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JUNE 2021

Large Turkish Army Convoy Enters Northern Hama To Establish New Observation Post (Video)

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On April 7, a convoy of the Turkish Army, consisting of 100 armored vehicles, bulldozers and trucks, entered the town of Murak in the northern Hama countryside, according to Syrian opposition sources.

The Turkish Anadolu Agency confirmed that the mission of the Turkish Army convoy is to establish a new observation post in Murak in order to monitor the de-escalation zone in the northern Hama countryside.

As a part of the preparations to establish the new observation post, a unit of the Turkish Army conducted a reconnaissance mission in Murak town and five other villages and towns around it on April 6.

Since the beginning of 2018, the Turkish Army has established four observation posts in the towns of Andan and al-Eis in Aleppo governorate and in the towns of Tell Tuqan and Sarman in Idlib governorate.

The establishment of these observation posts was agreed upon during the last Astana talks in January. According to opposition sources, the Turkish Army will establish new observation posts in the western Idlib countryside in the upcoming weeks.

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Russie Unie

Glory too the SAA and the Turkish army !

Feudalism Victory

Lol. Is this a joint op?

You can call me Al

Probably, yes.


It can be a joint op if Fu’ah and Kafraya are part of the deal and liberated. If SAA were to sacrifice the two towns of almost 40,000 people, Iranian support would stop and all the hard work would be for nothing.

Rüdiger Preiss

You meant ‘Glory to the SAA, Turks go home!’


why is russia letting turks to establish those 12 observation points is beyond full retardmemship…ill never figure out no matter how retard i am :)

Richard M

It’s the Fucktarded Astana “Peace Process”. The Ottoman invasion is okayed by Russia and Iran. Now the genocide and re-arming of terrorist Orcs is in Full Throttle mode. It has to be stopped and reversed!


yes but why is the invasion ok by russia? i cant figure this out

Richard M

Me either. Please see my response to BL….Putin is a chess player. When the Ottomans downed the SU-24 a Nimrod like Erdogan or Obama would have immediately started launching missiles, instead Putin maneuvered the Sultan into a corner and extracted concessions. So I’m confident Putin has a plan. I just don’t yet see what it could be. :D


Don’t you think it’s temporary until the US is dealt with?

Richard M

Yes, but I have difficulty sussing out the strategy. There are several ‘conspiracy theorists’ here that swear Putin is in league with the Ottomans, Wahhabists, Zionists, Globalists, Klingons, Romulans and Shaitan. I don’t buy all that drivel but the current Astana deal makes it easy for conspiratards to spin such fantastic tales and claim current policies “prove” their hallucinations. :D


They’re not conspiratards, they’re Zio/CIA shills trying to reduce Putin’s popularity in the anti-Zionist camp. There’s an entire network of them and they spread other similar disinfo such as the lie that Hitler was a Rothschild agent. Their main goal is to make the Goyim think they have no chance and that everyone with power who has ever lived was a Jew shill.

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