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Large US Supply Convoy Enters Northeastern Syria, Footage Shows Fortifications

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Large US Supply Convoy Enters Northeastern Syria, Footage Shows Fortifications

Illustrative image.

On November 28, a large convoy moving supplies for the US-led coalition entered northeastern Syria from the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

“A convoy of 100 tankers loaded with containers, refrigerated trucks and tankers entered from Iraqi territory through the illegal al-Waleed crossing in two batches, first 60 vehicles, and two hours later, 40 vehicles, accompanied by military armored vehicles,” an informed source told the stat-run news agency.

According to the SANA, the convoy headed to the town of Rmelan in the northeastern countryside of al-Hasakah. The US-led coalition has several bases in the area which is tightly controlled by its main proxy in northeastern Syria, the Syrian Democratic Forces.

A video released by the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights revealed that some of the convoy’s trucks were carrying large premade cement barriers.

The US-led coalition apparently wants to reinforce its bases in the northeastern al-Hasakah countryside. On November 23, a rocket attack targeted its main airfield in the area without causing any losses.

The US maintains hundreds of troops in northeastern Syria, allegedly to counter ISIS. American troops are situated at the region’s key oil and gas fields.


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Now that the “exceptional and indispensable” nation has been reduced to stealing Syrian oil and wheat and piracy of Iranian Venezuelan oil on the high seas along with many other common criminal exploits, how long can it keep up the pretence of being a “superpower”…….more of a run-down third world cesspit!

jens holm

Again higly biased:

“The US maintain HUNDREDS of troops in northeastern Syria, allegedly to counter ISIS.


We all know thats total Bollocks,its illegal,but since when did that stop American criminals?


Back in October 2015 the Russians more or less destroyed the oil smuggling operation to Turkey, and of course the flow of weapons, munitions, moderate headchoppers including those masquerading as a civil defense force into Syria. It took 6 weeks. Therafter ISIS/Al Qeada were badly disorganized, but not defeated or without US, Israeli or Saudi support.

Jens, care to explain why the US warcriminals in Syria and Iraq for that matter, are unable to defeat or at least hamper ISIS/Al Qeada activity severely. Im well aware of the difficulties of assymetric warfare, and the US track record of it. It very much appears that they are US/UK/israeli proxies, or is the mighty(ly expensive) US war machine just unable to do something about it?

You may know that neither most Syrians nor Iraqis want to be occupied by US imperial forces and that is true for Germans too. You may have noticed the US talk about spreading freedom and democracy is exactly that, reality tells another story.

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