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Lavrov: Douma Chemical Attack Staged By Foreign Special Services

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Russia has indisputable data that the April 7 Douma chemical attack in Syria was staged by special services of a foreign country, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on April 13.

“The mission of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons [OPCW] has set off to Syria not so quickly and without abundant enthusiasm but under our and Syrian pressure. It is due to arrive in Damascus in the morning of April 14,” Lavrov said. “We expect the mission to go without any delay to Douma where Russian specialists who examined this place have not found any confirmations of the use of chemical weapons.”

Lavrov emphasized  that Russi ahas “the irrefutable data that this [chemical attack] was staged.”

“And special services of a country, which is now seeking to be in the first ranks of the Russophobic campaign, were involved in this staged event,” Lavrov pointed out.

On April 7, pro-militant media outlets and activists accused the Syrian government of conducting a chemical attack on the town of Douma. Syria and Russia dismissed the claims. However, the US and its allies pushed the story further without any evidence triggering a large-scale escalation in the region.

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Suspects in order of likelihood: Israel, US, UK

jerry hamilton

I concur.


The World cannot forget US, UK and Israeli covert operation of 1980s in Afghanistan, in which several Afghani leaders and key politicians murdered but then Afghani leadership went to Russia and Russia truly helped them so much that they have lost their own Soviet Union integrity. This is called sincerity. Of 1980s war Pakistan military leadership the idiots were allied with US, UK and France against Afghanistan and Russia.

Then in 2011 US and UK threatened Pakistan that soon we will attack Pakistan. Then Pakistani leadership went to Russia. Putin assured them that don’t worry as long as Russia exists nobody can harm Pakistan. US, UK and Israel have murdered 300,000 Syrians in covert operation and now Russia defending Syria.

Brother Thomas

Add France to the list. They rushed to point a finger at Russia over Skripal, and now are in the forefront in advocating military action in Syria. Perhaps Macron has done a “Sarkozy” and owes Assad a pot of money…


British SAS, possibly a woman, will look like a local Syrian and speak the language, chose then infiltrated the shelter. Planted a time release capsule with the same type of nerve agent as novichok- ie., another with a RUSSIAN development history.

White Helmets, a few hours later, were led to the scene of the crime.

White helmets then led SAMS people (SAMS is a CIA front posing as a medical NGO) to the victims. SAMS took blood and tissue samples and immediately sent these out of Syria to waiting labs in the West for forensic analysis.

The results of these lab tests have been presented by the Americans and British to other government heads to build the anti-Syria coaltion.

AND I’VE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR DAYS NOW. My words carefully ignored (ask yourselves why) by the regulars on this site.

neil barron

You idiot you think I believe your rattle? forensics are not done in your time frame keep talking out of your ass.


The scenario that is presented by Lavrov is probably the correct one .That squealing from the West over this non event is probably because there has been advisors , probably American and British ,to the Jihadists that have been captured .

Kell McBanned

That would go some way in explaining the assasanations within the leadership of those wishing to surrender.


“We have game-changing intel we’ll reveal any moment now” — what is this, Alex Jones? Name names; put the docs online; *stop waffling and tell the world you WILL fight*.


They revealed an interview with doctors from the only hospital in Douma. The doctors are not anonymous and have provided their names. There is also a rumors that British soldiers were captured in Ghoutta, maybe that’s part of the evidence. We will have to see if that’s true by video confessions and see if these soldiers will be officially turned over to Britain. Also OPCW under Russian protection is on it’s its way to investigate. But considering that the information came from the white helmets who’s headwuaers are in U.K. and receive afficial U.K. government funding and who only operate in terrorist strongholds I would say that they are just terrorist members who put a white helmet on when they film fake propaganda videos. If you need more evidence search for a journalist – Vaness Beely and her reports on Syria.


Rumors of killed/captured Imperial orcs (the more the better), *never* confirmed, are just another way of putting a brave face on things when the Dark Throne has had its way. And if they existed, why should they even be returned? They’d be legitimate prisoners of war who can and should be legally held *until the Empire backs the hell off and stops attacking Syria*. All this rhetoric only shows to me how at the hour of truth, the Russian block lacks all conviction, which predictably causes it to fall short again and again.


The consequences of all of this as I’ve suggested before is primarily financial. However, there are of course serious military repercussions as well. With the Yanki saber rattling adding to the the media beat of war, it seems SAA ground forces are having to make tactical retreats due to the lack of air cover. So, this state of chaos suits perfectly the Yanki Zionist warlords. Russian A/F needs to nip this problem before it gets out of hand

paul ( original )

I don’t think proof makes any difference to the west. The west just says whatever it wants to say. They neither care nor have any shame,.In fact lying is their total occupation. It is the sole job description for a western politician. The time for words is over, only blood and steel will save us now.


Agree with your first sentence. The Yanki Zionist Warlords want war and they will lie, cheat and use all means to get the war. The poor babies, toddlers and mothers murdered in Douma etc., forgetting the 500,000 children they starved to death in Iraq. This is and has always been about a Bigger War to satisfy Yanki/Zioni MIC appetite for bigger profits before their Paper Empire is burned down. Which is not something they even suspect because they are “exceptionable”.


Well, we ARE exceptional. We are so exceptional that the world hungers for our “leadership.” For example, the world can NOT get enough of the leadership of Nikki Haley. Even when I travel abroad as an individual I see that foreigners want to know my opinion on stuff. I tell them to help them build an inclusive and democratic nation.

You can call me Al

“Russia has indisputable data that the April 7 Douma chemical attack in Syria was staged by special services of a foreign country”

Hold on, is this not implying that there actually was a chemical attack ?, which is contradictory to recent news that stated that the Russian investigators found no trace of an attack; or I reading it or interpreting it incorrectly ?


Drink your coffee, “staged by special services”, you know the White Helmet jihadists.

You can call me Al

OK cheers.

Jens Holm

Its about facts not helmets.

You are sending from Kursk ?


Noticed that too. However, I believe it probably was a bad translation. Suspect it should read “the supposed chemical attack”, or we have been misinformed. Then there is the SAA have not entered the area of Douma where this attack took place. Language seems a bit loose….

You can call me Al

Yes, I think you were right …thank you.

The chemical attack…blah blah was staged by…


‘Staged’ means it’s not real.


“Staged attack” is not an attack – it’s a fabrication, pure theatrics. Only question is if the actors used CWs or just some cosmetics and creative video editing…Having said that, I’d really like Russians to produce some evidence of western involvement – it’s time to quit with diplomatic niceties, people Lavrov deals with wouldn’t be able to recognize diplomacy if it jumped up and bit them in the ass anyway…

You can call me Al

Yes and No, in correct English in can be either and if the article had stated “”the attack had been staged” as opposed to the “staged attack” – there is a slight difference in meaning – BUT I was wrong, hands up and my apologies.


Oh a “language nazi” – I see ?…

Sergey Tokarev

Staged: two meanings. First, false flag. Second, sham, pretence.

You can call me Al

Yes, but three, someone else staged the attack to blame others ie, an attack occurred but evidence points to others.

Anyway – I was wrong, I misinterpreted it, my apologies.

Tudor Miron

He’s saying that so called chemical attack was fake staged with involvement of Mi6.


The Russian investigators filmed their inquiry into the chemical attack ( maybe on purpose ) but where taken to the wrong housing block where no sings where of a chemical attack.


The only way I can reconcile this is: real chemicals, real dead people, but a staged attack (not by soldiers/fighting trying kill their opponents, but by special services trying to blame Assad).

Ajdin Aksoy

Why doesn’t he name that country?

chris chuba

“And special services of a country, which is now seeking to be in the first ranks of the Russophobic campaign, …”

Yes indeed. He will have to narrow down that list a bit. Obviously the U.S. is at the very top of the list but other countries, wishing to ingratiate themselves w/the U.S. would do this.


He is a diplomat, not a prosecutor.


Very likely it is UK as it was reported UK special forces have been captured. That was why UK had been very quick to for UN resolutions for ceasefire and all those fake accusations. Even want to join the air strike … all because they could not get release of their special forces .

JP Leonard

Whoever these skunks are, they should be put on a show trial so the stink hits the world media fan and blows everywhere.

Kell McBanned

Do you have a source for the SAS being captured? i havent seen this but would be huge if true.


I have read it in a number of sources an even in south front , AMN . Anyway I just googled it one of which http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5605357/British-special-forces-soldiers-captured-Syria-Irans-official-news-agency-reports.html

The few hundred special forces were in East Ghouta to prepare for a large assault after air attack by israeli and US planes but the SAA and Russian actions with LARGE forces advanced so rapidly they were trapped and all their plans destroyed.

Russia moved first .. that’s Putin’s style again got west flat footed. Now we know why such a huge SAA forces were gathered to attack East Ghouta … All the facts fall in line.

Many of them went through disguised to go to Turkish areas through the evacuation agreement.

The UK/US also tried to engage Qatar to mediate to get those captured released but was told to deal direct with Syria to secure their release.

Well their pride I think is toooo great to do so .. and hence the anger and using fake CW attack the special forces were faking …as this story tells.

Now know why UK suddenly was so anti Russia?

Now you see why they are bent to give Russia a fight of the century .

Kell McBanned

Amazing stuff, certainly makes sense, nothing is really true until officially denied.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmkmTCx1VfU Another video about is just seen … British special forces captured.


I think the whole Skripal case was concocted out of concern for the possibility of UK special forces being trapped and probably to be discovered.

jerry hamilton

Possibly he doesn’t want to be accused of being antisemitic? I would go along with a British jew.

Jens Holm

Lavrov is so big, because a Putin clone is inside him – if it is a him and not an it.


Jen Sholm a troll


And special services of a country, which is now seeking to be in the first ranks of the Russophobic campaign, were involved in this staged event,” – that means MI 6, again. It’s high time some of their operatives start vanishing without trace – old school KGB style…


Gotta be UK he is talking about.


I agree.


Has to be the Brits, although, the Frogs and Izzis are well capable. Then again AJ likes the sound of his own voice, time to shit or get off the pot Alex. “Publish and be damned”

Kell McBanned

Yeah sounds like it, not what i would have thought but interesting.


The US Coalition have dug themselves such a deep hole to ‘mine’ the lies they attempt to sell to us all, that they can no longer get out of the hole without their populations being brainwashed enough to pass them a ladder.

Full Wartime Censorship is their last chance to survive.


All fake to give excuse to strike Syrian forces to help their proxies and special forces trapped .

Behold a Pale Horse


Kell McBanned

Must be talking about the British, MI6/SAS


3 suspects that come to mind: Israel, Israel, Israel.

Of all these, I think its Israel.

jerry hamilton

Which one. The Thieving Israel, the Lying Israel or the Murdering Israel?

M Baek

that little Britain has done it.


To brighten your day, the following is a quote from retired Marine Colonel Dick Black; “Throughtout our endless war against Syria, I’ve not seen one shred of credible evidence that the gas attacks originated with the Syrian army. And I’m sick of us bombing Syria every time Qaeda’s “White Helmets” stage another false flag event……..ask why the gassing victims are civilians and never the terrorists themselves”.

num chucka

Your site is being blocked by Facebook. Will not let us share on our news page thedrakereport.com. can’t even share through messenger.


I’d like to see a perp walk on Rus TV of the UK “special services” types who were rounded up during their false-flag work.

Gregory Casey

UK military Special Forces (SAS) were embedded with Jaish al Islam in Douma. Rumour has it that a number were captured and are in the custody of Syrian Government together with a number of Israelis and Americans who were also involved.


You alone are responsible that you are treated this way. We don’t want you in Europe.


Looks like UK is in need of a new and able government. And please, no hooting chimps this time. It is so embarrasing to watch the debates in the cabinet, or should I say cage?


Time to point out to one’s idiotic, MSM-believing friends that no-one – including those who follow Foxtel – believes anymore that Iraq ever had WMD. So if it was a lie then, it’s probably a lie now. Colin Powell was a liar (a Bohemian Grove liar) and Nikki-the-bitch is also a liar. I wonder about her. Perhaps she’s an mk-ultra mind clone? How is it possible for someone to lie consistently with such conviction?

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