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Large US Military Convoy Entered Syria From Iraq: Report

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Large US Military Convoy Entered Syria From Iraq: Report

SOURCE: syriahr.com

A US military convoy consisting of about 100 vehicles has entered Syria from Iraq’s Kurdistan Region, the pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on January 15. According to the report, the column included multiple vehicles and logistic equipment for bases of the US-led coalition in the eastern Euphrates region.

This development comes amid the developing uncertainty over the expeted withdrawal of US forces in Syria. In fact, the continued supplies of military equipment to US-led coalition bases and Kurdish armed groups in northeastern Syria confirms that the alleged withdrawal is not going to take place in the nearest future.

Meanwhile, the US and Turkey are holding negotiations on the creation of a 32-km safe zone in northern Syria. According to reports, this zone could become a part of the US-Turkish deal to prevent Ankara’s attack on US-backed Kurdish groups in the area.

Turkey’s Anadolu Agency reported on the topic the following:

In a phone call this week, the U.S. president reaffirmed the American troop pullout from Syria, as well as a 32-kilometer (20-mile) safe zone in Syria to be established by Turkey, said Turkey’s president on Tuesday.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan made the remarks in an address to lawmakers of his Justice and Development (AK) Party at parliament in the capital Ankara.

On Monday Erdogan held a phone call with U.S. President Donald Trump, discussing the idea of a terror-free safe zone in northern Syria.

Erdogan said he told Trump that Turkey embraces all people in Syria without any discrimination.

“We also told him that the PKK/YPG tortures the groups in Syria that do not depend on them. We also said that we have given all document on this issue to his advisers,” Erdogan said.

He added that the two presidents agreed to increase the Turkish-U.S. trade volume to $75 billion.

The phone call came after Trump threatened to “devastate Turkey economically if they hit Kurds,” conflating “Kurds” with the terrorist PKK/YPG, a conflation that Turkey has repeatedly criticized.


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They could have never been trusted

Zionism = EVIL

In merely 200 years of pathetic violent “history” the Americunts have broken every treaty with just about everyone, the Native American tribes signed over 1700 different treaties that eventually led to their holocaust and total occupation, the last international treaty the Americunts reneged on for their Zionist masters was the JCPOA with Iran. Americunts are liars and the most degenerate scum on earth.


And still many brainwashed people believe america is the country of opportunity and unlimited possibilities


Nobody listen to Trump. His forces withdrawal decision from Syria slammed by Netanyahu. LOL.

Zionism = EVIL

The fact is that the Americunts instead of withdrawing from either Iraq or Syria are building more bases and Arbil is now terror central for the region with thousands of Americunts, NATO and Zionist forces occupying Iraqi Kurdistan. This convoy is part of the new 4 bases being built in Syria in the Euphrates Valley for continuing terror headchppoer proxies campaign in both nations. These trucks carrying blast walls for the new bases should have been destroyed with IEDS as Americunt occupation of Syria will get more brazen as Russia is too impotent and in league with them anyway. It is up to the local resistance forces to expel Americunt warmongers and their terrorists.


For a few years the Iraqi resistance was really doing damage to the U.S. forces, but around and after 2006/7, the U.S. somehow managed to pay them off and get a deal with them and the resistance was essentially quelled.
Syria hasn’t shown any boldness towards the U.S. occupation.

Zionism = EVIL

True, sadly are divided petty tribal people with very little self-respect or strategic vision and easily sell out to the highest bidder. As the British faggot Major T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia infamy) said, “Arabs are petty people, father against son, son against brother, tribe against tribe and everyone against each other”. No wonder 6 million fake “Jews” occupied Palestine and have been humiliating the Arabs since then. Quite sad from any point of view. Arabs killing Arabs in Syria, Egypt, Bahrain, Morocco, Algeria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Tunisia, Lebanon, you name it and for what? whole generations of Arabs have been displaced and will no education or future.


“As the British faggot”
Well all this meddling by Brit faggots only made things worse for the Arabs and for others. Brits and U.S./CIA/etc. support the radicals as weapons against their own countries and other countries/peoples, and as a way to keep the countries under oppressive dictatorships, while they make deals on their oil and resources.
The Taliban and Osama bin Laden were U.S. allies against the Soviets/Russians in that baited war to give them “their Vietnam” – Zbigniew Brzezinski. U.S. was even sending them Stinger missiles.
Only when bin Laden turned on the U.S. – blew up to U.S. Embassies in Africa “one at the United States Embassy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, the other at the United States Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya” in August 1998 – did the U.S. government turn on him and start making him the most wanted terrorist.

Christian Gains

IF, (BIG “IF”), the U.S. Forces ARE SIMPLY defending the Kurds, then I’m pretty good with that, as LONG AS THE KURDS stand by a pledge to STOP ALL terrorist activity, ESPECIALLY any unprovoked terrorists activity in Turkey. The KURDS are true WARRIORS who had a HUGE part in eliminating ISIS.

FRANKLY, (unless the Syrians WANT Turkey to become “THE CALIPHATE”), ALL Arabs NEED to watch Erdogan as CLOSELY as the U.S. Forces…Erdogan has the OTTOMAN EMPIRE in his dreams…

George King

The KURDS are true WARRIORS who had a HUGE part in eliminating through genocide of Christians in Armenia.

bob batez

the kurds better get ready to deal with their problems themselves. we’re not going to hold their hands forever.


check it again
maybe those are not “hands”, maybe you are holding their schlong’s instead


Read the whole sentence, please. You are both saying the same.

You can call me Al

I am not sure, but I think he was being sarcastic.

You are spot on with your comment, but is it not the same ?.

You can call me Al

No worries at all.

Brother Ma

How about ALL Christians of Asia Minor?

Brother Ma

The Turds have already cleansed Their areas of Christians. Not allowed to gather and not allowed to worship in their churches. What warriors? Most Kurds are inTurkey and pro-Erdogan. Kurds are Turds. I stopped supporting them when they betrayed their motherland Syria and sided with the Yanker.

Maybe they are the lost ten tribes of Israel after all as all the Zionists have now conveniently expressed. They are certainly as treacherous and quarrelsome as Ziojews!

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Low loaders are standard in almost every military to shuttle tracked vehicles around, its much faster and much cheaper, so no reason to alarm there, quite the opposite.

If they are hauling building materials and hesco bastion, now thats a different story.

Tommy Jensen

Low loaders and logistic equipment collect equipment and transport them. So it could mean they just collect US equipment for pulling out.

Zionism = EVIL

Nope, your new bases are built in Syria and these are prefabricated blast walls, built by the Kurd turds in Arbil for their Americunt masters. Iraqi Kurdistan is the main terror base and logistics warehouse for NATO occupation forces, illegally operating in both Syria and Iraq. The CIA alone has over 1200 agents in Arbil with MOSSAD around 400.

Brother Ma

How do you know. Iraq is to blame for allowing Iraqi Kurdistanto even exist! Why have they not attacked the place via guerilla warfare? I know ,the Turds are better fighters and well-seasoned.
Yet,it is defacto a separate country now doing deals with Turkey and all types of crap.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen


Jade Zee

no dip stick brain..if you did a little reading of the people on the ground in syria..you know american troops have not left…not a single one and there is no exit in sight.


The Army will keep doing its job until the politicians sort themselves out, this really is not all that surprising since the details of the withdraw orders are being changed every day while Trump himself is to busy with the shutdown to enforce it.


So Donald Trump, the president of the USA, says the U.S army is departing, is leaving Syria …
While a US military convoy consisting of about 100 vehicles is entering Syria…
Is Donald Trump sure the U.S army follows his orders…?

Cedric Hunter

They need those 100 trucks to pack up with. Pack up and pull off with all the crap they brought with them


Why doesnt Assad Russia or Iran stop them from entering? Is it because Assad is:

1. Afraid
2. Incapable
3. Allied with america
4. Or anti Islamic?

Maybe we need to reassess the problem here and decide who the enemy really is (zionists + nato).


He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious.(Sun Tzu).

The Americuns will not decide the timing of the final battle.

You can call me Al



I think too vulnerable and a combination of 1 & 2 – that if Assad does attack the U.S. forces, it will use it as an excuse to attack Syria more and more directly, and Israel too.
And Russia has gotten entangled in deals with Turkey and Israel too which compromises Syria. So Russia and Syria are overly cautious or trapped by deals they made.
Syria and Russia combined do not have control over all of Syria by a long shot.
Iran is not involved in Syria near as much nor as heavy as western propaganda pushes. They use “Iran” as an excuse to damage Syria – especially Israel. Israel just wants a weaker Syria and it has been aiding the terrorists with weapons, ammunition, medical treatment, and it has bombed the SAA when they were fighting ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Tommy Jensen

US is said to have 2000 Servicemen there. Is that a BIG problem that these few pull out, other than who take over their “area of influence”?
So Erdogan, the Turds, Assad, local arab tribes, Iran and Russia now fight over the “power vacuum”.


If this big convoy is for retreating equipment than US is speeding up their moving to Iraq.
I wonder if all this regrouping of the forces is not preparation of US-Israeli sneak attack on Iran?
Because Israel is not virulent enough in what normally should be extent of their reaction on US Syrian retreat.
So they might be cooking something….something like surprise attack on Iran.
Not real war… just try to cripple, to incapacitate Iranian army…

Jens Holm





Attack on Iran with this puny force?
No not possible.

it has to be a scale three times at least the forces needed to attacked Iraq.
It will never happen that US or anyone will physically attack Iran from the Ground .

The only possibility is from the air nothing more.

No country in ME is strong enough to take on Iran . That is why they are using economic measures to slow down Iran .. the only way.

On the ground it would be most like Iran attacking US forces …not the other way round.


What ” puny force”?!
And WHO was talking about “attack from the ground”?!?
Only you!
Of course attack from the air + missiles!
The objective would be to cripple Iran defenses not to invade Iran.
The essence of every sneak attack is surprise!
Boomers (nuke subs) can bring quite lot of Tomahawks including nuke tipped ones without being seen.
Israel has the nuke capable Dolphin subs too
Israel can target Iran with missiles from Israel and together with US, UK air-force in the region (+ US strategic bombers) they can have sufficient number of jets for serious blow.
I was not talking about it as if it going to happen for sure I was talking about something fishy in this “regrouping” of US forces in Iraq and relatively mild reaction of Israel on US retreat from Syria!

So such SURPRISE attack is not impossible thing to imagine.


See how immature is your response and on the


1.) I’m not American or anti Iran, you got it ALL wrong
2) I could have given you at least double of counter-arguments on everything you have said.
But this conversation is going in totally wrong direction so I want to stop it NOW !

If everything you say concerning Iran is like that than US has lost all the wars long time ago specially against Russia and China.

So lets say that we do not agree at all and split ?


Trumps’ boardroom tactics; say one thing but do the unexpected. In war that doesn’t work because countries with a switched on military see straight through that BS.

Has anyone ever sought Assad or his governments’ opinion about the safety zone? Guess not.

Jens Holm

Several here not even try to see, that the important parts ar not the military ones in Syria and the real countries around it.

Its about political solutions, where children and evil persons like You think playing with matchboses as tanks are the most important in the world.

I see no sinle solutions from You apart from winning wars in miliatry ways.

Where are the million of people in this. They are not there. How can You systematicly ignore 12 mio Syrians not at home and mopre then 500.000 dead in stead of a lot of other possible solutions.

Wekk, I see it as Your culture and religion domnt have those tools. Even from before You were born, they were apmaputated away like a part of Your carrot as a tradition as a tradition only.

The same goes for, what power also is based on. Its being not even unites by all are equal but having tools for pregress and a good living standard for all.

Like cars – do You understand cars – if the car lost a wheel, You mainly just replace the wheel. But if You have an´ancient tranmsportatation, You have to effort to have at least a new one – and in the world today – a better one. You seemes not to understand that.

And we see it. Some few Baathist run all Syria as a dicatorship or an Emirat. Fine if it was so. Those are smaller units, where the few or 1 Leader can see all corners.

But Syria as well as others are not like that. Therefore they as countries has to trust each other by dividing the needed power to many. And if some of those are bad or seemes bad, You should be able to replace them by simple election and try that in stead.

A very good thing about that also is, that if You have big problems in a county/county/villayet/emirate its only there. The rest is going one far and even can give some help until regaining the bad part.

But You are only allowed to see 2 possibilities in the whole world. If You dont like Westers .- Fine. But why dont You take the good parts on China – India is even very close to You and improve themselves a little every year.

But back to the matchboxes of Yours, where Turks can defeat the whole Nato and Assad is comander of the Russian army.


Didn’t understand at all ….but I like it


He used google translate from his language … obviously.

Zionism = EVIL

That Jens guy is a retard, even in his language his posts would be no different :)


That’s why I like it …because I don’t understand it :-))

Xoli Xoli

There is no accommodation for them in USA. So the only way to exist is to let their terrorists helmets cause a chemical attack for them to have awareness.


I don’t know why they’re doing it. But in my opinion, as much as I support the Russian intervention in Syria. It looks like they’re deliberately trying to avoid winning the war anytime in the near future. And are trying to prohibit the US withdrawal from Syria by letting the Jews walk all over them.

My view is that the SADF upgrades after the Russian airmen’s death are what caused Trump’s withdrawal decision. And now that the IAF has demonstrated that these upgrades are ineffective at deterrence. And raise legitimate questions about whether these systems even work against modern NATO fighters. They’re demonstrating that either the Russian equipment doesn’t work. Or that the Russians will sell it’s allies out to the Jews, or both.

The Russians may have legitimate reasons based on classified information, that is causing them to administer this matter in the manner that they are. But in terms of public perception, the Jews are making them look bad. And it’s fueling the anti Russia campaign that the Jews are running against Russia.

The Jews may be in for a rude awakening, like they were when 10 IDF positions were hit in the occupied Golan. But until either the airstrikes stop, or the SADF starts dropping IAF fighters attacking Syria. It’s increasingly looking like the US withdrawal has been walked back and is being replaced with a restructuring to continue the occupation and Yinon plan machinations. And that only SADF victory over the IAF will change that.

Brother Ma

When were rhe Golan outposts overun? During 2006 Hezbollah war?


“a military spokesman, said Iran’s Al Quds force had fired the rockets at several Israeli bases’

– Flashpoint in Golan Heights as Israel accuses Iranian forces of launching rocket attack from Syrian soil –


Deep Space

Bomb ’em.


some facts :

1- Yankee will never go home.
2- Turkey will never act against US/Nato/Israel plans.
3- Zionists will continue to control/wage all conflicts and wars. World peace is therefore an utopia.

John Whitehot

“3- Zionists will continue to control/wage all conflicts and wars. World peace is therefore an utopia.”

Unless zionists are eliminated though.


Israel runs the US

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