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JUNE 2021

Lavrov: Chemical Terrorism Threat Is Growing In Middle East

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Lavrov: Chemical Terrorism Threat Is Growing In Middle East

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Militants in Iraq and Syria have obtained technologies and capabilities to produce chemical weapons and the threat of chemical terrorism is growing, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the UN Security Council.

“There are serious concerns over the growing threat of ‘chemical’ terrorism in the Middle Eastern region, in particular, on the territory of Iraq and Syria,” Lavrov said on January 18, according to RT. “The militants not only use toxic chemicals, but also have their own technologies and production capabilities for the synthesis of full-fledged chemical warfare agents as well as established and branched channels for accessing the precursors.”

The minister also criticized a number of Western nations that ignire the use of chemical arms by militants, making groundless accusations against the Syrian government instead.

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Syria insider

After afrin and Kobani The Turkish Army has attacked the Syrian not so democratic forcee in zuhairiya and kharab rashick villages. in the deric region.


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The Deep State NORMALISED the ‘rebel’ use of chemical weapons in Syria- under the old idea that once that particular ‘genie’ has been let out of the bottle, it can never be returned. Same with the recent ‘homemade’ satellite guided bomber drones.

SF of the 1950s freaked out about rogue use of biological agents- and chemical attacks are a close cousin. You ferment the agents of both in small labs, with the assistance of a very few ‘experts’.

Look, when Tony Blair invaded Iraq, the ‘resistance’ fought back with dignity. Then the inteligence agencies of the West went to great efforts to get the ‘resistance’ to use ‘terror’ tactics like SUICIDE BOMBINGS- something Iraq had never witnessed in the past. Blair wanted the terror for Iraq was to be the crucible of ISIS- Blair’s pseudo ‘islamic’ terror organisation that was actually run by Saddams’ SECULAR ex-military leaders- imprisoned and recruited during Blair’s invasion.

EVIL Empire Nations have a history of using terror in their proxy wars. Or directly. Winston Churchill PROUDLY used poison gas against the ‘sub-Humans’ of Afghanistan for instance.

Much of the wahhabi terror in Syria used local high-quality engineering of amazing ingenuity. Getting ‘smart’ people into the terror pipelines is essential for these demons. Did you know that in the 1950s/1960s, popular TV shows always had the master terror bomb-makers as JEWISH- and these shows were produced by Jews. Jews were PROUD of their terror skills at the time (and still are today).

The demons have once again ensured their is a KUDOS to the best masters of terror engineering. And as Puin observed with the recent failed drone attacks, the teachers of these terrorists are the intelligence agencies of the West.

But the big picture is this. The Deep State wants to be UNRESTRAINED in its coming war on Iran. No protocols, no restrictions. Just a holocaust using all means short of big nukes. Chemical weapons- YES. Biological weapons- covertly but YES (disguised as pandemics arising naturally from the consequences of war). ‘Small’ Nukes- a thousands times YES. The Geneva and Vienna Conventions have been binned by the USA recently- no coincidence. America now describes all its enemies, in uniform or not, as ‘terrorists’ denied any legal protection or remedy.

Smart people have always called this phenomenon a “DEVIL’S BREW”. A time when all rules vanish, and all that matters is that the end justifies the means. You literally cannot believe what is coming.


Its so sad, but its ALWAYS the same shit. They say History repeats itself, actually it is but the People behind the Curtain repeat the same history because history is not teached properly in schools or universitys. We all need big help from something against this Useful-Idiots.

Expo Marker

The US once armed Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons to use on Iranian people and Kurds in north Iraq. Now Saddam is gone, but militant groups now are in the same position as Saddam was 38 years ago.

No group in the middle east seems to understand that one day the US supports you, and the next day they will try to kill you.

Astar Roth

Based on those false accusations, they actually invaded Iraq. And look Iraq now.
Same scenario was implemented in every country they ‘libertaed’.
And, of course use of Wahabie evil cult.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This has been said all along about the terrorists using chemicals , the way has never been discussed about how they got the technology and expertise in this area since some are way beyond simple garage and home chemicals.


Fact is the ONLY party not allowed to use chemical weapons is Assad

Others , ok no problem. No issue.

The moment based only on suspicion , Assad uses Chemical weapons, all hell will break lose …. from whom you all know
Otherwise quiet as a mouse even when proven to be true

Yet Assad is winning…

Astar Roth

They’re moderate ones, you know…
Last April, Syrian af get precise ammunition from Russians, and what was American answer to that? They lost their minds and fired 53 cruise missiles to Al Tanf airbase with little or no effect.
They tried to ‘warn’ Russia to not give them more. But, Russians said ‘I don’t give a fuckk what you gonna do next, we’ll privide them with some more’.

And Syria is winning ?.

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