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Large Task Force Of US Navy Is Set To Participate In Syria Conflict – Report


A large task force of the US Navy led by nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS Harry S Truman is setting sail for Syria conflict, the Daily Mail reported on April 13. The media outlet said that five destroyers and cruisers are part of the task force.

The Daily Mail claimed in its report that the deployment of this task force is the biggest deployment of the US Navy in the Middle East since the war on Iraq in 2003. However, it forgot to note that US had deployed two similar task forces at once in the Middle East back in 2013.

This deployment is supposedly aimed at deterring the Damascus government and Russia, according to the Daily Mail, that suggested that the task force could be a part of a near strike against Syria.

However, this task force would need weeks to arrive to Syria as it is selling from the US mainland. Moreover, US Navy said that the task force set sail “for a regularly scheduled deployment.”

In the same report, the Daily Mail released own map of the potential targets of the US in Syria. However there are some problems with this map. First of all, the Daily Mail failed to put the al-Typhur airbase (another name of the T4 airbase) in the Damascus countryside while indeed it’s located about 150km away of the Syrian capital, in the province of Homs.

Large Task Force Of US Navy Is Set To Participate In Syria Conflict – Report

By the Daily Mail, Click to see the Full-size map

In the map, the Daily Mail  located civilian areas like the heavily populated Barzah district, east of Damascus, as “a chemical weapon factory.”

The mistakes didn’t end there, the British media outlet claimed that the Syrian government is producing chemical weapons in the town of Masyaf  in the eastern the Tartus countryside, a former chemical facility that was fully inspected and destroyed by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) under the US-Russia deal in 2013.

Some Syrian observers viewed the Daily Mail report as a perfect example of the ongoing misinformation war against Syria. The report also shows how the mainstream media narrative is contributing to an escalation in the Middle East.



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