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Large US Supply Convoy Entered Al-Tanf Garrison In Southeastern Syria – Report

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Large US Supply Convoy Entered Al-Tanf Garrison In Southeastern Syria - Report

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On November 5, a large US military convoy entered the southeastern Syrian area of al-Tanf where Washington maintains a garrison, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

“A convoy of US occupation forces consisting of 26 vehicles and trucks loaded with weapons, ammunition and logistic equipment entered the US occupation garrison in al-Tanf area over the last few hours,” a source based in al-Tanf told the state-run agency.

According to the SANA’s source, this was the largest US supply convoy to enter al-Tanf garrison from neighboring Jordan in the last few years.

Some 200 US troops are usually deployed in al-Tanf garrison that was established in 2016 to block a strategic highway that links the Syrian capital, Damascus, with Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. The US maintains a 55 kilometers no-fly, no-drive zone around the garrison.

On October 20, al-Tanf came under attack. The garrison was targeted with five suicide drones and indirect fire. The attack resulted in some serious material damage. However, there were no casualties. The US withdrew all of its troops from the garrison before the attack after receiving an early warning. Iran was unofficially blamed for the attack.

US troops are now apparently back in al-Tanf. Washington may be working to reinforce the garrison in order to face any future attacks by Iran and its allies in Syria and Iraq.


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Lone Ranger

Isis reinforcements…

jens holm

Typical stupidsme comment. You domnt get the real news at all and because of that You are checked about facts.

When fx Erdogan has a meeting with a foreign country we have it in detail in Our TV channels. Its debated and concluded different, but the essence is the same.

When I see it in The Turkish TV hard controlled By Erdogan, the important stuff mainly is gone and his oppinions meant for local propaganda oppinions about almost anything else is there..

I can only recognize the flags and the partipating politicians.

Thats why You write isis is there. How do You know ??? Who told you. Has the tiny FSA there ATGMs ??

Lone Ranger

Calm your LSD laced mangina jens…
Aside from that shouldn’t you be at a gender neutral book burning rally or in a isis strip club doing lap dance for gay CIAisis trolls in a Copenhagen nightclub…?

jens holm

Monsanta will take you. Thats what they are made for.


Why the hell is Tanf still on the map and why are those convoys not shredded every day?i mean if Iran can trash Al Asad base with sixteen ballistic missiles it can be done with Tanf,one ballistic missile would finish it.

jens holm

You systematicly is not told how things are. Thats the whole point. You even is told, You should not believe factschecking by other medias.

You even by birth has been raised so talking with Your TV is communication and debate.

Western media is always lying. Wikipedia is driven by CIA. The Jew Zionists runs the world. Its Assad or jihadisme and Kurds are bad. There are no choises.You get punished hard if You try. Women for sale is worth more then 5 goats and war widows one.


By whom ? Charlie Brown


Because Iran like Russia aren’t in a position to risk full blown war with the USA.

While such a war may be fun for us to watch from a safe distance it would cost lives and money for those involved in the fighting.

Smart commanders choose the time and place for an attack and for Iranian or Russian commanders this is the wrong time and Al Tanf is the wrong place. It would be a shame for us to watch either of these countries go down to defeat simply because they didn’t have the patience or discipline to know when and where to attack.

Peter Wallace

Pity more gungho keyboard warriors who have never been shot at don’t understand that.


target practice will continue the resistance will gather more experience in combined strikes

jens holm

Our adventures goes back in time, so Yours must be science fiction.

Peter Wallace

Al Tanf is a very important base for the US. It has NO oversight by any country including the one it is in which means they can do whatever they please and no one knows about it or can say anything. They have another base in the north eastern corner 20 kms in from the Iraqi border where again they are the only ones that knows what is going on there and no one else can check. Bases in other countries often have the governments people there that can see “some ” of what the Yanks are doing. The Yanks will not give up Al Tanf easily and their airforce is close by in Jordan for overhead protection. Why do you think the SAA hasn’t advanced for years after being told NO Closer..

jens holm

I wrote about them several years ago. They were named as “microbases” being small but heavy armed and to do actions themself.

There number one is rapid response but in limited numbers.

They more or less should replace the fewer but very big ones, they have around the world.

Im sure they have at least one in Jordan as well.

jens holm

Sorry. My comments is for the ones, which dont understand things are not “just as” to remove fx Al Tanf.

Peter Wallace

They have one big air base jens and have drones at several others. Their main base which is shared with others is Muwaffaq Salti Air Base which I think would be 10-15 minutes flight time from Al Tanf. About the same distance as from Jerusalem to Damascus if anyone knows the fighter jet time over that distance. The point of having this base is there is no oversight by the country it is in which allows them the freedom to do things that they don’t want others to see.

Peter Wallace

I see the truth is unpalatable to some and they confuse facts as support. If you had been reading my comments over the last few years you would have seen my calling for the obliteration of the US base. Just because I call it as it is doesn’t mean I support that situation. Just shows many are not interested in the truth but whatever their desire is and wishing that is fact.. Just like the bravado shown by those that have never been shot at and then sh#t their pants when they are.. Never count your victories by the morale of untried troops.

jens holm

Nice. You have to write again and again. Sending only candles wont do it.

Ivan Freely

Curious to know why Syria don’t purchase some spy satellites to keep tabs on places like Al-Tanf. Yes, it’s not the same thing as having constant surveillance by people on the ground, but it’s better than nothing.

camera obscura

Oshkosh vehicles wont do much against rockers and done attacks. The Houthi’s have shown these vehicles to burn very well.

Last edited 20 days ago by camera obscura
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