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JUNE 2023

Taliban Increases Attacks Against Government Forces Across Afghanistan

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The article is provided by Islamic World News exclusively for SouthFront

Reports have appeared that the Taliban has once again captured Mirza Ulang village from governent forces in northern Afghanistan. Mohammad Radmanesh, deputy spokesman of the Afghan Defense Ministry, denied these reports. However, the situation in the area remains tense.

The Afghan Army and security forces faced a lot of problems because of the increased number of attacks of the Taliban and ISIS across the country, especially in Jowzjan province.

The Taliban is rapidly expandin in northern Afganistan and there are a chance that more villages and towns will fall in the hands of the movement soon. Jowzjan Governor released a statement saying that if army reinforcements do not arrive, four cities, including Aqcha, will soon fall.

Local sources from the Cheharboolak countryside in Balakh province claimed that approximately 5000 families were displaced as a result of the Taliban activity. The Taliban is now advancing in the vicinity of Cheharboolak city.

Pictures of funeral of the martyrs of Mirza Ulang village:

Taliban Increases Attacks Against Government Forces Across Afghanistan

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Go Talibans. Expel the american terrorists.


oh look cheering on a bunch of women hating, head chopping, stoning islamists! Bravo!


No. Freedom fighters. They fight to expell the american terrorists.


Lol it’s not freedom when they force women to wear niqabs, throw acid on girls faces and enforce sharia


It’s freedom when theytry to expell the invaders. Who are you to tell them how to live ?


We try to use the same logic for Americans!

“it aint patriotism nor Humanitarian when your bombing innocent people in countries that have oil”

You see how the same dumb ass comments can be made in return u toothless, hick town, red neck?


“God bless America and not the world”! This is why u are hated! U see only red white and blue and too dumb to know anything different!


We didn’t bomb innocent people, you can’t wage clean wars.


U obviously havent seen the released cables! If u did u wouldnt have made ur comment! Would u like to see the video of innocents being killed WITHOUT MISTAKE AND IN PURPOSE? Id love to show u. Just to wake u the fuck up and pull that red white and blue dildo out of ur ass!


There are many instances in war where the invading armies mistake civilian establishments as military targets.


Dude, stop talking absolute bullshit! Ive seen the videos! Pilots of Apache targeting a building in suburb of an Iraqi city, literally sitting in the sky for 5 mins with cross hairs on the building waiting for Authority to shoot! Civilians walking past the building that are EASY TO SEE and instead of waiting maybe 20 seconds more or shooting 20 seconds earlier, its as if they waited for the perfect time for these civilians to walk infront of the building when they destroyed it! They even mention the innocents they killed without any moral dilemma.

Fuck it, why is it that when I say this shit nobody tries to FIND THE VIDEO THEMSELVES!!! Is it because u are in denial? Bias? So I must find it FOR YOU?? And when I do and u see it, what happens then? U say some smart ass comment like “oh thats war, there are always innocents killed”! WHICH IS EXACTLY MY FUCKING POINT! THE USA KILLS THE MOST OF ANY INNOCENT CIVILIANS AND WHEN THEY DO IT……. THEY DONT CARE, THEY LAUGH AND THEY EVEN DO IT DELIBERATELY!”

Now I expect an apology from you and I expect you to say “I’m sorry Justin, you were right and I was wrong”! But u won’t because YOURE A FUCK HEAD!




War isn’t all sunshine and flowers fool, there will always be civilian casualties.


Then why do u make up false claims about Russian’s bombing hospitals? Why?

Is it to be nice? Is it to gain advantage? Is it to be CUNTS?

What on earth would a nice country like the USA make up lies? WHY???

BECAUSE U DONT GIVE A FUCK! You just wanna win, win any way possible, win dirty, cheat, steal!

U might ask how can one cheat in a war?

Putin: “This is absolutely unacceptable, using terrorists groups for geopolitical gains”!


And I know u deny it because YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!

Thats why I say “fuck ALL Americans and not just their politicians” because ALL Americans think like u! Therefore u deserve to die! And dude….. u know you’re fucked! Fucked from the inside out! If u can’t see this then use a fool! Like I said…. debt political upheaval, (if they kill trump its all over) Left and right will tear each other apart! Ur wealth and companies are still shipping to china! ur debt! ur debt ur debt! Petro dollar is gone! As soon as Saudi Arabia stop selling their oil in US dollars YOU ARE FUCKED!!!!!!!!!! If u become a bully nation EVEN YOU CAN BE SANCTIONED!

Hey I’m fine, I’m from Australia, we can easily feed our own people! We have great relations with China! We are in the commonwealth so we are fine with trade!

Do u see ur cities slowly eroding? Do u enjoy “the richest country” status yet how many paid leave holidays do u get per year? What is ur health care like? What happens when nobody can afford private health insurance? u think the USA can feed 340 million people every day? Why would countries trade with u when u have 21 trillion debt and NO LONGER the reserve currency status and all ur companies shift over to CHINA!

dude, get it through ur thick head! ITS OVER! Enjoy ur last few years! U can laugh now (I hope u do) but u won’t be laughing soon my flag waving hick!

shortest living empire! 1946 to 2020!

Absolutely fucking useless!

Wy do u think all of ur rich and wealthy are buying land in New Zealand and Australia (Tasmania) Huh? Why??

and u sit here and still deny ur countries crimes!

U are a cancer, and we the Brittish Commonwealth are the cure! Goodbye Jewish Proxy child!


Because it’s Russia.


So why lie? Why does the USA need to make up lies? So we have lies, killing innocents in a “who gives a fuck attitude” We have fancy words for invading countries We have no UN mandates We have them Selling arms to Al-Nusra now proven with the Bulgarian report!

So u gonna sit here and say you are “Good guys”? huh?




Russia yes the soviets we went toe to toe with during the Cold War.


Did u see the video? Firstly they were not militants in the building! Secondly there was an innocent man just strolling past! They saw him! They didn’t give a fuck! There was no immediate threat inside the building. What about the cameraman they killed, and the car full of kids going to school passing by and the driver trying to save the man!

While US are safe up in their apache!

Just ASSUMING they were bad guys!

Invaders, killing innocent people “mistakenly” or with the “I don’t give a fuck” attitude and then the Brass COVERING IT UP! Then when its exposed YOU LOCK UP THE GUY WHO EXPOSED IT!

You are fucking rats! RATS! You work for Jewish interests! u have no souls! U worship celebrities! You “yeeee haaa” and “woooo” any dumb comment someone makes that makes no fucking sense!

You are on the inside of your bubble! We are on the outside looking in!

You know NOTHING of other countries!

9/10 people in the US didn’t know where Ukraine was yet agreed to go in and fight against Russians!

you are the dumbest people on the planet and u refuse to admit your wrong doing! You believe u are good people! u don’t even call ur invasions “invasions” or your bombings “bombings”

U call it “humanitarian bombing” “Regime change” “Enhanced interrogation techniques” “quantitative easing” (printing money)

u have an ally u fund in the 1980’s al-quieda And ur enemy in the 2000’s Then u arm then as the “FSA” in 2014

U give chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein your ally to use against Iran! who then uses them against the kurds Now u use the Kurds as canon fodder!


and u wave ur fuckin flag, invade countries with oil! You’re all scum! Dumb and full of scum!

The people literally believe anything its govt says so long as its sounds patriotic and the people can go “yeeee haaaa, woooooo”!

And we watch! We just sit and watch u dumb fucks kill, lie and steal!

Thats all u know! but u just turn ur head in denial and watch family guy and the Simpsons to subdue any thoughts about it!

The world hates u guys! Even your allies! You are pigs! We don’t feel sorry for ur people either because they are just as much to blame for being so wilfully ignorant!

Richest country in the world yeah? Then why such big gaps between rich and poor? Why so much spent on military and not on its people? Why so much debt?

Because u can just print money which has value? What if u lost the Reserve currency status? (the petro dollar) What then? What is ur paper money worth then when u have 21 trillion in debt? 340 million people and guns everywhere!


And believe me, this is coming!

And if u truly think u have allies, think again! Wikileaks is British intelligence! (u can laugh if u like but its true) This is why are fucked! “Divide and conquer bitch”

U are being domestically torn apart ON PURPOSE by your TRUE ENEMIES!

“We keep our friends close but our enemies even closer”

left vs right, political upheaval! Debt and threat of end to reserve currency status! A new world bank AIIB!

The end of NATO (u are losing Turkey)

u are being replaced by China! You’re done!

those bread lines u saw at the end of the soviet era in Moscow and the civil war…… Thats what is coming to u!

U think Mexico aint gonna want their land back?

U think Mexican people in the USA (11 million) aunt gonna cause some shit? What about blacks?

What about desperate people who just want to eat and survive? 340 million!!!!!!

what about those wonderful muslims?

YOU ARE FUCKED!!!!!! U think Venezuela is bad?


I’ll watch it on TV while I eat popcorn and think to myself “yeeeeeah, reap what u sow u fat cunts” (fattest nation in the world with the most incarcerated population by %)

u must be so proud!


Were you there when the bomb fell ? Sometimes Intel can be flawed but no one is going to waste munitions and time going after civilian targets.





Do you know about war ?


I know bullshit! Educate me on the invasion of Iraq and posing its POW’s is naked humiliating poses! Educate me on the part wear they have them walking around on all fours on a dog leash! Is that getting information from them when u pose that in photos? What about the man making a human pyramid on all fours? Or the naked man lying on each other all having bags over their heads while US soldiers lean over, smile and give the thumbs up to the photo they take!

Are u gonna say “oh, but thats different” Are u gonna say “Thats because of the horrors of war” Are u gonna say “Thats a part of the interrogation technique” Are u gonna say “imagine what they would have done to us”

Which excuse will u give me?

Innocents die in war yes! Then there is the “who gives a fuck” attitude “just blow em all up”! Dude u were caught red handed in those Wikileaks cables!

And u wanna sit hear and explain the water in which u are drowning in?



Saddam had to go, he was causing too much trouble with the region threatening oil supplies. Plus after 9/11 we had to go after our enemies!


What happened to the WMD’s dude? plan B “Saddam” had to go! hahaha


WMDs was the lie that politicians told to the American people to gain support from congress.

Justin Ryan

They were called the mujahadeen when the Soviets were fighting them! So I guess they were good guys then huh? Bad guys now! yeah? Just like Osama bin laden and Al-Quieda Good guys backed by the CIA then, bad guys during 9/11 but back to being the good guys when fighting against Assad and Gaddafi!

Seriously dude, u fell into a sticky trap when u made ur comment and showing an American flag! What u don’t get is the America is the bad guys! I mean….. u do know this right? even Russians knew that the Soviets were the bad guys! How don’t u know it about yourselves! But as always…. wilfully ignorant!



Exactly ! And it started before when the UK likewise supported the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt (the US took over from the UK)


“Even the Russians knew the soviets were the bad guys” – this is when I knew this guy is a complete retard.


Read a few books about the Russian Gulags and the Marxist terror that was responsible that was responsible for circa 20 million civilian deaths. The ruling elite in Russia at the time was almost exclusively Jewish. Atheist or otherwise.

These are the arseholes who now control America.


Hello? McFly??? Anyone home??? You actually think the Soviets and the Russians are the same thing? (If so, then I guess Germans are Nazi’s are too then right?) The Ukrainian’s weren’t soviets? Romanians? Czechs? Serbs? etc etc! It was called the “Soviet Union” and the Soviets took over Russia (Trostsky, Marx and Lenin were all funded agents) The most powerful nations in the world can only be defeated from within, not by armies!

THE BIGGEST VICTIMS OF THE SOVIET EMPIRE were the Russians! Christianity WAS DISSOLVED under communism! The Bolsheviks who took over the Russian Empire were Jews (funded by Jews)! Stalin was a Jew!

U think Russia wanted to go from the most free and rich country in the world and then decided to try out a little bit of Communism? Communism WAS INSTALLED!

Of course the Russians were victims and if u had half a brain u would know this too!

So as an example…. The Germans can be called victims of Nazi Fascism, the Russians of Bolshevism and communism, the Japanese of Imperialism and now the American empire is the victim of crony capitalism and Globalism! U lost control of ur govt! The left are Fascists! And you’re 20 trillion in debt

Your rein is over! Just like the others! And YOU and American are a victim of this shit that has taken over your govt! So just like the Russians, u will go from the most free and rich nation in the world to nothing! As all in history have done so! And yes, its too late! Thank God! We’ve had enough of you! (your govt which u can’t control)

Real Anti-Racist Action

The TALIBAN are the democratically elected government. They were democratically elected years ago, then the United Soviet States of America invaded and implanted the child molesters the ‘Northern-Alliance’ into a dictatorship roll ruling over the people like subjects. This is because the UK-Empire (who has invaded Afghanistan many times) needs to put down resistance to bring the whole world under the Mark of the Beast with future King-Harry helping Lucifer govern all life on earth for a time. http://faithandheritage.com/

Mateen Zaman

What can be done if Taliban enjoys killing American troops,if they are happy let them continue,while rest of the world is silently approving


100% agree! Invaders is what they are!

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