Las Vegas Mass Shooting – What We Know So Far


Las Vegas Mass Shooting - What We Know So Far

A screenshot from the police bodycam video

The authorities are scouring the personal and financial history of the gunman, Stephen Paddock, 64, just days after one of the deadliest mass shootings in the United States, which left 59 people dead and about 500 others injured.

The federal officials said Mr. Paddock had wired thousands of dollars to the Philippines before the shooting. The FBI was scrutinizing the transaction.

On the night of October 1, Paddock opened fire at the dozen thousands of people attending the country music festival from a 32nd-floor suite in the Mandalay Bay hotel.

A few days before the shooting, Paddock had smuggled dozens of firearms into his suite. He had placed one camera inside his hotel room, over the peephole facing the hallway, and two outside his room, including one on a service cart.

He fired from the window he’d broken for 11 minutes total (since 10:08 till 10:19 PM). During that time the police attempted to lead the people out of the field of fire. When security guards tried to enter the suite the perpetrator fired at them through the door, striking one in the leg. A SWAT unit having breached the door after the guard was shot discovered Paddock had shot himself.

According to the police, in total 47 firearms were found in his suite and in his home in Mesquite, Nevada. The weapons were purchased in California, Nevada, Texas and Utah. Twelve rifles the gunman had in his hotel suite were outfitted with a “bump stock,” a device that would enable them to fire hundreds of rounds per minute. Bump stocks are legal in the US.

Marilou Danley, the girlfriend of the gunman in the Las Vegas mass shooting, arrived at Los Angeles International Airport on the night of October 3 and was met by the authorities, according to a law enforcement official. She was designated a Person of Interest and expected to be questioned.

The police estimated that when the shooting began, there were 22,000 people at the Harvest Festival, listening to Jason Aldean, the final act of the three-day event.

Video from the shooting showed Mr. Aldean running off the stage as the gunfire erupted.



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