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Latest IMF Data Shows Russia Outperforming Germany And UK

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Latest IMF Data Shows Russia Outperforming Germany And UK

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Russian economic growth will exceed that of Germany, while the UK will go through a recession, as its economy was at its worst in over 300 years and is expected to perform even worse this year.

Written by Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

After the US-led political West imposed the most comprehensive sanctions in recorded history in an attempt to destroy the Russian economy, the most sanctioned country on the planet was expected to be isolated, economically devastated, with no access to high technologies of any kind and, most preferably, with an extremely angry populace, potentially causing protests and eventually a coup that would bring down the Russian government and bring about the “free and democratic” (i.e. compliant) Yeltsin-style puppet regime. And yet, despite nearly a year of this unprecedented economic siege, the Russian economy isn’t only still standing, but it’s even growing.

Russia’s trade exchange with the world is surging (by dozens of times in some cases) and, according to the latest data by the International Monetary Fund, it’s now expected to outperform both the United Kingdom and Germany, two of the leading European economies. The goal of making the Russian people quite angry was accomplished however – the Russians are furious at the political West and stand united in a way not seen since the Second World War, making the idea of a pro-Western coup in Moscow a perpetual pipe dream of the political elites in Washington DC and Brussels. Worse yet, if a coup ever happens, it would only bring more anti-Western political parties to power.

At first, the effects indeed seemed catastrophic for the Russian economy, with the ruble apparently in free fall and the stock market effectively shut down. However, after initially losing over 40% of its value, the embattled Russian currency didn’t just rebound, but also gained momentum and reached values higher than those before the start of Russia’s counteroffensive. And now, the latest IMF forecast predicts that Russian economic growth will outperform that of Germany, while the UK will go through a recession, as its economy was at its worst in over 300 years and is expected to perform even worse this year.

The prediction would have been nearly impossible to imagine less than a year ago and would have surely caused a roar of laughter in the mainstream media. In early March last year, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen boasted that “the Russian economy will be devastated.” The Russian government itself also expected a dramatic GDP contraction, with the finance ministry reportedly gearing up for at least a 10% decline. Even in December, many leading economists expected the GDP fall in 2023 to be 2.5%. And yet, the Russian economy fell by 2.2% in 2022 and is expected to grow at least 0.3% this year and 2.1% in 2024. The numbers indicate that the UK is in a recession and is expected to have a 0.6% GDP fall, while Germany will barely stay afloat with a 0.1% growth.

The sanctions were designed to cut off Russia from the international financial system by essentially stealing hundreds of billions of dollars of its foreign exchange assets, making it virtually impossible for Moscow to do business with basically anyone. Or so it seemed. However, what eventually happened was nearly a complete dedollarization of Russia’s trade exchange, as the Eurasian giant simply switched to trading in the domestic currencies of its international partners, including China and India. This made it possible for Russia’s industry to not only maintain its existing production level in the first 10 months of last year (officially it was down by a paltry 0.1%), but to even start growing in November and December. It’s expected to grow even more in 2023.

Additionally, Russia is home to many of the world’s most essential commodities, such as oil and natural gas. Moscow continues to hold dominant positions in global markets, including being the leading exporter of fertilizer and food. The world simply cannot afford to ignore Russia and there’s no indicator that it even wants to, despite the political West’s frenzied attempts to portray Moscow as the supposed “international pariah”. More than 80% of the planet not only continues to work with Russia, but is actively expanding its cooperation with the superpower. And while the political West is effectively trying to impose an oil and gas embargo on itself by sanctioning Moscow, giants such as China and India are increasing their Russian energy imports.

According to Bloomberg, India was importing 1.2 million barrels of Russian oil per month in 2022, an increase of 33 times in comparison to 2021. This is also expected to grow in 2023. Turkey, one of NATO’s leading members, also continues to expand its trade relations with Russia. In December, it imported 213,000 barrels of Russian diesel per day, a record amount in the last 7 years. Ankara also used the opportunity that many Western companies were forced by their governments to leave, so its export to Russia doubled, surpassing $1.3 billion. Imports from China increased substantially as their companies also filled the gaps left by their Western counterparts.

Despite all of its Russophobic posturing, the European Union also spent more than $150 billion on buying Russian fossil fuels in 2022. The EU’s suicidal anti-Russian sanctions caused a surge in energy costs, which hit both Germany and the UK, causing an exponential increase in inflation and severely undermining the purchasing power of hundreds of millions of regular Europeans. The latest data shows that retail sales in Germany fell sharply in the last two months of 2022, despite expectations of a slight increase due to Christmas and New Year. While economists expected sales to increase by at least 0.2%, what actually happened was a dramatic 5.3% fall. The UK has been hit the hardest as inflation, mostly fueled by food and energy price spikes, has a detrimental effect on the cost of living. This also caused unprecedented political instability in London, with two prime ministers resigning in mere months, all with starkly different economic and fiscal policies, resulting in near complete chaos in the UK markets.

In contrast to this, Russia not only withstood the hammer of the political West’s sanctions war, but it’s now hitting back and Western economies are certainly feeling the bite. All the while, the Eurasian giant also continues to conduct its counteroffensive against NATO aggression in Europe and is now in the midst of preparations for a final push that could end the Ukraine crisis.


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Formerly Ghost of Moscow 👻

I guess Rick Riles at Tru-News is right that the West has ruled the World for the last couple hundred years now it’s shifting to the East! I believe Russia and China is going to dominate the World Economically with other Nations joining them like BRICS. Like recently Russia and Iran just joined their banking system to circumvent the Belgian SWIFT System! I have been hearing about an alternative Swift System for decades and it seems like the Russians finally just did it!

Also Saudi Arabia is declaring that they are no longer interested in the US Dollar and are intrested in having talks with other countries. If Russia, China and it’s partner countries successfully create an alternative to the Swift System, and the Saudis start pegging their oil to the Chinese Yuan, America is going to collapse overnight!

Rick Riles has been talking about this for decades and it’s finally happening the West is collapsing and the East is rising and taking over for the next 500 years!

Last edited 1 month ago by Formerly Ghost of Moscow 👻

Rick Wiles is a far-right American conspiracy theorist, pundit, religious extremist and senior pastor at the non-denominational Flowing Streams Church.

He is the founder of TruNews; a website promoting racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, and antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Formerly Ghost of Moscow 👻

And who are you a nobody! Richard Wiles is literally a 1,000x more of a Man that you ever will be! I’m so sick of you Propagandist slandering and speaking badly about good people that are truly making a difference in the World! Rick Riles is a True man of God and is Authentic in a world full of Fake People and fake and Misleading News!

Rick Riles was the only one in January of 2020 talking about the Pandemic before it happened and now is the only one talking about Nuclear War with Russia, while the Mainstream News talksabout Prince Harry and Megan Markle and other things that don’t even matter! I go to Tru-News when I want to hear about News that actually matters and what the Mainstream News media chooses to ignore and censor!

Muhammed Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك

Look at the world and see all the war and suffering caused by the illiterate belief in gods.

Religion is the root of all evil.

Atheists is France, Germany and wherever stopped having kids, are dying out and foreigners are taking over their lands.


Frenchs did vote at least 8 times in 6 years for that.

Last edited 1 month ago by Sylvain
Formerly Ghost of Moscow 👻

No you are wrong the Devil is the root of all evil in this world, you really need to repent and come to God before it’s too late, the world is getting ready to enter into a Nuclear War, where maybe up to a 1 Billion people will lose their lives! We are the last generation on Earth, listen to the song by Dolly Parton that she just created this year, inspired by a vision from God she had, listen to the song, Jesus is coming back;

Read Romans 13:11:

Do this, knowing time, that is already the hour for you to awaken out of sleep, for now salvation is nearer then when we first believed

The night is passed and the day is come nigh. Let us therefore cast away deeds of darkness, and let us put on the armour of Light!

Last edited 1 month ago by Formerly Ghost of Moscow 👻
Ultrafart the Brave

You are on the right track by outing Satan. We’ve got a real problem with Luciferians infesting every level of governance here in Australia, and their influence has proven to be utterly diabolical – similar in many respects to what’s occured in Ukraine over the decades.

You said – “… listen to the song by Dolly Parton…”

FWIW, I find Dolly Parton much too distracting to listen to her songs. In any case, she’s a Hollywood performer, not an evangilist of any particular credentials or credibility.

Best to focus on the real world – God helps those who take the trouble to get up off their hairy arses and help themselves (and those around them).

Banksters are the root of all evil.

(message error)

Last edited 1 month ago by Sylvain
The Crunge

Sounds good. I’ll have to check into this Rick Wiles guy.

Formerly Ghost of Moscow 👻

Go to TruNews.com

Hakkol Havel

Sounds good to me.


Saudies über Nacht zu den Chinesen? Dann gibt es aber Krieg. Denkst Du, die USA wird das zulassen?

Gneaus stapo

Sehe ich genauso und ehrlich gesagt hätte n die Saudis keine Vorteile von einer anti US Allianz mit China. Die ganzen petrodollar sind schließlich im Westen investiert/ geparkt, stirbt der US Dollar lösen sich die saudischen, kuwaitischen etc Staatsfonds in Luft auf.


Rick wales is a puppet of the Jews, another Alex Jones.

He’s made videos attacking China and Russia.




nazi tears 🙂


Crimea River LOL!


Putin je génius!!! Plánoval to od samotného začiatku nástupu k moci. Vedel, že zo západom sa nedá jednať. RF musela dlho znášať povýšenecký prístup prehnitého západu kým sa konečne postavili opäť na nohy. Ale ako sa ukazuje, stálo to za to!!! Teraz už nik nebude Moskve diktovať čo smie a čo nie? Moskva odteraz pôjde svojou vlastnou cestou. Cestou slobody a prosperity. Cestou spolupráce v prestížnom klube BRICS, ktorého bola aj ona z jedných hlavných jej zakladateľov. G7 je minulosť, BRICS je budúcnosť!!!

Gneaus stapo

No clue how reliable russian economic numbers are, if they are like russian Mod Statements, every prediction is a joke.


Those are International Monetary Fund stats. Cope harder.


Many English or British people want to be highly paid, without working for it. That is why the British are not doing well. The Scottish are stingy and mean with their money, they are careful with it and hoard it, the Irish splash out generously when they have it which means they often do not have it. Supermarkets underpay their suppliers, putting them out of business. They raise the prices for the customers but neglect to pass the rise to the suppliers who need it.


Mene stvarno zanima tko puši taj saut front kad vidi tko piše članke? Neka zatucana i zavedena budala koja pojma o pojmu nema i širi tuđe laži! E turčine turčine


The anti white racist Biden and his choir of globalist controlled muppets are proving the inability of the money mad controllers to move their economies forward without resorting to extreme and reckless measures and the need to return to free and fair democratic political structures.

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