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JUNE 2023

Lavrov: Syria Truces Allowed Terrorists Add 7,000 to Ranks, Get Arms & Munitions

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Lavrov: Syria Truces Allowed Terrorists Add 7,000 to Ranks, Get Arms & Munitions

Commenting various proposals of “humanitarian ceasefires” in Aleppo city, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that short-term truces had helped terrorists resupply munition and get reinforcements.

“The main issue is not that there’s anyone unwilling to alleviate the humanitarian situation, but it is of utmost importance that terrorists would not be getting reinforced with militants, guns and munition supplies under the humanitarian aid disguise,” Lavrov said.

Lavrov reminded that Russia and the US had managed to enforce 48/72-hour truces in various parts of Syria before.

“The main results of those pauses was an insignificant relief in the humanitarian situation, while terrorists added 7,000 people to their ranks, not to mention huge amounts of arms and munitions they received,” he emphasized.

The Russian FM added that a Western plan to drop supplies from the air does not appear very realistic and said that such a step should be agreed upon with the official Syrian government.

The remarks were made at a press conference that followed a meeting with Germany’s Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, at Urals Federal University in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg on August 15.

Steinmeier opposed Lavrov and said that Russia has a “special responsibility for Aleppo, especially when it comes to providing humanitarian access” and urged for a longer ceasefire in Aleppo city:

“Aleppo residents are going through a real humanitarian catastrophe.”

“The city is constantly shelled, this cannot continue. We need to have a constant humanitarian corridor.”

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I can not say these truces that keep on happening appear at all sensible. There have been several. They seem to come just when things seem to be going well for the SAA. They always puzzle me as it seems predictable that the anti Assad forces will use them to regroup and reinforce if they can.

I assume there is a lot more going on that I am aware of. There is probably a complex political situation that is only understood by those in Syria. That said these truces do seem rather ill advised.

Jens Holm

Assad regime can regroup too. Russiand might not have more ammo and need that break. Pilots sleep too.

Agree, very complex situation – but not only in Syria.

Somehow I expect some big changes – but its just a feeling – No facts. Assad on vacation inspecting Gulag – ISIS leaders on vacation in Orlando or Guatanamo…


Assad “on inspection” of what “gulag”, idiot? Just can’t get rid of the Western neocon brainwashing, can you?

Jens Holm

Dont You have Internet ??


I agree, they were implemented at the worst times, just when the SAA were propelled to new heights, particularly in Latakia. The goal of them, and success, was stopping conflict in many parts of the country, particularly the southwest, the whole Daraa area as well as the entire northern Hama line. Both have been relatively quiet ever since, so the ceasefire was worthwhile to some degree, allowing the SAA to move men from these areas to enable offensives elsewhere, like at the Mallah farms. At the same time, yes the militants have used the quiet to do as the article said, massing more troops and enabling them to achieve huge gains, so overall, probably not the best idea.

For this war to end, Russia needs to reassume their role a year to six months ago, of utilising a vast number of fighters to propel the SAA forward. This needs to correspond with the Iraqis taking the Syrian-Iraqi border, denying reinforcements to either country. Along with the Kurds taking northern Syria and shutting the border, ISIS will have no route to the outside world and will be doomed. Then the SAA can focus their entire force against Idlib and Aleppo, bolstering by the Shia militias in Iraq helping out. With concerted effort, peace could be returned to Syria and Iraq within a year.


The stupidity of Russian has no limits. They are so hardheaded that is pathetic. They will never learn. They fall in the same trap over and over again. Maybe it their genius. They must scare of confrontation since U.S. sunk their Kursk submarine that they accept anything, just to save their asses. Disgasting.

Jens Holm

US certainly not sunk Kursk, They did and even told all the familys, there was still hope, knowing it was exploded. very bad memory or well done censurship.



If you’re trying to be an american propagandist here, you should at least learn to spell – your english sucks.


He’s just an anti-Russian Scandinavian jerk regurgitating Western MSM talking points, that’s all…

Jens Holm

Its antirussian to tell the trueth. If it was anything else from other countries as well as my own, it would be samme thing.

I have never for we should be in W.E. at all. More like – if anything should be done – af fence around – only food in – and only oil come our.

My country is a part of Nato – good guessing.


You don’t know what ‘the truth’ means slave, you’re just repeating some laughable idiotic antirussian propaganda and 100% LIES. The truth is your country is a pathetic vassal. Can you handle the truth? I doubt it.


Not sure but I think he means that even though the us knew the sub was exploded they tried to use the “still hope” excuse to try and get in on the rescue. No fan of us indoctrinated or paid trolls myself but just giving the benefit of doubt to non native english speaker. Native to english myself but me typing in Russian is probably worse than his english lol. Learning to speak, read, and write in a second language is a challenge to say the least.

Jens Holm

I`m not. Its very well known that Kursk sunk by russiand themselves. and has been known for many Years.

K-141 Kursk (full Russian name Атомная Подводная Лодка «Курск» (АПЛ «Курск»), Atomnaya Podvodnaya Lodka “Kursk” (APL “Kursk”), meaning “Nuclear-powered submarine Kursk”) was an Oscar-II class nuclear-powered cruise-missile submarine of the Russian Navy which was lost with all hands when it sank in the Barents Sea on 12 August 2000. It was a Project 949A Антей (Antey, Antaeus; NATO reporting name “Oscar II”) submarine.

It was named after the Russian city of Kursk, around which the largest tank battle in history, the Battle of Kursk, took place in 1943. One of the first vessels completed after the end of the Soviet Union, it was commissioned into the Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet.

Rescue attempts

Though the British and Norwegian navies offered assistance, Russia refused all help.[16] All 118 sailors and officers aboard Kursk died. The Russian Admiralty initially told the public that the majority of the crew died within minutes of the explosion, but on 21 August Norwegian and Russian divers found 24 bodies in the ninth compartment, the turbine room at the stern of the boat. Captain-lieutenant Dmitri Kolesnikov wrote a note listing the names of 23 sailors who were alive in the compartment after the ship sank.

Kursk carried a potassium superoxide cartridge of a chemical oxygen generator, used to absorb carbon dioxide and chemically release oxygen during an emergency. However, the cartridge became contaminated with sea water and the resulting chemical reaction caused a flash fire which consumed the available oxygen. The investigation showed that some men temporarily survived the fire by plunging under water, as fire marks on the bulkheads indicated the water was at waist level at the time. Ultimately, the remaining crew burned to death or suffocated.[17]

Russian President Vladimir Putin, though immediately informed of the tragedy, was told by the navy that they had the situation under control and rescue was imminent. He waited five days before he ended his holiday at a presidential resort in Sochi on the Black Sea. Only four months into his tenure as President, the public and media were extremely critical of Putin’s decision to remain at a seaside resort, and his highly favourable ratings dropped dramatically.[18] The President’s response appeared callous and the government’s actions looked incompetent.[19] A year later he said, “I probably should have returned to Moscow, but nothing would have changed. I had the same level of communication both in Sochi and in Moscow, but from a PR point of view I could have demonstrated some special eagerness to return.”[20]

Source Vipedia

So much for Dopermann Putin and all his doped athlet from sochi to brazil…

facts pls not hooliganism. I system like Yours can never improve if mistakes are correktes by lies and censurship.


Yep, your english sucks just like you… ‘I system like Yours can never improve if mistakes are correktes by lies and censurship.’ lol whut??! WTF that means????

What’s your system ya nato-nazi slave? You’re owned by yanks, facts. At least try to lear ‘their’ language, like a good little russophobic nato slave….

btw that shameful and disgusting decision is purely a political decison, nothing else, not even Hitler banned jewish athletes! -Just another proof that the United Satanic Antichrists are the most evil empire in human history, and you are blindly and obediently support their tyranny. Slave.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Angry because the Russians are right, isis man? What is your point? Best present your arguments against the Russians if you have some.

Jens Holm

Very rudiemtary argumentation. Go back to Your kindergarten og giev thre hospital phone back. In this, there is no need for blind hooligans. Things are not black and white. Russians are right sometimes – not always – as You presume.


you are a proper double-tongue westerner aren’t you Ivan?


Ivan is your daddy, a common name among you co-called croatians


No deal with the devil/great satan/USA… how many stupid mistakes and broken treaties you need Russia, your ‘western partners’ already lied you in Syria once (plus Erdogan as well), they’ll lie again – ask Yanukovich, ask Gorbachev.

Manuel Chrut

I’d say everyone is aware that the past truces were used by terrorists to reinforce and it would indeed look puzzling as to why did the Russians allow this to happen. My understanding of the situation is that it’s a very good PR for Russians; they did a lot (if not most) of the humanitarian work in the region, have shown real effort to seek peaceful solution (with non-terrorist groups at least) and all this is hard to dispute. This gives Russians some more diplomatic leverage.

Moreover, some rebel groups signed the reconciliation agreement during the cessation of hostilities in February and March. This sure took some pressure off SAA and even completely freed some towns from fighting.

And of course SAA used the breaks themselves. Not only to resupply their units, but also to redeploy its free forces elsewhere to start new offensives. I remember the moderate terrorists were complaining a lot during that time because SAA were hitting them that much harder whilst their would-be allies were enjoying the break. Divide and conquer.

Now the situation has changed. Terrorist forces are decimated after recent battles and Aleppo is surrounded. SAA doesn’t need the peace now, they need to finish off the terrorists and take their city back. Which could lead to an early end of the war. It’s funny how the western politicians started hollering for truce just as the jihadist offensive ground to a halt and their tunnel (for lack of a better term) into Aleppo is threatened. Yeah they could use a break right now! “The city is constantly shelled” and it will be if the terrorists are allowed to bring in more shells…


“Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that short-term truces had helped terrorists resupply munition and get reinforcements”

Then why did you agree to the truces (and force the Syrian government to do so too), you fools? It was obvious from the get-go that the truces were just a device to save the terrorist groups from annihilation, allow them to regroup, receive reinforcements from Turkey and get supplied by newer, better weapons like MANPADs, courtesy of the U.S. and Saudis. Because of that resupplying, Russia cannot even fly helicopters over the battlefield anymore!

How stupid are the Russian government, to believe the U.S. “truce-and-negotiation” tactic and call a halt to operations when their side is winning on the ground, over and over again? Is this “chess masterdom”?

Real Anti-Racist Action

Anyone who knows history, knows every time an opposing side to Zionist agrees to a cease fire. The USSA only wanted to cease fire to rebuild their strategy and rearm for a quick decisive victory on the globalist side. It happens over and over. Someone should write a lengthy article on this fact. If the USSA or Israel or the UK want a cease fire, it means you are effectively defeating them, and they need time to turn the tables on you. Their is no negotiation with the Devil, you just have to beat the Devil out right. Do not share breath with the Devil ever.

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