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There Will Be No Winners: Latest Efforts To Preserve Peace In Europe

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There Will Be No Winners: Latest Efforts To Preserve Peace In Europe

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There Will Be No Winners: Latest Efforts To Preserve Peace In Europe
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There Will Be No Winners: Latest Efforts To Preserve Peace In Europe

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These days, major European actors have a chance to make a good step towards a detente in Europe or plunge the region into war.

France, Germany, and Russia are trying to find common ground and avoid the outbreak of hostilities. The United States and Great Britain are striving to pursue their own warmongering agenda, without risking bloodshed within their own territories.

While French President Emmanuel Macron headed to Moscow for a meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz held talks with US President Joseph Biden.

During the press conference, Putin once again stated the fact that NATO ignores Moscow’s concerns about security guarantees in Europe. The Kremlin has clearly outlined its interests and signals its readiness for any further developments, including a big war.

The recognition of Crimea as Russian territory and the provision of guarantees of Ukraine’s non-entry into NATO are necessary conditions for Russia’s retaliatory actions. Moscow seems to be ready to recognize Ukraine as a zone of Western interests. While the Donbass is a debatable issue.

Putin stressed in his speech that European countries cannot avoid bloodshed if Ukraine joins NATO and attempts to regain Crimea. “The military potential of NATO and Russia is not comparable, we understand that. But we are a leading nuclear power. There will be no winners,” Putin said, stressing that neither Russia nor France are interested in a military scenario.

Macron’s statements were quite optimistic, and expressed Paris’ hope for a peaceful path for Europe and a readiness to cooperate with Russia on the security issue.

At the same time, Washington and Berlin agreed on their positions, which are marked by a lack of unanimity.

Despite the loud statements about the growing Russian threat near the borders of Ukraine and Russia’s use of energy resources as a weapon, Germany still chooses the position of “strategic uncertainty”. The US and European leaders did not disclose the content of possible sanctions against Russia. Scholz also did not mention Nord Stream 2 when discussing sanctions and possible measures against Moscow.

The day before, Biden had a phone conversation with Putin, which apparently led to no positive results. Also at the initiative of the United Kingdom, Putin spoke with Boris Johnson.

The visit of UK Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs Liz Truss to Moscow as part of the current diplomatic round of negotiations is likely not to take place. At least the Kremlin is sending such signals.

Moscow has clearly demonstrated that it is no longer willing to listen to the moral teachings from the West, especially from London, and does not intend to retreat from its position.

Amid the round of high-level talks, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock visited Kiev. According to the results of negotiations with her Ukrainian counterpart, Berbock made ambiguous statements. “The interruption, of energy resources to Ukraine as well as the cyber attack are more serious threats for Kiev than a “tank attack” – declared Baerbock following the US agenda to clear the way to further justify aggressive actions against Russia. Simultaneously she moved away from Anglo-Saxon-style war hysteria.

Later, on the evening of February 7, Berbock refused to meet with Zelensky. She said she would not talk with the President, as the French Foreign Minister, who was also supposed to participate in the negotiations, canceled his trip to Ukraine and went to Moscow.

In general, this diplomatic carousel started by the West is being swung due to two opposing vectors within NATO. The desire of the Anglo-Saxons elite to set its European competitors on fire faces the dreams of the major continental European powers not to get burned in this fire, during the traditional Anglo-Saxon fun – dragging chestnuts with their hands and at the expense of the Germans and the French.

The role of Ukraine by all parties to the negotiation process is defined as an object, but not a subject of international relations. Putin spoke most vividly about this: “Cutie’s pleasure isn’t our measure”.

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Мстительная Матрешка

New intel: Wagner & Kadyrovtsy PMCs deployed to the Belarus/Russia border, they are waiting for Ukraine to fall to NATO and/or US, UK, CAN, UA, EU, NATO, etc. to move in and attack Donbass which will be the green light needed.

At this point all of Russia’s special forces and PMCs are moving towards the border.

The contours of the compromise are known. The only thing remaining is managing the presentation; i.e. marketing the deal to the constituents of each main player.

The good news is that war will be avoided. The bad news is old news which is that we will all still be fed lies about what really happened.

Putin faced down NATO and got Crimea and that part of the Donbas presently occupied by Russia. Ukraine escaped Minsk and can control its own political future without official Russian participation. Biden thwarted an invasion by compromising Ukrainian sovereignty over its pre-2014 territory. Each player can sell their story successfully to their respective political audiences but the clear winner is Putin.

jens holm

You derange facts. By many examle You build walls with barbed wires and machineguns to keep people IN. We do it for keepng people OUT.

Its for muslims as well. Millions of the moderate kind prefare to live among christian sekulars and infidels.

Your kind always speak about which has the biggest guns. We speak about having the best life for our populations.

You not even try to be better producers for, what people really need. You keep people in the dark and tell they have no choise. But they have. Everytime some tell about it even in a very Russian version being Russians themself, they are sliced away.


Jens: if you follow my comments you will know that I support further integration of former SSR’s with Western Europe, economically, politically and culturally. I recognize the visceral abhorrence the people of these former SSR’s have against Russia based upon the seven decades of occupation and oppression they suffered at the hands of the Cheka.

At the same time I recognize the incredible, nearly immeasurable, contribution Russians made to defeating the NAZI regime. I recognize that the best future for the Russian people is to enjoy increased prosperity and freedom that will come from further integration with Western Europe economically, politically and culturally.

Finally, my recognition of Putin as the winner is simply an acknowledgment of the facts. In 2014, without firing a shot, he recovered Crimea and a large portion of Donbas. He has now arranged, through the disposition of military forces and political maneuvers, a compromise that will inevitably be entered which makes those acquisitions permanent and provides lasting security to Russian from offensive first strike capacity in Ukraine.

Just because this guy was KGB, and is fabulously wealthy by virtue of manipulating the oligarchs does not mean he is not Russia’s new Peter the Great. He has advanced Russian interests and strategic holdings throughout mid-east and Africa and Central Asia. His pact with China is a two edged sword but for present purposes it serves Russian interests. The future inevitably holds a reckoning between China and Russia because their fundamental interests are not co-linear. That is another reason why he should make friends with the west, particularly Germany. That combination has endless power dividends and Germany is a more manageable partner over the long run than China can ever be.


Could this be real abuse inside a prison in Russia?


Last edited 1 year ago by OnTheFritzzz
AM Hants

Julian Assange is in a UK prison. 6 January protesters are in US prisons, with no legal representation, no charges against them and solitary confinement. Your point?


Stop pretending your own puppet leaders don’t have blood on their hands either. https://odysee.com/@NordLuxBellator:6/Alea-iacta-est—Surf-that-Kali-Yuga-Whiteboy-Roundtable:8

Last edited 1 year ago by OnTheFritzzz
jens holm

We know. The USA Oligarcs with Bill Gates in front donated Armatas and bicycles for them. Printing more rubels was not enough. People thought it was exelent toiletpaper.

Jens Assholm

Joe Biden uses your tongue as toilet paper. Go slurp your dinner from his diapers you brainless insect from Aarhus sewers.

Marcelo Rodriguez

Cómo sabemos de antemano de que la política hostil y expansionista de la OTAN tiene como fin lograr la hegemonía mundial y esto se lograría solo si puede someter y desmembrar a Rusia y China que son los dos únicos poderes que se oponen a tales planes hegemonicos. Por lo tanto es muy probable que el conflicto en el este de Ucrania se intensifique cada vez más. Es hora de que Moscú saque su as bajo la manga para poder lograr equilibrar la paridad estrategica y lograr mantener su seguridad Nacional, para ello debe comenzar a trasladar rápidamente su infraestructura militar cerca de las fronteras de EE.UU instalando misiles ofensivos de crucero tipo Kalibr con cabeza nuclear, sistemas de armas hipersonicos, y de lucha radiolectronica en países como ,Cuba, Nicaragua y Venezuela en ese orden.


Doesn’t excuse the fact Cuba was more prosperous under Batista than Castro, you can’t blame others forever. Former Rhodesia & South Africa were prosperous nations, all whilst under international sanctions.

The multitude of misinformation against them painted a different picture from reality, now they’re third-world countries turned into globalist puppet states ruled by Communist terrorists that openly preach White genocide, whilst moving towards a new apartheid.

Even blacks and Indians were much better off before Robert Mugabe and Nelson Mandela started destroying these countries. The blacks there today are not native to the modern territory of South Africa and started occupying it around the same time that Dutch settlers were fleeing from religious persecution in Europe.


Communist Lies & Hypocrisy: https://odysee.com/@DanTheOracle:d/Massacre-in-the-Katyn-Forest-Dr-William-Pierce:7

Herman Rosenblat: “It was real in my mind.” (statement made after he was caught falsifying his holocaust acccounts, like so many other jews caught making similar lies) https://worldtruthvideos.website/watch/holocaust-stories-vs-science-how-does-open-air-cremation-work_CRNXjLKxBF4ZvFh.html

Carlos Whitlock Porter – Made in Russia: The Holocaust https://worldtruthvideos.website/watch/carlos-whitlock-porter-made-in-russia-the-holocaust_x7rWW1dfppJSrGr.html

Last edited 1 year ago by OnTheFritzzz
jens holm

I agree in reflexiens are needed. It dont make sense just to say all from somewhere is bad and makes bad things only.

Denmark supported slavery as tranporter and made sugar and rum in the Caribian having an own colony for it. But none should blame my ancisters for that. They all were very poor farmers hand and fishermen. By that they in the feudal system almost was slaves themself.

Many countries and populations had better conditions and made progress until they were no more colonies. But we do see the other way too.

Arabs in Syria and Iraq not even liberated themself. The WW1 winners did. They went to be free countries and got their chances. But what do we see. They for good reasons didnt like the Osmans. But thay are worse themself and respect each other less then ever.

How can people name Assads as succesfull and real owners and leaders, when 8 of 20 million people are not in the country, 400.000 has died and its divide in WW1 wargames.

There are no winners there. There are only loosers and they only see fightings for something named as honor and respect for a solution.

If it was worth it, it could be better, if some modern states as France, Brittain and USA took over again.

jens hoIm

Im from as small country. By uniting with many other small countries trying to make friends they cant eat us. I see no keep and they have crashed none. At WW1 they almost avaided to be in war.

Chris Gr

Yes small countries like Denmark didn’t have a lot of colonies.

Chris Gr

Mugabe and Mandela supporters support Bashar. Mandela was more libertarian though. Mugabe was very authoritarian. Castro was more authoritarian than Mandela but less authoritarian than Mugabe.

jens holm

USSR collapsed themself all the way to west of Berlin and even divided germans into two states. What that?

Russia again after WW1 was an agressive expansionist and even killed many in Ukriane by systematic starving in 1932-1934.

After that they were friend to Hitler and divided those countries and regions between them.

In the last period of WW2 and after they made Neocolonislisme of the worst kind there.

jens hoIm

Sure. They give Ypou cake and it comes back from Your behind so yoiu eat it again.

Chris Gr

Soviets you mean.


Let’s see how many times we can say Anglo Saxon. Let’s create a new phantom boogie man.

jens holm

So many there are raised to be kept. They not even know it. And when people from here try to tell how the rest of the world is – no matter from where their little world as in Syria has only three choises which are Assads, Jihadist and nobody there like Kurds.

I wrotehere ysterday that France is not Anglo Saxons. I got a minus for that too:(

jens hoIm

I hope Ypou have a rather long one. Im tall. Remember umbralla or raincoat.


Mala idea.

Restaurar la destrucción mutuamente asegurada no beneficia a nadie.

Mejor hacer las paces y expandir el comercio y el comercio en beneficio de todos.

La guerra y la amenaza si la guerra no es camino a seguir.

Veritas Vincit

While the prevention of war remains a priority for Russia and China, the policies and actions of the US-NATO-Israel-allied bloc are largely focused on the waging of war (and forms of warfare). As such, it would be prudent for Russia and China to develop integrated operational plans for various war scenarios that are the logical product of US-NATO-allied objectives.

US moves to develop Taiwan as an allied military-missile platform are moves towards the enforcement of the Anti-Secession Law of the PRC.

US-NATO-allied plans to build-up military-missile architecture on the borders of Russia (associated with the pursuit of nuclear primacy/close proximity fast first-strike potential with multi-layered multi-phase retaliatory missile interception capabilities) with concurrent plans to forcefully change the status of the Russian speaking LDNR and Crimea, will logically result in an eventual war scenario (when limits of restraint are exceeded and a more potent form of reaction is required).

Unfortunately many do not recognise what is gradually unfolding. When the many active and approaching wars of the US-NATO-allied bloc progress to direct kinetic stages of conflict against Russia and China (the hybrid warfare domain being active and intensifying), there will be common recognition. Importantly, this gradually developing world war scenario is occurring in a nuclear era.

As missile warfare is a key component of modern wars, the potential for a nuclear warfare event should be self-evident (particularly as times from detection to response are now a matter of minutes). While a nuclear warfare event is likely to be the product of reaction rather than calculation, nonetheless it would be prudent for Russia and China to similarly seek the attainment of nuclear primacy as a matter of priority.

jens holm

I see all us being small european nations united in Nato against big dirty bastards as the Russians.

Those Russian has expanded and expanded and enough is enough. No more Big evil brother should take us one by one again.

A minimum those new ones has to choose their own destiny. Thats what we try to protect by uniting what we have to support that.

Thats not against Russia. The Russians lives in Russia. We are not there and allow no such possibilities for those little ones.

We do. We give those ones the same choises for devellopments as the rest has in the western economies, which by that gets moremembers as well as affiliated.

Its forgotten by You that we didnt collapse the devastating bad USSR system. We try to help a build up with us if they wish/want to.

Normal things are they are givin investment for production and several updatings. If we are not they cant sell us stuff and effort to buy ours.

They have every reason to feel not safe with You. They all has been more or less erased by You many times. Its not only Germany and Hungary. It was the Ottomans too.

The last border with USSR was west of Berlin. Its not anymore. Germany has been reformed away from Nazisme. They are not, what they were.

jens hoIm

Im stooge troll. Ypou can read western medias covering my ass better then Yours. By thats You can add and subtract.

Ill change nothing in my english. This is about oppinions and no spellin test. Z´Sure we mqaonkies still are monkies no matter which close we have.

And as my tiny little dotted darft prick I do dount at least some. The reaso is knowledge by learning pays off and give me power. I have house with garden and organic tomatos with fertilizer from my behind, 2 old computers, schooters and a lot of chosen gaay porrn stuff in it.

I dont think. its my fault we are kept in illiteracy or insist in it. My husband mainly dont care. Those demonstarations are not assisted by “west” as well as “jews”. I verry love jews.

They try to find my little prick themself. So far the President shows it well inside even shooting to my ass and naming maybee millions as locals gangs and criminals and they all are on my ass.



Last edited 1 year ago by OnTheFritzzz
andre zulu

there is nothing heroic in dying of cold, covid, and starvation…

andre zulu

van mááásik, hehehe….

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