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Lavrov And Tillerson Discuss Situation In Syria, Ukraine

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Lavrov And Tillerson Discuss Situation In Syria, Ukraine

Photos: AFP

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his Russsian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, held their first meeting during a G20 summit in Germany on February 16.

Lavrov said his first meeting with Tillerson was productive.

“On all those issues, our American colleagues said they’re interested in joining the efforts that are made to overcome those conflicts,” Lavrov told journalists, adding that the sides “confirmed mutual interest, coinciding interests, first of all regarding the outright battle against terrorism and the political settlement in Syria,” as well as cooperation on other nations in the region “where terrorism took root.”

The Russian foreign minister added that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is ready to support Syrian peace talks in Astana.

Tillerson and Lavrov also discussed the situation in Ukraine.

“As we search for new common ground we expect Russia to honor its commitment to the Minsk agreements and work to de-escalate violence in Ukraine,” the US Secretary of State said after the meeting.

The sides didn’t discuss anti-Russian santions imposed by the Obama administration.

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Douglas Houck

Sounds like a good start, and that some form of an understanding between the two countries is still in the cards.

Brad Isherwood

Or Molotov is talking with Ribbentrop. …

Douglas Houck

That was still an understanding. ?
I’m not sure you can divide the world up as they used to. We’ll have to wait and see.

Brad Isherwood

Hitler and Ribbentrop deceived Stalin and Molotov,
The non aggression pact. ..
Last train from Russia crossing in from Poland,
And. ….Attack.

Putin should delay Nordstream 2 as long as possible. ….

Douglas Houck

Man, I don’t know. To me Nordstream 2 is a win for Russia. It eliminates the US from selling LNG to Europe resulting in an economic hit to the Americans.

The Russians would still be in the driver’s seat on supplying the gas and it dooms Ukraine.

Brad Isherwood

Of course !
I’m just pointing out that Empire is as untrustworthy and treaty breaking as the
The Turk pipeline to Europe might get pillaged via each country that passes thru,
Just as Ukraine Oligarchs pillaged the Russian nat gas before Europe got theirs.

Poland will stroke out over Nordstream 2 : )

Ukraine Nat gas reserves are really low,…rolling electric blackouts soon,
Still owe Russia big coin on past gas contracts/loans.
Europe will have what amount of nat gas to supply Ukraine?

John Whitehot

Ukraine is the only country that “pillaged” gas lines (with Yushenko president). Other countries tend to know that is a detectable feat and that it’s not in the interest of the buyers.

John Whitehot

I doubt americans would enter the EU market, without pipelines transporting gas thru the atlantic is way too costly to be economical. Of course the wahabist and zionist loving Obama administration supported the plot made by Qatar and Saudia to build pipelines through Syria and Turkey. Assad denied permission, so he “had to go”.

Douglas Houck

Here is what President Al-Assad said about the Qatar pipeline (tube) from an interview to Russia’s Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper in Oct. 2016

“Question 10: Before this so-called revolution, I’m sure you got offers from your present enemies; some kind of offers, some kind of deals. What they wanted from you? I heard, for example, Qatar wanted to make tube through Syria. Is it true or not? You got some kind of offer before?

President Assad: The offers started after the crisis. Journalist: Ah-ha, okay. President Assad: Because they wanted to use the crisis; “if you do this, we’re going to help you.”

Journalist: But what they wanted from you?

President Assad: But before the crisis, it wasn’t an offer; they wanted to use Syria indirectly. Not offer, they wanted to convince us to do something. The main issue was, at that time around the world, was the nuclear file of Iran. It was the main issue around the world, and Syria has to convince Iran to go against its interests, that time. France tried, Saudi Arabia wanted us at that time to be away from Iran with no reason, just because they hate Iran.

Journalist: But what about this tube? It’s real that they wanted to make gas tube through Syria?

President Assad: No, they didn’t talk about it, but because Syria was supposed to be a hub in that regard, of power in general, a tube coming from the east; Iran, Iraq, Syria, Mediterranean, and another one from the Gulf toward Europe. I don’t think the West will accept Syria – this Syria, Syria’s that’s not puppet to the West – it’s not allowed to have this privilege or leverage, it’s not allowed. So, we think this is one of the factors that they didn’t talk about it directly. After the war, the offer was directly from the Saudis; that if you-

Journalist: Directly from who?

President Assad: From the Saudis.

Journalist: From Saudis.

President Assad: If you move away from Iran and you announce that you disconnect all kinds of relations with Iran, we’re going to help you. Very simple and very straight to the point.”


I was ok until I read “we expect Russia to honor its commitment to the Minsk agreements and work to de-escalate violence in Ukraine”. He obviously has no idea what is in the Minsk agreement.


Same here. Not only has he not read the Agreement, but, he also has no understanding that the US and UK were left out of the talks and agreement for a reason. Russia, Germany and France are guarantors, so surely, he should also include Merkel and Hollande, with regards what they aim to do to make sure Minsk II is implemented.

Why did Merkel and Hollande run to the Kremlin, besides, knowing that nobody could eavesdrop on the conversation? Who were stuck in the cauldrons?

Where does it state what Russia has to do, in the Minsk II Agreement?

Minsk agreement on Ukraine crisis: text in full
Read a translation of the full text agreed upon by the leaders of Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany, and signed by pro-Russian separatists, on Thursday… http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/ukraine/11408266/Minsk-agreement-on-Ukraine-crisis-text-in-full.html

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