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Large U.S. Forces Convoy Arrives In Syria’s Qamishli

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Large U.S. Forces Convoy Arrives In Syria’s Qamishli

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A large U.S. forces convoy arrived late on December 14 in the northeastern Syrian city of Qamishli, on the border with Turkey, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

Local sources told the state-run news agency that the convoy, which came from the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, consisted of dozens of armored vehicles and trucks carrying military equipment, logistic supplies and fuel.

“This was the biggest U.S. occupation forces convoy to enter Syria territory in the last few months,” the SANA quoted one of the sources as saying.

U.S. force maintain a base in the town of Heemo near Qamishli. Last month, Kurdish sources revealed that the U.S. is building a second post in Heemo and a third one in the town of al-Qahtaniyah.

Last October, U.S. forces withdrew from most of their bases in the governorates of Aleppo and Raqqa, facilitating a Turkish-led attack on their key ally, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

According to the Pentagon, around 500 U.S. troops will stay in eastern Syria to counter ISIS influence and “guard” the country’s largest oil fields in northern al-Hasakah and southeastern Deir Ezzor.

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Perhaps staging equipment.

Hasbara Hunter

According to the Pentagon, around 500 U.S. troops will stay in eastern Syria to counter ISIS influence and “guard” the country’s largest oil fields in northern al-Hasakah and southeastern Deir Ezzor…

BWAHAHAHAHA…wtf…to Create ISIS & Steal Syrian Oil you mean…Divided States of Murica










Jens Holm

Its wastewriting about it even Your videos are nice. You and we know what it is. NO OIL AND GAS FOR ASSADS.

And true: Some few of ISIS has to be killed here and there and now and then too.

Leon De Elias

You can put it as you want..Assad is still supported by the majority of at least 70% of the Syrian population.. The US is against any INTL Law and UN Mandate in Syria..Illegally, arming and supporting most of the terrorist groups listed in Syria about 21 out of 18..Me as a European I find it disgusting and I wish to quit any fucking alliance with that mega terrorist country called the United F**ng State..And I am not talking only about Syria here , they are right know bullying destabilizing, ”regime changing” half of the f***ng planet..

Azriel Herskowitz

Great to see. Hopefully US military influence can return to the region and send the russians packing along with their buddy assad.


It’s been a long time since it’s been a long time before they pack their things and leave, while Russia has become the dominant superpower with which everyone wants to be friends with the ME. It’s a matter of time before your Zionist criminal friends do it too.


It’s a matter of time you say? Is that two or three centuries or millennia?


Make us, you muslim bastard.

Jens Holm

Again: Your comment makes no sense.

It would if USA by Trump hasd not retreated and kept influence for their proposal for solution, which Obama respected.

The main parts of that was 2.

One was some loose solution as a partly local independent territory still having Syria as one and no vakuum for ISIS. That partly became a diaco almost from the start, because the socalled FSA was nothing even well supported. So SDFs became the replament, which according to Ibama should be kept as pressure agains Assads.

The second one was not to leave until SDFs was safe in those matters with no FSAs but joined with their local neighbors.

Hasbara Hunter


Alexander Alexandrovich Prokhorenko

Roman Nikolayevich Filipov


Wayne Nicholson

The only influence the USA has in Syria is kinetic. How can you put your trust in a country that doesn’t know if it coming or going?

One day their fighting a war on terror with Al Queda …. the next the same Al Queda terrorists are called “moderate rebels” and they are arming them.

When that plan falls apart they arm the Kurds and are fighting for Kurdistan in Eastern Syria ….. then they throw them under the bus and Trump declares “I like oil, we’re keeping the oil”

So now they’re back on the border for some reason. While I’m sure someone will be happy to take arms and money from the Americans how can anyone trust them? You know all that has to happen is the wind changes and you’re thrown to the wolves.

Unless you have something the USA respects …. like a lot of money to invest in the USA (Saudi Arabia) …. you are just going to be a tool to be used and thrown away when it’s convenient.


That is yet another reason we need to get rid of Moron Trump.


While SAA has gained some control of it’s northern border with Turkey, why has it not taken control of its northern border with Iraq. This convoy should have been turned back at the border.

Jens Holm

Its easy: You think it should be like that, but its not.

As I see it Assads has no troops as well as fuel for any transportation to there as well. Its very far for any supply. Some parts even hardly has water.


Who would turn an American convoy back? You big boy?


Certainly if they don’t have visa’s. Oh, you only believe in the rule of law when it is convenient.

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