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Lavrov: US Is Trying To Slow Down Return Of Refugees To Syria


Lavrov: US Is Trying To Slow Down Return Of Refugees To Syria

AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis

Washington is trying  to slow down return of refugees to Syria by refusing to participate in restorcation of the country’s infrastructure, Russian Foreign Ministery Sergey Lavrov said on August 20 as he met with his Lebanese counterpart Gebran Bassil.

“The United States is trying to artificially slow down the process of the refugees’ return by refusing to participate in the restoration of infrastructure in Syria. A few days ago, Washington hosted a meeting between [UN Special Envoy for Syria] Staffan de Mistura and [US Secretary of State] Mike Pompeo, and the State Department used the phrase ‘it is premature to even discuss the restoration of Syria’ in the statement following their talks,” Lavrov told a press conference after a meeting with Bassil.

The Lebanese foreign ministery said that his country supports Russia’s initiative on Syrian refugees and hopes that it will be employed.

According to Lavrov, Russia is “in touch with the Syrian government” and with those countries that have hosted the refugees. He  further noted that Moscow aspires refugees to return their homes as soon as possible.

On August 15, Russian Foreign Ministry representative Nikolai Burtsev said that about 11m Syrians are currently considered forcibly displaced persons, 6m of those have become refugees within the country.

The Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance is actively working to improve humanitarian situation in Syria and to allow displasted persons and refugees to return to their homes. The ongoing humanitarian efforts are one of the key factors behind a successful implementation of reconciliation deals in many key areas across the country.

People understand that in the areas controlled by the government the humanitarian situation is being improved and the infrastructure is being restored.



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