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JUNE 2023

Lavrov: All Non-Syrian Forces Must Be Pulled Out Of Southern Syria

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Lavrov: All Non-Syrian Forces Must Be Pulled Out Of Southern Syria

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On May 30, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that all non-Syrian forces must withdraw from the de-escalation zone in southern Syria, which was established by the US, Russia and Jordan in July of 2017.

“As regards the confrontation between Israel and Iran in Syria, we have agreements on the southwestern de-escalation zone, these agreements have been reached between Russia, the United States and Jordan. Israel was informed about them as we were working on them. They [agreements] stipulate that this de-escalation zone should consolidate stability, while all non-Syrian forces must be withdrawn from this area. And I think that this should happen as soon as possible,” Lavrov said at the Primakov Readings international think tank summit, according to the Russian news outlet Sputnik.

Local observers believe that Lavrov was referring to Iranian forces and the Lebanese movement Hezbollah. During the last few days, several reports have speculated about a new “Russian-Israeli agreement” under which Iran will be pushed 60km away from Israel’s border.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman will travel to Moscow to meet with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on May 31 in order to finalize the details of the new agreement, according to numerous sources.

Supposedly, the new agreement will allow the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to launch a large scale military operation to recapture areas along the border with Jordan and the contact line with Israel. On May 26, the US warned the SAA from launching such an operation and vowed to take “firm and appropriate measures” in response.

If Russia and Israel manage to finalize an agreement regarding the situation in southern Syria, the US will likely retract its threats as it is only concerned about the Iranian presence in Syria, according to observers.

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Russie Unie

Fuck off Lavrov ! Iran, Hezbollah and Turkey must stay ! Ok for the so called “international” coalition but stop licking Netanyahu’s balls !



This is warning to Israel and US to withdraw their terrorist buddies from southern Syria including Golan Heights because soon they will start oppration there. For this operation SAA, Tiger forces and Russian advisors are enough. Russia and Syria will also give air cover to SAA and Tiger forces.

John Mason

Wishful thinking Rob or do you actually believe it? Not being a smart arse.


This is true because using their own tactics Russia have liberated 70% land from US, UK, France and Israel. The remaining 30% will also be liberated with in few months and eventually all Syrian hostages will be rescued from them.

John Mason

I suppose that is another way of looking at it.

Russie Unie

I’m afraid that Israel will never retire from Golan. Putin is playing a sucking game. Bibi was in Moscow for the 9th of May, except Kadyrov and Jirinovsky no one blamed officially Israel for its crimes in Gaza … The syndrom of zion is haunting around Putin. Erdogan is doing by the way a great job in Afrin and its suburb. Agreements with Israel is doing agreements with the devil !


“The syndrom of zion is haunting around Putin” What idiot. Putin is Orthodox Christian and among Orthodox there are no “zionist”. So you must rewrite your anti-Putin propaganda NATO-frog !


No its not

You can call me Al

F. me – spot on.

Len Zegelink

dictator erdogan go home .your country is a mess .


Are you French or Turk? Fuck off Macron and Erdogan and all NATO-ist French servants! Since when is Turkey friend of Syria? Turkey ” must stay”?? Why those criminals ” must stay”?! They are criminals and thieves like French. Fuck them ! Why would they “stay” if foreigners and not invited by Syria?!! Is that for you to cover up you NATO French objectives? French have no balls so nothing for Lavrov “to lick”.

John Mason

Since when is Lavrov the Syrian President? Throughout all this BS one never hears what the Syrians want. Starting to become rather suspicious this Russian tactics and looks more like the Russians have sold out to the Israelis/US. Wouldn’t surprise me if the US moves it’s Turkish bases to Syria with Russian blessing.


If it was his Syrian counterpart or even Assad, those words wouldn’t mean a thing at all for Israel, USA and the rest of the madmen of the world aligned with them. All the above, whether they like it or not know that Russia is the game master in Syria, and I don’t think that Russian decisions are contradicting or undermining the plan to restore Syria’s sovereignty in the long term. It just cannot be done all at once, this has to be understood. Many will say that the encroachment of foreign forces is rather deep in some occasions, but in reality you have to work with what you got and not with what you would like to have. And as for Russia’s motives, the campaign in Syria might have been rather small compared with what we have seen in the past, but it is certainly not cheap and carries political risk. Hence, I don’t think that Russia has made such an investment just to submit once more to the West.


Where would Assad and Syria be today if it wasn’t for the Russian intervention?

Would you rather see Syrians and Russians die fighting Israel and the USA or a diplomatic solution that sees Israel cease from striking Syrian targets and the USA moving out of Al Tanf without firing a shot?

The objective of this war is to put Syria in the hands of the Syrian people without starting WW3. Starting a war between Russia and anyone else in the region or instigating a war between Israel and Iran is a failure of the objectives of this mission.

Pride and anger take a back seat to what is pragmatic and practical. Russia has done amazingly well in this minefield of a conflict using a combination of diplomacy guile and kinetic force. I can’t think of any country navigating their way through a conflict as complex as this with enemies so entrenched in their hatred the way the Russians have managed this conflict. They have had nerves of steel and kept their dicipline throughout this conflict like no one I have ever seen.


Syria is dead. Don’t you see it ???

Where would Putin be taoday if it wasn’t 1 million syrian dead ???

Hard Hawk

i am sure you confuse syria with your mother who turn in her grave with what she produced.


Insults are for the weak and people wiothout arguments. But, I think that your mother and sisters are the biggest whores of your town. XD.

Hard Hawk

thank you for proving my point of your low mentality. And a statement of fact as far you are conserned is not an insult. the camel she given birth to you does tunr in her grave.


I answer an insult by an insult. So, let you mommy and your sisters make prostituion to pay israel taxes. XD.


Hh u r a jhouish Cyntcunt in isrealhell!@

Hard Hawk

well if your family name is reatrd all you have to blame is yur defective DNA none else.


Hey jhouish cunt…your jhouish DNA is what is defective from years of inbreeding ….that is why jhouish men like you have dead small crooked weiners from birth. You women has confirmed to having sex with other types of men while you work hard behind your hasbara keyboard….

Hard Hawk

yes jerk off, only I am not jewish idiot


???southern Christians…same shut different day

Hard Hawk

not a judeo-christian either moron. but by all means continue showing the amoeba you are, i am sure not only I laugh at your pathetic attempts to sound human.

Hard Hawk

very logical thinking and a good point of view.


Well presented! I can find no fault in your argument.

The Iranians and Hezbollah may have kept Assad in the game, preventing his overthrow, but its only thanks to the Russians that Assad is actually winning the war. And even that is relative of course, as for all intents and purposes the Russians are now running the war also. Assad’s actual influence seems to be mostly figurehead right now.


I just can’t get it for whom this guy is working. It is obviously anti-Russian side wherever it comes from. You have made good explanation BTW. I can’t keep my volume down when I see people spreading confrontation in perfidy way. But explanations like yours are much more useful…


Are you, John Mason, one of the free-Masons?


He is covering behind the name of a motivational author.


Hey Mason. For me it is a wait and see game.


Isn’t he basically restating what the Syrian government has already stated in regard to upcoming offensive in the south?


And you as US or UK citizen have 100% credibility? Why?? Since when US was ever negotiating with Assad or Iran or Hezbollah about Syria?! Russia is only their allay that has clout to negotiate such deals with US ( in accord with Assad of course ). What is your paid job in all this BTW? To create bad blood between Russia and others huh? Wouldn’t surprise me if you are paid for all your BS.

And you even say:”Wouldn’t surprise me if the US moves it’s Turkish bases to Syria” So you genius claim that Russia is conspiring with US against Assad !!? You heave decency to claim such rubbish, aren’t you bot?! (you even have 2 idiots upvoting that insanity ) Why all those dead Russians and destroyed aircraft you think that Russia would flush down the toilet everything they were building for decades?! All the prestige and respect they have around the world and for what? Did they sell Donbass as well? Why do I ask…”Of course they did” is your answer and Putin is US spy in your opinion of course. Why don’t you go to BBC or CNN or National Interest where your friends are?


If the turks try to move to Syria they will be killed. The syrian war is won by the syrians, the rest is delirious. Now, after 7 years of war, we can say that there is a real syrian army, able to do any war operation. All the fronts are actives, everywhere, and the resistance military operations are being intensified. You are 100% wrong and you aren’t listening the correct music,


Wise Gandalf

Since when is Lavrov the Syrian President?

From the beginning of friendly, international russian military help. Assad is now only tolerated dummy.


John….my problem is that you cannot trust any agreement which involves the US and isrealhell!!! Plus Pootin now takes direct instructions from Satanyahoo, so obviously Pootin will be seeking isrealhell interest FIRST AND FOREMOST!!!

John Mason

It surely does look like it.

John Whitehot

strange that he said “all non-syrian forces” and someone interprets it as “iranian forces”.


“all non-syrian forces” = all forces that are not from Syria

In other words SAA against Syrain “moderate rebels” and FSA only. With no other forces in the mix. No foreigners of any kind.

Richard M

What about the foreign volunteers that fill the ranks of HTS, FSA and Daesh?


Or dead or making green buses tourism.


Oxymoron?! You have answered your question. “Foreign” volunteers are not Syrians. What about them?

Hard Hawk

local observers……. which local observers. The ones in the coffee shop at the corner?

What are your sources?


Russia is doing a deal with israel. Yes, Syrians, rely on Russia to recover Golan Heights !!! XD.

As I said, it’s better for Syrians to expell Russia and work with Turkey.

Enough is enough.

Richard M

No deals with SHIT (Saudis Hashemites Israel Turks) Orcs.


The last thing Syria needs is to add another war front with Israel. The #1 thing Israel wants is an excuse to try to salvage their ISIS military wing in Syria. The have tried to provoke Iran and Syria into a war with them. If ISISrael is willing to risk some of their diaper army for this, they are desperate. ISISrael is like a mad dog in your living room. The best way to deal with it is let it thrash about until it is spent. ISISrael is getting badly out maneuvered by Russia. ISISrael’s time is coming and they very well know it. Just don’t let them derail the very successful anti-terrorist campaign being fought in Syria.

matew ivanson

hahaha will be pull my dick, fcuk Assad, Hezbollah and IRGC forces, Daraa and Quinetra wil not fall, go Free Syrian Army, IDF, Duvdevan, Ramon soldiers, USA corps, shiite bastards waiting road to hell

Hard Hawk

another hasbara idiot arrives to the scene.

cristi cristikosk

what a surprise! :D

Len Zegelink

says a usa scumbag .your trump kiss netayahu his ass filti scum.

Len Zegelink

you are a terrorist lover scumbag .go to hell ,white your nazi usa corps


Another Muslim that is defending Jewish interests? You have betrayed everything you could betray. People like you do not deserve to live. You should be shot like rabid dog.

Rafik Chauhan

no problem for time being all non syrian force should get out from syria and (only those force will stay which syrian goverment allowed in thier country lavrov should include this word). iran hezbollah is already at thier border. bcuz hezbollah already crated syrian hezbollah regiment within SAA and it will take not time to establish near the golan hieght. israe and USl is already pissing in the pants bcuz they know if Iran reaches at the nborder with israel they are finish.

Jonathan Cohen

This is why SAA needs to finish off ISIS in the East FIRST, with at least the overt cooperation of virtually the entire world and genuine help from Iran, Russia and Hezbollah, BEFORE sparking a conflict in the Southwest that will end most of the help and turn powerful forces into opposition.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I don’t get this guy. What about Jordanian and USA and Israeli special forces in Southern Syria? What about Israel out of the southern Golan Heights of Syria? Russians are 100% globalist Zionist. It is like they are the twin of USSA. The world just needs to get rid of the governments of the USSA, Russia and Tel Aviv and the UK. They are all of our enemies. All of them. Double speakers, secret deal makers, liars and double standards. I use to love Putin, now I see him as the snake he is just as all of the other Zionist leaders.


And who the fuck are you? Why would Putin or Russia care what the fart like you thinks or even why would anybody care? Instead of giving some proves in your slandering. You only express your personal opinion based on nothing. Like you are some world known expert on the subject. Do you understand word “foreigners” or you are totally retarded? ” Jordanian and USA and Israeli” are “foreigners” you mentally handicapped idiot. And you need no proves in anything you claim just jumping on conclusions! If Russia is good for Assad than that should be good enough for “friends” of Assad and Syria. And you are not the one.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

The only agreement Israel will respect is a baseball bat to their face.

John Whitehot

revenge for the USS Freedom! (or was it the Liberty).


Is Russia following Israel orders ? Any way, before this fool declaration, Iran made the announcement of none participation at all in Daraa combats. However, now Israel is saying…..”we kill any Iran people anywhere in Syria !!! ” “Arghhhhh”. Of course, Russia will allow Israel whatever she wants in Syria.

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