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Lavrov: Idlib Military Plan To Be Designed In Accordance With Humanitarian Law


Lavrov: Idlib Military Plan To Be Designed In Accordance With Humanitarian Law

Sergey Lavrov. Image: Pavel Golovkin/AP

The Russian military and its partners will prepare a plan to deal with terrorists in the governorate of Idlib, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on February 16.

“We cannot tolerate forever this hotbed of terrorism but how to resolve this problem … it’s up to the military to design a plan in accordance with the international humanitarian law requirements,” Lavrov said at the Munich Security Conference, according to Pakistan Point.

The minister went on to reveal that Russia and Turkey had reached a new agreement, which should allow Russia and Turkish forces to conduct joint patrols within the demilitarized zone around Idlib.

“[On February 14, the agreement was reached by Russia, Iran and Turkey that] the military of Russian and Turkey, with the consent of the Syrian government, would try to establish a step-by-step approach, making several areas of joint patrol inside the [Idlib] zone of de-escalation,” Lavrov added.

A day earlier,  Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the new Russian-Turkish agreements on Idlib do not include a military operation. However, a recent report by Sputnik said that the Syrian army is preparing to launch a limited operation within the demilitarized zone.

Lavrov’s remarks cast more doubts on the fate of Idlib, where several terrorist groups are thriving. These groups will not likely allow the Russian military to patrol its areas, which mean that the new Russian-Turkish agreement will not be fulfilled, just like the previous ones.

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  • gustavo

    Ok, there is always a way to justify Russia helping Turkey at Idlib.

    • potcracker777

      ofcourse..Putin recieves orders …just as Turkey or the u.s puppets..the epicentrum of power lies in London..the british elite followed by their Junior Partners the khasarian brotherhood…which some call zionists!

  • potcracker777


    SAA….fuck the russians and turks…….get going…get started…..SAA has way more leverage on russia….the only Military russian bases outside russia are in syria…….get the attack started…the longer they wait, the more Problems they will eventually have……they shoulkd have pounded TAF Forces the day the invaded afrin!!!

    • jm74

      Reminds me where Lavrov and Kerry were deciding upon ‘good and bad’ terrorists and in the meanwhile the US boots on the ground increases as did their bases. SAA should finish the job asap.

  • Pave Way IV

    “it’s up to the military to design a plan in accordance with the international humanitarian law requirements,”

    FFS, Lavrov… a quarter million Syrians are DEAD and as many maimed. Millions had to flee their homes. Syria was nearly destroyed.

    Fuck international humanitarian law – the Wahhabi head-choppers in the idlib kill-box are guilty of genocide. Do the world a favor and Fallujah the place. Put any surviving western head-choppers on aircraft, transport back to their country of origin, and tell those countries that THEIR headchoppers are THEIR problem. Make it clear that if those countries refuse entry and return the head-choppers to Syria, they will be summarily executed right on the tarmac as they get of the aircraft.

    Don’t really kill them, of course. They’re still useful. Bus them back to Saudi Arabia to return the Wahhabi love to the Wahhabi clerics that created them and the al Saud paymasters that armed them. You won’t offend Muslims – they’ll help you do it. Wahhabi chimps are not muslim and the inbred al Sauds are not the legitimate guardians of the holy sites.

    • seawolf

      Relax man Russian have to finish the two gas pipe lines, then start pumping gas and then, only then, there will be a solution for Syria. How do they call it football? waste time !!!!!

    • jm74

      My sentiments also, stop trying to play by the rules where more innocent people die.

    • goingbrokes

      If everyone abandons humanitarian laws and conventions there will be none left. The thing is, those who fight for human decency must never relinquish those values for immorality. That way we end up with immorality everywhere. In fighting the enemy, we must never become the enemy.

      • Pave Way IV

        [sigh…] You’re right of course. Why would Russia want to become complicit in war crimes and genocide like my country, the USA? Since the US is already evil, how about if WE nuke Idlib (and Saudi Arabia, the UAE, etc.) instead, then turn ourselves in to the ICC? Oh wait… the US doesn’t recognize the ICC… who would have though?

  • jm74

    US and coalition solved the problem in Raqqa by destroying the city and making deals with the militants to leave. Maybe Russia should take a leaf out of the US book and acknowledge that the UN is ancient history and has been shelved for quite some time. Russia too interested in global opinion, why should Russia be concerned with it when the West/NATO is doing their utmost to take Russia down. Finish the job in Syria asp, regarding collateral damage; are terrorist families considered civilians?

  • Johan

    idlib is a terrorist abscess fed by Turkish pusher and jihad sponsor Erdogan. you can keep it alive longer but the burst will only get bigger and more stinky.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Turkish news has a story some of us may be interested in. It seems the meeting they just had on the 14th was way more successful than I expected it to be.
    Most of us won’t believe a coordinated effort by the Russians, SAA, and the Turks is possible in a any way shape or form, but I do. A combined SAA/Russian/Turkish effort against HTS and the other designated terrorist groups is now openly being discussed in Turkish media.
    When we hear the words “Assad can stay in power” come out of Erdogan’s lips, the combined SAA/Russian/Turkish operation will most likely commence soon after, that’s if it does at all.
    Most of us wrongly believe Erdogan wants to stay in Idlib but that’s incorrect, he really wants out, he just wants something in return for getting out.
    Idlibs a financial burden on Turkey that Turkey can’t afford, leaving Idlib to Assad would solve that financial burden, and also possibly get him something extra in return, from Russia, Iran, and Syria, or all 3, and it’d also free up his proxy army for more important things, especially if he wanted to break any deal he agrees to makes now sometime in the future and use those troops.
    The pre civil war Adana protocols were heavily discussed in these latest talks and the post civil war Astana agreement took the back seat, that means the post civil war Astana agreement is being superseded by the old pre war Adana agreement, or at least parts of the new Astana agreement are becoming, if not already become obsolete, or possibly it’s just that certain aspects of the Astana agreement are completely untenable to certain parties [I’m assuming Assad] and are being removed completely to accommodate the party or parties concerned.
    Russia/Iran/Syria have also asked for the complete restoration of friendly Turkish/Syrian diplomatic relations to the same level they’d had before the civil uprising/war. All parties want and need to start doing business together to survive financially, and it’s now in all the concerned parties best interests to restore them, so when we hear “Assad can stay” from Erdogan, we’ll know the meeting was completely successful, but we haven’t heard it yet.