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Last Hope Of Outsider: Saudi Arabia Lifts Blockade From Qatar As Iran Tightens Grip On Strait Of Hormuz

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Last Hope Of Outsider: Saudi Arabia Lifts Blockade From Qatar As Iran Tightens Grip On Strait Of Hormuz


The Middle East entered 2021 in an acute diplomatic and military crisis that takes roots from the conflict between the Iranian-led Axis of Resistance and the US-Israeli-led bloc. This crisis shapes the balance of power in the region and forces sides involved in the standoff to search new ways of taking advantage of their opponents.

For example, Iran has found an original way of dealing with sanctions and limitations imposed on it by the so-called “maximum pressure” campaign launched by the Trump administration.

On January 4, the Navy of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps detained a South Korea-flagged oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz over the alleged environment pollution issue. Chemical tanker HANKUK CHEMI was inbound to Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates.

Ahead of the incident, the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations naval authority reported that an “interaction” between Iranian authorities and a merchant vessel in the Strait of Hormuz led the ship to alter its course and proceed into Iranian waters.

Following the incident, the South Korean Defense Ministry said that it will send its anti-piracy Cheonghae unit, normally based in the Gulf of Aden, along with helicopters to the Persian Gulf. The 302-strong Cheonghae unit operates a 4,500-ton destroyer, a Lynx anti-submarine helicopter and three speed boats. The deployment of this unit is a rather a symbolic move than a practical step that should allow to protect South Korea-flagged ships in the region as Iranian forces have an overwhelming dominance there and using its conventional and asymmetric capabilities can even challenge the US military power in the event of a limited military confrontation there.

Two days before the seizure of the tanker, Iran said a South Korean diplomat was due to travel to the country to negotiate over billions of dollars in its assets now frozen in Seoul. The total amount of Iranian money blocked in South Korea is up to $8.5 billion and Tehran declared its readiness to barter its money for deliveries of a variety of goods and commodities, including raw materials, medicine, petrochemicals, auto parts, home appliances. Apparently, Iran thinks that South Korea needs some additional motivation to go contrary to the will of its Big Brother and accept the Iranian proposal.

Last Hope Of Outsider: Saudi Arabia Lifts Blockade From Qatar As Iran Tightens Grip On Strait Of Hormuz

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Another important diplomatic achievement was made by Qatar, which is known as not only a Turkish ally, but also the Gulf monarchy that has constructive relations with Iran. On January 4, Saudi Arabia lifted the 4-year air, sea and land blockade that it together with the UAE, Kuwait, Egypt and Bahrain imposed on Qatar. In June 2017, the blockading countries accused Qatar, among other things, of supporting terrorism and being too close to Iran. They severed economic and diplomatic ties with Doha and imposed a land, sea and air blockade on it. Qatar rejected all the allegations and refused to comply with a long list of demands announced by the blockading countries.

So, now the anti-Qatari coalition is on retreat. The main factors that contributed to this scenario are the following:

  • a deep crisis faced by Saudi Arabia due to the failed intervention in Yemen and its oil war adventure;
  • the UAE-Saudi tensions that reached a new level due to the declining power of the Saudi Kingdom;
  • the growth of the influence of Iran and its popularity among the population of the Middle East due to the public rapprochement of Gulf monarchies with Israel;
  • the stern stance of Qatar itself that used the blockade to develop alternative alliances and strengthen relations with Turkey, Iran and even Russia to contain the faced pressure.
Last Hope Of Outsider: Saudi Arabia Lifts Blockade From Qatar As Iran Tightens Grip On Strait Of Hormuz

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The Israeli-aligned Gulf monarchies will likely try to use the lifting of blockade to convince Doha to officially join the US-led pro-Israeli coalition. However, even if Qatar does this under the pressure of the United States and with hopes of restoring economic relations with its neighbors, this does not mean that Doha would change its de-facto regional strategy as the previous years already demonstrated that the national-oriented approach is much more useful in the times of crises than empty hopes on large revenues from the Israeli love.


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  1. verner says:

    as per usual the exceptional morons in the white house paid the poor arab fucker some thing or the other – and as per the godfather it was an offer they couldn’t refuse. however as with all wordly stuff it has a shelf life and once that creeps up the dedication of the bribed party shrinks away like a dick after a severely cold bath and the jew/arab accord will have to find new ‘gifts’ to the participants for them to sit still in the boat – and once the exceptional morons run out of bribes to the not so willing arab participants the accord breaks up – give it a short shelf life.

    and please note that Iran is sitting on the eastern shore of the gulf and can wreak havoc on all these small statelets armed to the teeth with goodies from the exceptional morons and they have no trainig in how to handle the latest patriot missile system of the latest f35 and so on while the jews will cower in the stolen land
    waiting to see if the statelets are standing. pls also note that the jew/arab accord is plan B when it became obvious that the exceptional morons wouldn’t fight the fight for the jews (which was plan A)

    1. Rhodium 10 says:

      In fact all of them play in the same team( included Turkey)….they promoted the Arab Spring( using sunni wahabies terrorist) to expel Russia and Iran from Arabs countries..it is the same to give a “Silver Bridge” to USA& Israel.

      1. Joe Bloggs says:

        Russia is back in the ME to stay. US is on its way out.Israel is already one foot in the Med.

        1. verner says:

          good summary.

      2. verner says:

        russia is in firm command of the iraqi oil/gas-fields and china is in firm command of the iranian oil/gas.fields. and the exceptional morons have huffed and puffed to no avail – fact is no one likes them and will be happy to see the yankee-twats gone and sooner also the jew-pigs in palestine.

  2. klove and light says:

    fake created “nations” …alll of them withb few exeptions……qatar,uae,saudi a.,, bahrain,jordan

    all created by british zionism…and to this day…. have to take orders from their masters….

    the saudi crown prince bin salman, cant even take a shit without asking for permission….

    All talk between any military confrontation between the above mentioned fake nations and persia is total nonsense……. it is like asking canelo to fight fury or joshua……utter bs.

    time is on the persians side……they will try to prevent war as long as possible..(for the obvious reason of getting hit by nuclear arms by the british zionist mf)…but should the fake british zionist slaves seriously make a mistake…..those gulf nations including saudi arabia will cease to exist in a matter of weeks ( once their oil and gas sector is completely destroyed those fake nations will cease to exist in a matter of days)

    absolute lowlifes…..the worst motherfuckers since the days of Nero…….all of those so called kings and crown princes….totally spaced out…….and the worst of it all…

    totally unnessasary…………..due to the oil and gas, reserves the middle east should be the happiest place on earth…………one can only haver the utmost disrespect for these so called leaders(fake) in these rich regions of our planet, and just shows you how truly evil and fucked up these motherfuckers ie. bin salman are.
    truly evil.
    then again, their masters are the masters of evil for centuries

    1. Jens Holm says:

      So You want to unite those many small ones in a new “Ottomans and Vomens” or what. Thats what they came from.

      It was the winners of WW1 and later partly the winners of WW2 which made those countries. Saudis also – in contrats to Your many passive arabistanis and persers – llierated themself from the Osmans in the Inland and after that united 3 regions.

      And You give the answer Yourself: I its best, You hardly saw any despots better then those for Your dreams in those days and if there are or were, they are myrdered, jailed and deported according to SUNNI worst tradtions. There was NONE.

      Arabs not even uprised

      As usual there is hard criticisme but in the same moment, no changes are possible and allowed. Much as Haram was made from ham and poisen by Your big books.

      At least You could make a map or something. .

      1. Séamus Ó Néill says:

        Write whatever you’re you trying to say in your native language and then use a translator before posting, your gobbledygook is hard enough to understand at the best of tiimes !

      2. Joe Bloggs says:

        Can you try speaking english Herr Zionist Nordic

  3. T.E.D.S says:

    They will all unite against Iran, iran is a fake country and it won’t exist soon.

    1. verner says:

      to what avail, the statelets on the eastern shore of the arab peninsula are useless and spineless and will have to find someone else to do their fighting but since they are skint, they can’t afford to go t war, even if the odious and soon extinct jews in palestine tries to urge them on and all the while the soon to be extinct jews in palestine cower in the land which ain’t theirs wishing that the big evil and black nightmare that is Iran would go away- and ir won’t. rest assured.

  4. verner says:

    and by the way, Qatar should demand the 1 billion friggin bucks the slime jared kushner extorted from qatar to save his papa’s real estate company on the verge of bankruptcy (and I suppose it also paid for the 31million$ florida retreat jared slime and wife bought in preparation of them no longer being senior advisors in the white house) (and remember that his papa paid Harvard 2 million bucks as an entrance fee for little slime jared – what a friggin larf)!!

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