syria will have Grave Consequences. Meaning the SAA have already captured NATOs embedded hostiles, there must be quite a few of them, probably a lot more than were found in Aleppo and High Ranking too: Launch Tomahawks = Grave Consequences. If you take their meaning…And let’s not forget either Damascus is defended by S-300 and 400 systems which takes in everything within 150 mile radius, so, Ghouta is also protected.

Brad Isherwood

Russia has missile defence and airpower in Syria which would scare even an F 22 pilot.
Instead, …US roam over Syria, …bomb where they will,
Shoot down Syrian aircraft.
Putin does nothing**
Israel/IAF attacked Syria for 6 years. ….only losing 1 F 16 I which probably got caught by Syrian Mobile BUK M2E.

If Putin wanted to really protect Syria, …
He would arm them with BUK M3, S 300,Su 27 upgraded for the new Gen AAMs.
Syria could then defend itself with these older Russian systems which have some teeth.

Instead. …they are just victim who get lucky once and a while.

Egypt. ….Russia sells Egypt awesome weapons.
Syria get Russia dollar store junk.

Steve Bell

The U.S. wouldn’t use F-22s, but submarines in the Med to launch its missiles, which is why a Russian frigate is on its way armed with anti-sub weapons.

R PLobo

The Russians do not want to attack US troops and certainly not be put in the position to have no choice. However, the zionist criminals have no problem sacrificing US goyim forces to start ww3. The question is – are there enough patriots in the US forces who will refuse to fight/die for the occultists. The reality is that the war in Syria is over – which means that the zionists and their entity are finished. The last desperate move for the globalists is to start ww3 – somehow they think a ruinous world war will spare them from their day of reckoning.

Richard M

Dr Zaius!


-Why is America in Syria? Because Putin gave them EXPLICIT permission to operate there- completely against the wishes of Assad.

-Why did Turkey INVADE Syria? Because Putin gave Erdogan explicit permission to do so, compeltely against the objections of Assad. See a pattern emerging here?

-Putin has forced Russia to vote in favour of every anti-Human British, American and French resolution at the UNSC. The low point was Russia, having been sanctioned by the West, voting FOR the West’s sickening package of sanctions aimed at ordinary N Koreans. Yet almost none of you here are bright enough to see the issue.

Putin plays the role of the MUSCULAR VICAR to the hilt. “Can’t we all just get along” he dribbles every time the Deep State does something awful. And his idea of ‘turning the other cheek’ is bending over backwards to give the Deep State whatever it wants, whenever it asks.

Was has this brought Russia? Respect? Treatment as an equal partner? An advancement of anti-war principles across our planet? Hahhahahahahahahahahaha!!! Yeah, right.

No, Putin has turned Russia into the CORNERED BEAR. No choice but to bare its teeth and remind people how hard it can bite. But by the time an animal is cornered, the psychology of those that have cornered it is NEVER to just let it go- NEVER!

Putin has backed Russia into a corner- Putin and no-one else. And now Southfront is blossoming with the dire warnings I’ve been pointing out for months now.

Perhaps you people want to get out more, and visit the forums where ordinary dribbblers hang out- the low-Q angry mob that sucks up the propaganda of the jewish mass media. They are SCREAMING for war with Russia. And that is all the Deep State needed. That the masses lost their fear of Russia, and their fear of nukes, and willingly choose to support the greatest evil planning and actions of the Deep State demons.

Many ‘good’ people helped to sleep walk the Human Race into WW1 and WW2 by acting as Putin has done against the ‘bad’ people. The issue is NOT whether Russia is tooled up to successfully fight a World War- it most certainly is, and the smartest Deep State forums rejoice in this fact. The issue is whether Russia’s superior WW fighting ability will successfully dissuade the other side from going to war- and now we know, thanks to Putin, it will not.


“Why is America in Syria? Because Putin gave them EXPLICIT permission to operate there” They don’t ask for permission, the Empire attacks country after country. If you resist – they attack you, this way or another. The only reason why Syria still exists is because Russia supported them.

“Putin has backed Russia into a corner- Putin and no-one else.” More nonsense, you are contradicting yourself. Like saying Assad forced America to attack him. Flawed logic and victim blaming basically……… Russia is the only (major) country that still resists. That’s why the Empire is so against them, all this insane, hysterical, warmongering hysteria is because Russia resists them, not because they serve them.


Putin invited them. This is hard fact. If Putin from the beginning (2011) were comunicate, that Syria is our ally and Russia is protector with nuclear arsenal, would not be go there.

Putin in reality has low formate, he has no idea what HAS to do the leader of empire.


“Putin invited them. This is hard fact.” That’s rubbish. When and where Putin said: “please the US come to Syria”? Huh? Syria and Russia are not formal allies, Americans first violated syrian sovereignty under the pretext of “fighting” against ISIS.
The empire? Russia is not USSR. You can’t just threaten with nukes every day, he is already a “bad guy” in western media. Yeah and I’m sure you know better than Putin lol

Steve Bell

The only pattern to see is your obsession with Putin. Did he kick your dog?

Floyd Hazzard

Russia should not release unto NATO the location of their troops either. They are there lawfully, all NATO actions are unlawful. Only Americans think that they can write laws in their country and apply it to other’s countries. That’s some crazy $#!+. Just like how they continue to blame Iran for shipping arms to Yemen but at the same time entertain and arm the invading Saudis that extort and torture their own citizens, seizing their properties and financial assets to pay for those arms. Everyday the west sink lower into the defeneration cesspool. You would think at least they would have limits.


This guy has been talking way to much. His basically obsessed with the Microphone and US mentioning


East Ghouta is the tipping point – it is well inside Syria proper and NATO can send warplanes or cruise missiles but either will see a Russian response – from ground based Russian electronic and hardware systems.

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