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JUNE 2021

Lavrov: Risk Of US-North Korea War Is High

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Lavrov: Risk Of US-North Korea War Is High

© AP Photo/ Lee Jin-man

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov believes that a risk that the US-North Korea conflict could turn into a full-fledged is high and this will lead to a large number of victims.

The risks are very high, especially regarding the rhetoric. We hear direct threats to use force. At the same time, US Secretary of Defense Mattis stated once again: Yes, this will involve a huge number of human casualties, and yet talks about a pre-emptive strike on North Korea, talks in Pyongyang, that it is necessary to strike the island of Guam, where several US military bases are located, do not stop,” Lavrov said according to the Russian state-run news agency Sputnik. “Of course, this concerns us very much.”

On Friday, US President Donald Trump tweeted that “Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should North Korea act unwisely,” hinting that Washington is ready for further escalation with North Korea.

On Wednesday, North Korea said that it was considering a missile attack near the island of Guam hosting several US military bases. The statement came after President Trump had threatened Pyongyang with “fire and fury” over its recurring missile tests.

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God Damn those Fear mongering (Mass Media) Sons of Bitches.
North Korea will NOT attack America. If attacks happen in Asia let other Asians be the Sheriff’s.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Mass Hysteria Media always seem to misrepresent and over characterize anything coming from NK and even will superimpose it’s own translations of the Korean language as an actual literal translation of. There seems to be a huge disconnect with reality and their version of reality which is best characterized by Orwell’s 1984 this is very reflective of present day US and what may be already an actuality in the US as we see the manipulation in the public is so easy to accomplish.

This is very disconcerting and disheartening to see in today’s world of access to other forms of media , which seem to only be of the entertaining media being accessed and used. While many let themselves be easily entertained thus a small minority have decided to access the alternative medias , which is only giving a small ray of hope in the darkness of the media today.

The saying is” we control what you are supposed to think ” seems to be what is expected of the public today, think like them be like them and promote the hysteria. The day and age of free thinking and logic is being censored with the internet trying to eliminate any dissent to the Mass Hysteria Media control, leaving many of the alternative sources isolated and censured. Thus they will be forced to toe the line of preventing dissent, opinion and cognitive thought.


Well said Terra Cotta Woolpuller, I have, for a long time suggested, ‘nobuy’ products or services advertised on the offending sites !
About a week ago, I saw a article that stated, that form of protest will soon become a crime to promote.!!
You Might notice, I am trying not to use triggering words? LOL..

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Home of the Knave , Land of new Decree ! Next will be no chewing bubble gum in public and an introduction of caning for not refraining from complaining.

Pave Way IV

The external-facing North Korean state press, KCNA, reported that the strategic force command was preparing a plan regarding Guam for submission to Kim. This was meant as foreign propaganda – no mention of this was made inside North Korea.

Kim is the one who has to ‘consider’ anything and has not even seen the plan. He doesn’t need one – he can order his forces to launch missiles at anything today. The announcement came after the B-1B attack exercises near the North Korean border this week, The B-1Bs came from Guam – that’s the only significance.

This supposed plan will be (according to KCNA) to fire warning shots around Guam demonstrating North Korean missile capability. It says nothing about attacking or destroying anything on Guam. If they do it, it will be billed as a missile test, not an attack. The message to the US is that they could attack Guam in the future if they see continued military activity indicating an imminent invasion of North Korea from Guam.

I’m curious why Lavrov would phrase this as “…talks in Pyongyang, that it is necessary to strike the island of Guam…” when the North Koreans specifically worded the announcement to say their intent would NOT be to strike Guam, but international waters 40 km from the island. Now the US is certainly going to consider any missiles flying towards Guam as an attack on Guam itself and shoot them down. North Korea knows this. I think the point is to emphasize that US B-1Bs simulating attacks on North Korea could be considered the same way as ‘testing missiles’ near Guam.

Guam is a busy place – they are expanding the base to accommodate about 5000 Marines and dependents leaving Okinawa bases in a few years. It’s a major transit hub and layover spot for US military flights to/from the far east. The US Navy expanded the ports there. No idea if North Korea has any intelligence about what’s going on in Guam, but they didn’t need any regarding the B-1B exercises. The USAF itself publicly reported that some of the bombers in the exercise were stationed at Guam. Threatening to ‘warn’ Guam has less political repercussions to North Korea (relatively speaking) than threatening US bases in South Korea or Japan. It’s still going to draw a response from the US as if it was a direct attack on Guam, regardless of North Korea’s intent.


The anti American Jew cabal, along with their collaborators, is up to it’s eyeballs in the incessant US war mongering hegemony drive. That they profit from at the expense of the American people and humanity:

Neocon –

“The movement had its intellectual roots in the Jewish monthly review magazine Commentary, published by the American Jewish Committee.”


List of prominent Jewish Neocons

Nigel Maund

Once again the US feels compelled to plunge towards war by its “Deep State” who are hankering for a full blown WW3 to hide the gargantuan scale of their crimes in engineering the imminent financial holocaust, systematic financial rape of its citizenry and collapse of the US$ and, moreover, the immense scandals of paedophilia and child murders associated with so many of the DS members. No real effort has been made to meet with North Korea’s leader and reach some sensible compromise. Given he is at best a very difficult and essentially bad man, reaching a workable solution is never going to be easy However, all wars involve the deaths and maiming of countless thousands or millions innocent civilians and hence war has to be an absolute last resort. To date, it is way too early for the US to press the war button and one has to be aware of the nefarious machinations of the Deep State especially in the MSM where they brainwash the electorate systematically.

Solomon Krupacek

lavrov sould suggest his beloved safe zones :))


Lol, that would ruin the US phony pretext for war :D


North Korea just feel threatened that’s all. Just send in a diplomat to tell them, if you don’t attack we won’t attack and that’s the end of it. Of course I know this is not the big plan. People should just have some common sense. What would a small country like North Korea gain from war?

Langaniso Mhlobo

Any war which USA will wage will endangered Japanese,South Korea,China and Russia.The reality which the truth blind people dont accept is that USA which has lots of asset will suffer the most.USA have use nukes in Iraq and several countries but could not finish off as super nothing.All USA wars are still ongoing with lots of threat from Pentagon supremacists racist whites.All USA wars were created to test the USA weapons which end up in total failure.As long as USA is in Japan and South Korea the war will come cause by in the name of allies protection exercise.The war is long plan against Russia and China any first strike will be against them.By the way war consequences will outomatically involve them

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